The Armored ogre is an ogre equipped in armor.

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The darkspawn scavenge their armor from the Deep Roads, from lost thaigs and from battlefields where vast armies once clashed. Typically, only hurlocks, shrieks, and genlocks wear any such protection, ogres being far too large for conventional armor.

But occasionally the Legion encounters ogres wearing crude patchworks of breastplates and shields threaded together with rope and wire. While better than nothing, there are many vulnerable gaps in the assemblage. Thank the ancestors that the darkspawn and their ghouls make such lousy craftsmen.

--From the journal of Kardol, Legionnaire of the Dead.
—From Codex entry: Armored Ogre

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Armored ogres are part of the Mother's armies that attack both the City of Amaranthine and Vigil's Keep. The more powerful Armored ogre alphas were the elite soldiers of the Herald and the Disciple generals.

Armored ogres are also placed in the Dragonbone Wastes and within Drake's Fall to defend against the Grey Wardens.

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Ico Grab Grab
Creature icon1 Massive Attack
Ogre Ram Ram
Ogre Stomp Stomp

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