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For the armor in other games, see Armor (Origins) and Armor (Inquisition).

Concept art for armor generally worn by members from the Coterie and Raiders of the Waking Sea.

The armor in Dragon Age II is protective covering used to prevent damage from being inflicted to the wearer. Armor mitigates physical damage; it does not make you harder to hit. Armor does not degrade.

Armor comes in the form of body armor, boots, gloves, helmets and shields. There exist matching sets, some of them are designed to provide additional bonuses.

To use an armor, a character must meet the required attributes, depending on its type and quality.

Companions do not use the typical pieces of armor found in-game, but rather wear a specific armor which can be upgraded, e.g., Anders can only equip his Renegade's Coat.

The base attributes of most armor are usually relative to the level at which the player acquires it (for example, an Act 2 heavy chestpiece will have 185 armor at level 12, while the same chestpiece will have 240 armor at level 20).

Types of armor[]

There are three types of armor: light, medium and heavy. Although they are not specifically noted, they can be guessed from item icon. Some armor pieces, e.g. The Golden Mask, override the default icon, the only way to find the actual armor type for these items is to look in the game files.

Light Medium Heavy
Chestpiece Light armor gold DA2.png Medium armor gold DA2.png Heavy armor gold DA2.png
Boots Light boots gold DA2.png Medium boots gold DA2.png Heavy boots gold DA2.png
Gloves Light gloves gold DA2.png Medium gloves gold DA2.png Heavy gloves gold DA2.png
Helmets Light helmet gold DA2.png Medium helmet gold DA2.png Heavy helmet gold DA2.png
85% 92.5% 100%
Bug icon.png Bug! pcPC As of patch 1.04, the silver icon for the medium armor is the same as the light armor.

Icon color[]

Color Significance
Light helmet red DA2.png Low quality armor with no additional effects
Light helmet silver DA2.png Medium quality armor with one or two bonus effects
Light helmet gold DA2.png High quality armor, usually with three or four bonus effects
Light helmet purple DA2.png Unique, often one-of-a-kind, armor with some sort of history behind it
Light helmet green DA2.png Armor from DLC and companion armor upgrades