The Arl of Denerim's Estate is the large residence of the current Arl of Denerim and the seat of the Kendells family. After Arl Urien's death in battle and the uprising in the Alienage, the Estate and the arling of Denerim were granted to the Howe family.


Leliana's Song

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Leliana's Song.

Marjolaine sent Leliana, Tug and Sketch to the estate in order to deliver Orlesian military documents she obtained, to her new ally Harwen Raleigh, who was guarding the estate in the Arl's absence. When Leliana objected, Marjolaine permitted her to return to the estate, thinking they would retrieve the papers but instead Marjolaine attacked them and handed them over to Raleigh.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

City Elf Origin

After Vaughan, the son of Arl Urien, and his men crash the Elven wedding celebration, the women are taken here. If the City Elf Warden is male, he and Soris will go to the estate to attempt a rescue. Female Wardens will have fight their way to Vaughan after Soris and Nelaros force or sneak their way into the estate. See A Day for Celebration for a walkthrough of the estate.


During Rescue the Queen, as the Warden arrives at the exterior of the estate of Denerim, they find the doors to the estate locked, guards blocking the way, and a large crowd outside complaining about the Arl.

Erlina will follow The Warden after a short dialog up to the moment where she offers to distract the guards. Whether or not you take up her offer afterward, she will remain outside. If the party is disguised and inside, she will join them again and warn them to attempt to blend in. Accepting the disguise will yield Codex entry: Disguised!.


The Game The Game

A Day for Celebration A Day for Celebration

Rescue the Queen Rescue the Queen


See City Elf Origin for characters that can be found at this location during the origin story.
  • Anora
  • Erlina
  • Riordan, a fellow Grey Warden (perhaps only the third remaining Grey Warden in Ferelden), will be encountered locked in a dungeon cell. His documents can be found in a chest in Arl Howe's bedroom, before you first enter the Dungeon.
  • Vaughan Kendells, the rightful Arl of Denerim, if he is freed from the dungeon below. He will not be present if the City Elf Warden slays him during the Origin story.
  • Ser Cauthrien, along with a sizable contingent of soldiers, will stop The Warden and Anora from leaving the Estate. Depending on dialogue options, The Warden will either fight Ser Cauthrien and her company, or stand down (starting the quest Captured!).


City Elf Origin

Rescue the Queen


  • Soldiers (Human, Normal) (2 Ranged, 2 Melee) who will spawn the moment you try and sneak to the back of the estate.
  • Guard (Human, Normal) (1 Melee) who will spawn the moment you try and sneak to the back of the estate. And 2 more if you ignore Erlina's advice to be subtle and use disguises and distraction to pass the guards.


Note: When The Warden isn't wearing a disguise these will all be hostile from the start.

Notable items

City Elf Origin

Fencer's Cinch Fencer's Cinch

Heirloom Necklace Heirloom Necklace - from a locked chest in one of the bedrooms

Rescue the Queen


Deathroot Deathroot

Elfroot Elfroot


Howe's Shield Howe's Shield, source: Chest

Note: Vaughan's Lockbox Optional, whenever you choose to free Vaughan for a price, he will give you his key to this lockbox. (With sufficient Coercion, you can get him to give you the key and then choose not to release him.) Containing 40 Gold.

Codex entries

Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 4 Codex entry: The First Blight: Chapter 4

Codex entry: Gwaren Codex entry: Gwaren

Codex entry: Antiva Codex entry: Antiva


  • During the City Elf Origin, this area is labeled "Arl of Denerim's Estate," whereas after the Landsmeet it is labeled "Arl of Denerim's Estate - Interior."
  • When you so choose, you can enter this area while wearing a disguise.
  • The disguise isn't broken by summoning creatures, casting non-hostile spells, strange auras or weapons that any of the companions might show or have.
  • While disguised, it is a perfect time for a pickpocket to pick the pockets of everyone you come across.
  • There is a guard getting some 'aid' from a servant, when you come near and disturb them he will sound the alarm.
    • If you don't mind fighting one guard, leave him for the last door you open and fight him, then head downstairs. There is no difference between avoiding him or fighting him if you go to the dungeon except getting some extra XP.


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