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Ariqun is a Qunari Triumvir, one of the three pillars/leaders of the Qun, leader of the priests.


The Qunari priests and by extent their leader, the Ariqun, represent the soul, just as the Arishok represents the body and the Arigena represents the mind of the Qunari. Ariqun can be male or female.[1]

Ariqun commands the following branches of the Qunari priesthood:

  • The Tamassrans (a female gender role), who control the Qunari selective breeding program, raise all the children and officially assign their roles. The Tamassrans wield a huge amount of influence.
  • The Ben-Hassrath (can be both males and females), who primarily act as religious law enforcers, and "re-educate" both the unruly Qunari and new converts. They also act as covert Qunari spies.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

After the Tome of Koslun was stolen when the Arishok was in charge, Ariqun along with Arigena ordered the military leader to find the relic and prohibited him any access to Par Vollen until his mission was completed.

After Salit defected from Ben-Hassrath, stealing a list of Qunari agents throughout Thedas, Tallis suggested to Ariqun that they eliminate him before he could leak the list, but Ariqun believed that their agents know the risks and thus dismissed her suggestion. As a result of the Ariqun's lack of interest in the matter, Tallis decided to take care of Salit by herself.

In the aftermath of the Qunari attack on Kirkwall, in an unprecedented public display the Ariqun and the Arigena travel to Kont-aar in Rivain, the only Qunari settlement on mainland Thedas and make a public statement before a crowd of Chantry officials, diplomats and Rivaini seers, denouncing and disavowing the Arishok's attack on the city.

Artwork of a male Ariqun in Heroes of Dragon Age


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