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Ardum is a Spirit healer and a companion in Dragon Age Journeys.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age Journeys.

Ardum is a skilled healer helping the soldiers of Orzammar and also one of the rare topsiders that was granted entrance into the dwarven city.

When the protagonist makes it to Orzammar after being badly injured from a darkspawn attack in the Deep Roads, Ardum is the one who saves their life.

Later on the protagonist recovers. Andrin, a dwarven Military Commander, directs the protagonist to Ardum, the last to be in contact with the Grey Warden Martine and who might know her whereabouts. Ardum has some idea of where she might be and insists on accompanying the protagonist as it would make locating her easier and it is also safer to travel the Deep Roads as a party. Ardum aids the protagonist in finding Martine and also eventually finding the truth regarding the Glowing Emissary.


Initial gear[]

  • Ardum's Robes
  • Ardum's Staff