Initially seen after entering the Silverite Mine, the Architect's Lab is located north of where the Warden wakes up, just past a darkspawn patrol. There are two ways in, each leading to a different level. The upper level is accessed by killing the darkspawn jailor and taking the key to the door. The door leading to the pit is locked. To unlock it, you must solve a puzzle on the upper floor, turning off the gas and opening the warded door (see Special objects below).

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Righteous Path
Architects Lab Map

Map of the area

Notable items Edit

Ico armor light Blackblade Tunic - Architect's Lab gas pit
Ico shortbow Dragonspite Bow - Architect's Lab gas pit
Rcp runecrafting5 Masterpiece Frost Rune Tracing - Found in Books
Rcp runecrafting6 Paragon Frost Rune Tracing - Found in Books
Plt ico book Phylacteries: A History Written in Blood - Found in Books

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Architect's Journal
Ico codex entry Codex entry: The Architect's Notes

Both of these contain the Architect's musings and detail some of his experiments with Grey Warden blood. They can be found on the workbenches.

Special objects Edit

Experiment Control Levers 1 and 2 control the gas to the area below, which has a lootable chest. The left lever shifts the flames clockwise and the right lever reverses the flames farthest from you. The goal is to extinguish all the flames.

The correct order to click on the levers is: left - right - left - right.

This clears the magical ward from the cell door, paving the way to the chest containing Dragonspite and the Blackblade Tunic.

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