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Archdemon Corruption Blast is the Archdemon's primary long-range attack in Dragon Age: Origins.


  • Damage: 2.5 * [caster's level]
  • Damage Type: Spirit
  • Range: 60m

Combat tactics conditions[]

  • This can be used with 100% chance at anytime.

Used by[]


  • The Archdemon's level ranges from 17 to 22.
  • This most likely is the default attack for the archdemon, since the conditions is Any with a 100%. The only other combat tactic with the conditions of Any with 100% chance is Turn to Most Hated.


  • The code indicates this attack was at some point intended to also knock the target back, but the effect was removed later.
  • This ability uses the same description as Detonate Darkspawn.