As a companion's approval increases (or decreases), their feelings towards the Inquisitor will also change. Initially, they are at "Neutral" upon joining. As the approval changes, their greetings and dialogue will change slightly to reflect their relationship.

Companions start at 0 when met or recruited (with the exception of Dorian, whose starting number is determinant). With no in-game indication of where a companion's current approval lies, it is up to the player to keep track of it. This also means that it will be next to impossible for a player to determine a companion's current approval rating mid-game, though it can be approximately gauged by the changes in their greetings (see individual guides listed below for details).

Scale Edit

Only the nine companions have approval rankings; the advisors do not.

Relationship Levels Edit

  • Hostile: -75 to -30
  • Cold: -29 to -5
  • Neutral: -4 to 34
  • Warm: 35 to 74
  • Friendly: 75 to 125

Approval Values Edit

  • DAIApproval Slightly Approves and DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves: +/- 1 point
  • DAIApproval Approves and DAIApproval Disapproves: +/- 5 points
  • DAIApproval Greatly Approves and DAIApproval Greatly Disapproves: +/- 25 points

Approval guide for each companion Edit

Notes Edit

  • Approval messages depend on actual change in approval. Thus, they will not appear if approval for given companion is capped, and might show lesser approval message than expected if their approval level is close to the cap.
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