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The Apprentice Quarters are the first level of the Circle Tower. Apprentice mages who have not yet gone through their Harrowing and have been initiated into the Circle of Magi reside here.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Magi Origin[]

This level of the Circle Tower is accessed during the Magi Origin. The Mage Warden has been living in one of its dormitories for several years.

Broken Circle[]

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Dragon Age: Origins.

Main article: Broken Circle
After arriving at the Tower, it is revealed the Apprentice Quarters are overrun with demons. Greagoir is waiting at the main entrance and tells the Warden about what has transpired and that he has sent for the Right of Annulment from Denerim. Once the Warden passes through the doors, they will lock behind them.

Witch Hunt[]

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Witch Hunt.

The Warden-Commander, Dog, and Ariane travel to the Circle Tower, in order to access the library and find a book similar to one that Morrigan stole, in the hopes that they can discover her plan. The party is able to explore the Apprentice Quarters unsupervised.


Witch Hunt[]


Apprentice Quarters Map Origins

Map of the area

A Mage of the Circle A Mage of the Circle (Magi Origin)
Bound in Blood and Magic Bound in Blood and Magic (Magi Origin)
Broken Circle Broken Circle
Summoning Sciences Summoning Sciences
Watchguard of the Reaching Watchguard of the Reaching
The Arl of Redcliffe The Arl of Redcliffe
An Unlikely Scholar An Unlikely Scholar
Places of Power Places of Power

Witch Hunt[]

In Search of Morrigan In Search of Morrigan



Notable items[]

Acid Flask Acid Flask - source: Denri's Bed.
Freeze Bomb Freeze Bomb - source: Denri's Bed.
Injury Kit Injury Kit - source: Denri's Bed.
Lyrium Potion Lyrium Potion - source: Denri's Bed.
Apprentice's Amulet Apprentice's Amulet - source: Charred Corpse.
Garnet Garnet - source: Spirit Hog.
Charged Mitts Charged Mitts - source: Fade Rifter.
Yusaris Yusaris - source: Shah Wyrd.


Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Notes of Arl Foreshadow Codex entry: The Notes of Arl Foreshadow - source: steal from Arl Foreshadow.
Codex entry: Promises of Pride Codex entry: Promises of Pride - source: Pile of Rags.
Codex entry: The Spot Codex entry: The Spot - source: Apprentice Footlocker in the dorm.
Codex entry: Summoning Sciences Codex entry: Summoning Sciences - source: Torn Book.