Apparel Shop is a store located in the bazaar in Lowtown in Dragon Age II. It is marked "Tailor" on your map.

Act 1 Edit

Name Price
Acolyte's Staff (Dragon Age II Act 1)
Staff silver DA2 Acolyte's Staff
2DAO goldpiece trans 75DAO silverpiece trans 88DAO bronzepiece trans
Apostate's Robes
Light armor silver DA2 Apostate's Robes
2DAO goldpiece trans 38DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Inscribed Leather Harness
Heavy armor green DA2 Inscribed Leather Harness
1DAO goldpiece trans 82DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans
Backpack (Dragon Age II)
Node Backpack
53DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans

Act 2 Edit

Name Price
Gloves of the Void
Heavy gloves gold DA2 Gloves of the Void
7DAO goldpiece trans 73DAO silverpiece trans 90DAO bronzepiece trans
Boots of the Redd
Light boots silver DA2 Boots of the Redd
3DAO goldpiece trans 55DAO silverpiece trans 21DAO bronzepiece trans
Rigid Boning
Heavy armor green DA2 Rigid Boning
1DAO goldpiece trans 82DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans
Enchanter's Staff (Dragon Age II)
Staff gold DA2 Enchanter's Staff
8DAO goldpiece trans 6DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans
Note: Also sells three generic mage armor pieces.

Act 3 Edit

Name Price
Corrupted Acoyte's Staff
Staff gold DA2 Corrupted Acolyte's Staff
11DAO goldpiece trans 8DAO silverpiece trans 80DAO bronzepiece trans
Ring of the Wounded Coast
Ring gold DA2 Ring of the Wounded Coast
6DAO goldpiece trans 72DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans
Concealer's Sash
Belt gold DA2 Concealer's Sash
7DAO goldpiece trans 7DAO silverpiece trans 28DAO bronzepiece trans
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