Apostate's Courage is a unique staff in Dragon Age II, exclusive to Signature Edition.

Acquisition Edit

Enter your code on the BioWare social site. You will also need to install and verify The Black Emporium DLC.

Background Edit

Among the magi, some still whisper of Caleth the Renegade. Seeking freedom from beneath the templars' heel, he fled the Chantry with a cabal of his most loyal acolytes. They reached the mountains before the winter squalls and lived there as free men for one glorious season. The spring thaws brought a vast mercenary army, however, paid for and led by the Templar Order. Wanting to avoid bloodshed, Caleth and his acolytes surrendered peaceably and allowed themselves to be made Tranquil.
—From Codex entry: Apostate's Courage

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