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Map-Anvil of the Void

Map of the Area

The Anvil of the Void is the ancient smithy of Caridin, the dwarven Paragon renowned for creating the lost art of forging golems. It is unlocked by completing The Dead Trenches area.


The secret to Caridin's art disappeared with his death, and soon after the area was abandoned to the darkspawn and its location in the Deep Roads faded from memory. The area is filled with traps created by Caridin to destroy any who would seek to take the Anvil for themselves.

Branka, a dwarven Paragon, has rediscovered the smithy and seeks a way to its heart.



Special Objects

Involved In

Ico Quest A Paragon of Her Kind
Ico Quest A Golem's Memories (DLC 'The Stone Prisoner' required)


  • Deep Roads However the way will be blocked while you are on A Paragon of Her Kind.
  • After the final battle the path will be unblocked and you can walk through the Deep Roads to an exit or speak to Oghren to leave the Deep Roads immediately.


  • Oghren will always be in your party while doing the quest line. And it is handy to have Shale with you if you want her Companion Quest.
  • If The Warden sides with Branka Shale will leave the party or if part of the active party, Shale will join Caridin and fight against The Warden.
  • If The Warden sides with Caridin and Shale is there too, it can lead to the quest A Golem's Memories after talking to Caridin at the end of the combat.


  • If entering whilst in stealth mode and then talking to Branka, Oghren will enter with the other four members of your party if he wasn't already present. However he isn't a real member of your party and won't follow.
  • After you talked and decide to walk out, the area gets blocked and you cannot go back in or out, remaining stuck between the wall Branka creates and the exit that doesn't work any more.
  • Talking to Oghren afterwards can not only get you out of the area but also gives Codex Entry: Oghren.

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