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For information on the related quest, see A Paragon of Her Kind.

The Anvil of the Void is the location of the greatest creation of Caridin, a dwarven Paragon. It is located past the Dead Trenches.


The area is filled with traps created by Caridin to destroy any who would find it and seek to take the Anvil for themselves. Paragon Branka led an expedition in 9:28 Dragon and she managed to uncover the location. She now seeks a way to get past the traps, by allowing darkspawn to be bred in order to be used on the traps.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

This is the last area for A Paragon of Her Kind main quest. Branka will trap the Warden's party as soon as they enter.


Anvil of the Void Map Origins

Map of the area


The Golem Registry The Golem Registry
A Golem's Memories A Golem's Memories (requires The Stone Prisoner DLC)
A Paragon of Her Kind A Paragon of Her Kind


Spirit Apparatus

The Spirit Apparatus

  • Enraged spirit (Lieutenant) (does not give XP; extending the battle is counterproductive)
  • Forgotten spirit (Lieutenant) (does not give XP; extending the battle is counterproductive)
  • Indignant spirit (Lieutenant) (does not give XP; extending the battle is counterproductive)

Notable items[]

Vanguard Vanguard - source: Branka.
Branka's Shield Branka's Shield - source: Branka.
Expert Dweomer Rune Expert Dweomer Rune - source: Branka.
Caridin's Cage Caridin's Cage - source: Caridin.
Caridin's Shield Caridin's Shield - source: Caridin.
Master Lightning Rune Master Lightning Rune - source: Caridin.
Diamond Diamond - source: Chest.
Lyrium Dust Lyrium Dust (5) - source: Chest.
Shock Coating Shock Coating - source: Chest.
Golem Registry Tracing Golem Registry Tracing - source: Golem Registry Tablet.

Companion Gifts[]

Medium Silver Bar Medium Silver Bar - source: Chest.


Special objects[]


  • If entering whilst in stealth mode and then talking to Branka, Oghren will enter with the other four members of your party if he wasn't already present. However he isn't a real member of your party and won't follow.
  • Sometimes a glitch will occur when you walk over the first trap in the room before the Spirit Apparatus. This glitch will automatically teleport you to the location of the Anvil of the Void without having to go through the rest of the area.