Antor Banris is a human rogue and a presumed wealthy patrician of the Tevinter city of Vol Dorma. He seeks vengeance on Korznik, who he believes murdered his father, Regald.

Involvement Edit

He is a possible companion in Dragon Age Legends if you decline Korsnik's offer to join your band and fight him off. He joins the party citing that the journey is unsafe for travelers. You will encounter Korznik once more and you can choose to side with him and fight off Antor or fight him and help Antor capture him. Korznik escapes again when he is defeated and Antor suggests they use Fire Bombs on him next time so he wouldn't be able to escape.

If Korznik is made a companion; Antor will send mercenaries to assassinate Korznik and the Legends Hero.

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