Antivan Leather Boots are a plot gift that gives +15 approval, specific to Zevran. Afterwards it becomes the usable item, Antivan Leather Boots.

Acquisition Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

  • The boots can be found in the Haven Village Store in the iron chest in the first room a few feet from the door. The chest is locked at first, but if you get there after making the townsfolk hostile (by finding the bloody altar or killing the shopkeep), the chest will be unlocked. If you kill the shopkeeper, you will have to exit the building then re-enter for the chest to be unlocked. This only works for the iron chest, not the other locked chests in the store, which require a rogue to open.

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

Notes Edit

  • Giving this gift to Zevran may trigger a conversation where he reminisces about Antiva City. Additionally, the boots or conversation may lead to an extra +2 approval.
  • pcIcon pc As of patch 1.04, the approval for giving the gift is Approves (+15).
  • In The Darkspawn Chronicles, this gift will always give +20 approval, with no diminishing returns.
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