Annexing Kirkwall is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available once An Ally from Starkhaven, Here Lies the Abyss and Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts are completed. Sebastian Vael must have been recruited in Dragon Age II and Anders must not have been killed by Hawke.

Operation text Edit

The worst of the mage rebellion is now past. However, the mage who started it all, who destroyed the Chantry in Kirkwall and murdered Grand Cleric Elthina and dozens of the innocent faithful, is still at large. The fanatic Anders must be brought to justice. Though he may no longer be in the city, it is still home to many of his known associates. I thus resolved to invade Kirkwall to locate Anders. But Starkhaven's annexation of this notoriously troubled city has not proceeded as planned. The city's resistance opposes me. They forget that I do this for the good of the city and all the Free Marches. As a staunch ally of the Inquisition, I entreat support for this endeavor, that Kirkwall may be brought under control before more innocents are harmed.

Sebastian Vael

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:48:00 Edit

I fear the diplomatic ramifications of having our soldiers seen as part of a conquering army. Let us tell the Prince that the Inquisition has no one to spare. After the destruction of Haven, who would blame us?

Leliana - 1:00:00 Edit

We have a chance to end this to our advantage. Aveline will back down in the face of our overwhelming force. If we bolster Sebastian with Inquisition agents as his "advisors," we can keep him from doing more damage.

Cullen - 1:00:00 Edit

The Prince means to retaliate against anyone who ever harbored Anders. Kirkwall's resistance is headed by Guard-Captain Aveline. With our help, she can break Sebastian's resolve and send him running back to Starkhaven.

Results Edit

Josephine Edit

The prince was not pleased with our response. His campaign will move forward, even without our support. So be it. We have bigger problems on our hands.


Leliana Edit

Kirkwall was forced to cede much of its northern territory, a significant victory for Sebastian Vael. However, in presenting an overwhelming force, we encouraged Guard-Captain Aveline to pull the militia back with no casualties. They now fortify behind the walls of the city at full strength. The result is a stalemate that is unlikely to appease the prince's anger, but the tactics of the moment were less obvious to Vael and he believes himself beholden to us. His gratitude has allowed my agents to get close to him and enter into his confidence. From now on, the prince's plans will be known to the Inquisition.


Cullen Edit

With our help, Guard-Captain Aveline took care of Sebastian's forces. Leliana's spies say he has grown deeply impatient and is making plans to retreat.


Rewards Edit

Josephine Edit

  • Gold (180-200), (or)
  • Bane of Red Crossing icon Andruil's Gift - Trespasser required.

Leliana Edit

  • No reward

Cullen Edit

  • No reward, (or)
  • Knight's Second icon The Knight's Second - Trespasser required.
  • Invasion repelled.
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