My home is out here, in the forest with the trees and animals. I learned to listen to them, and they taught me well.

Aneirin is an elven mage. He is a healer, and a former apprentice of Wynne. He is the character the Warden will seek in the East Brecilian Forest for Wynne's personal quest, Wynne's Regret. Though he is not living with the Dalish, preferring living amidst the trees and the animals, he is never far from their camp.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

When asked if she has any regrets, Wynne will explain that she failed one of her apprentices, Aneirin, when he first came to the Circle because she had been too stern with him. Aneirin came from an alienage, as most Circle Elven mages do, was 14 years old at the time and very defiant towards humans, especially those in position to command.

He needed time to adapt to the Circle and she gave him no such time. Whenever he was trying to talk to her, she was insisting that he concentrates on casting his spells. He was often talking about the Dalish, how he wanted to seek them out. One night, he fled from the tower and the templars went after him, having his phylactery. They hunted him down and left him for dead, though fortunately a Dalish clan found him in time, took him and nursed him back to health.


When Wynne and Aneirin are reunited, Wynne will start to apologize but Aneirin will reveal that he harbors no ill feelings towards her, that it is the past now and she should do so as well. She tells him that Irving could find some ways for him to come back to the Circle and he admits he really liked him, that maybe he would consider her offer. If the Warden is a mage, he will also suggest that the Warden could be a good candidate to rebuild the Circle. He will give Wynne Aneirin's Token.

After Wynne's quest, he will still be at his campfire in the Eastern Brecilian Forest. The Warden can speak with him and he will explain that he feels neither being part of the Circle nor the Dalish, instead, he likes to be alone in the forest. He can also heal the party's wounds.


  • Aneirin will appear in the forest only when Wynne's quest is started, otherwise, only his camp fire will be here.
  • After speaking with Aneirin, he will remain at his campfire for the rest of the game and can be asked to heal your party of injuries any time for free.
  • Aneirin is one of the people who will appear when Wynne's Amulet of Memories is used.
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