Andoral's Reach is a Tevinter fortress located near the northwest borders of Orlais named after Andoral, an Old God. It was sacked by the Alamarri armies during the Exalted March led by Andraste against the Imperium. Despite the fort being now in ruins, the building still offers protection.[1]

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

The White Spire mages and the first enchanters—who convened at the Orlesian tower for the conclave of the College of Enchanters—escaped the Circle after templars and seekers attacked and imprisoned survivors. The mages took refuge in the Tevinter fortress, which later welcomed more apostates as days went by. A conclave of the College of Enchanters was held a month later, sealing their fate in the Mage-Templar War; the Circle of Magi was dissolved.[1]

Shortly after the Nevarran Accord being annulled by Lord Seeker Lambert in 9:40 Dragon, the allied templars and seekers intended to lead an assault against Andoral's Reach.[2]

It is here that Wynne finally found rest after a long life of service in support and defense of her people. When Evangeline was killed in a duel with Lord Seeker Lambert, Wynne transferred her spirit into Evangeline to revive her, sacrificing her own life as the spirit was all that sustained her. Wynne's ashes were buried beneath an ancient tree near Andoral's Reach at Leliana's suggestion. Her son Rhys left the Libertarian fraternity and assumed his mother's old position as spokesperson for the Aequitarians.

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