See the Anderfels for information on the Anders people.
It is the Maker who creates mages. The Chantry was built by men, and it can be brought down by them.

Anders is a mage who has escaped from the Circle of Magi and is a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Despite his distinct dislike for the Circle, he has a rather laid-back and care-free attitude and doesn't let dire circumstances get him down. Anders is a very kind person, who loves to use his magic to help people. In both games he starts out with healing magic. He is also a companion and potential love interest[1] to either a female or male Hawke in Dragon Age II.[2]


As an adolescent he was taken to the Circle Tower by the templars, which he despised as he compared it to a prison. Anders is not his real name (which is unknown), but rather a nickname referring to the fact that his family is from the Anderfels[3]. He's a very talented mage and has escaped from the tower seven times, only to be captured and brought back by the templars. Despite accusations that he is a maleficar, he is only an apostate and campaigns vigourously for the freedom of mages; from his point-of-view, the Chantry twists Andraste's words of "magic is to serve man, never to rule over him", to mean that mages must be prisoners.


Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


Anders is casting a spell

Anders is found during the opening quest to regain Vigil's Keep. He has killed many darkspawn and is surrounded by dead templars. He claims to have not killed the templars although there is no proof either way. The Warden-Commander can then ask him to join the group and he will do so. Alternatively, the Warden can let him escape at that point and still have a chance to recruit him later on the rooftop of Vigil's Keep. He will be found spying on the Withered and Seneschal Varel, at which point he'll warn the Warden about the danger that lies ahead and confess that he came back because he wanted to help defend people against the darkspawn.

After the opening quest is completed, Rylock, a templar, will warrant Anders' arrest. The Warden-Commander can either conscript him, therefore making him undergo the Joining Ritual, or allow his arrest with or without leniency. If conscripted, he will survive the ritual and become a Grey Warden. During his companion quest, another choice will have to be made to either side with him, or let the templars take him into custody.


  • If left to defend the Keep, Anders will be hailed a hero by the few survivors of Vigil's Keep by using his magic to hold off hundreds of darkspawn. He gets invited by the men to engage in a drinking contest. He loses.
  • Anders will remain with the Grey Wardens to train the Order's next generation of mages. When he is called by the Circle of Magi to deliver a lecture on the nature of the Architect - much to the templars' dismay - he tells the Commander of the Grey that his time with the Order is over. However, not two months later, he returns and the Wardens remain his home and lasting companions.
  • If Anders' companion quest is not complete, he will be captured again when he resigns from the Wardens. With his phylactery secure, he is unable to evade the templars. After two subsequent escape attempts, he vanishes for a third and final time.
  • If left to defend the Keep without enough upgrades to it, he is found dead with an arrow through his neck with hundreds of darkspawn dead in a circle around him; none were touched with a blade, but all were felled by magic.
  • No longer a part of the Wardens, the Chantry brands him an apostate, but never captures him. He is last seen on a pirate ship with a familiar woman. This possibly references the companion Isabela in Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age II

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Dragon Age II.

Anders healing

Anders healing a refugee

Despite the various epilogues of Awakening, Anders left the Wardens to live in Kirkwall, where he uses his healing abilities to aid refugees in the city. Anders is one of the first party members you can recruit. [4]

When he meets Hawke for the first time, the quest Tranquility starts and they head off to rescue Karl, a friend of Anders, from the Templars. Upon arriving, they discover Karl has been made Tranquil, and in his anger, Anders reveals himself to be possessed by a spirit.

This spirit is Justice from Awakening. At some point between the timeline of Awakening and Dragon Age II, Anders agrees to be Justice's host, believing that together, they could both bring justice to every mage ever forced into the Circle. However, the anger Anders has towards the Circle of Magi warps Justice into a spirit of Vengeance. Now Anders must struggle mentally and physically to maintain his control.[5]

In a short story about Anders, his transformation is revealed. Roland, a former Templar and Grey Warden has been sent to keep a close watch on Anders. Roland mentions "The Wardens agree we can't harbor an abomination", after Justice had fused with Anders. Justice now a spirit of Vengeance lashes out and kills Roland and presumably other Grey Wardens. It is presumed this is when Anders flees the Grey Wardens for Kirkwall. [6]

Anders mentions Ser Pounce-a-lot even if you did not play Awakening. He says that the Wardens forced him to give the cat to a friend in Amaranthine, claiming it "made him too soft." [7].


Justice in control

Anders is a changed man by the time Hawke finds him. His being possessed by Vengeance, as well as his role in corrupting Justice, has filled him with more than a little self-loathing, and his previously dry, often ridiculous sense of humor is largely diminished. He has devoted himself to helping refugees of Kirkwall and freeing the oppressed mages. His commitment to the latter is remarkable, particularly in comparison to his reluctance to do so in Awakening. His distaste for Templars is far more pronounced due to the fact that he's possessed by Vengeance, and he is quite willing to kill Thrask, a compassionate Templar, to save many apostates (though if you spare Thrask, Anders will later state that Thrask is "a good man...for a Templar"). Despite the fact that he is, by loose definition, an abomination, he frequently voices a disgust for blood mages and mages who make pacts with demons to gain freedom, though in some cases he sympathizes with those who are driven to it. His distaste for blood magic leads to some rather interesting conversations with Merrill, who is a blood mage.

If Hawke completes the quest Wayward Son in Act 1, Anders can enter the Fade with you in the Act 2 quest Night Terrors. There Justice takes control of Anders again. If Hawke accepts the offers of the sloth demon to take over Feynriel for a peace agreement, Hawke will be forced to kill Anders and Justice. However, since Anders' "death" occurs in the Fade, it is not permanent, and one can avoid rivalry points by later telling Anders that it was a ruse. This actually results in a good amount of friendship points.

If Hawke in Act 3 ventures into the Deep Roads to search for Nathaniel Howe with Anders present, he and Nathaniel will have a brief exchange. If Anders "died" at the end of Awakening, Nathaniel will be surprised to see him. Anders responds with the explanation that the body that was found and presumed to be him was another mage who had been badly burned. It is implied that Anders used the body as a decoy to escape Vigil's Keep and the Grey Wardens.

In Act 3, whether or not the companion quest Justice is accepted and concluded, Anders will blow up the Chantry before the final battle, effectively igniting the ongoing tension between the templars and the mages into full scale war. If Anders is spared, Sebastian will leave the party, vowing to return to Starkhaven and build an army to attack Kirkwall and avenge Grand Cleric Elthina. If you choose to side with the templars and let Anders go, you will have to fight him later, killing him.

Romance (Dragon Age II)

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Dragon Age II.

Anders is a romance option for both genders. If Hawke is male, he will mention that Karl was his "first."[8]. If Hawke is female, he does not mention Karl romantically. [9] Hawke can announce interest in Anders after his personal quest, much to his surprise. Anders will say he should "check a looking glass more often" [10].

In the beginning of the romance Anders will insist that he would hurt Hawke, saying that they might have been able to be together before he merged with Justice. A romance can still be pursued, however, if Hawke continues to flirt in later dialogue.

In Act 2, choosing certain dialogue options during Anders' personal quest will result in a later conversation that initiates the first real romance scene with him, in a Questioning Beliefs. This dialogue changes depending on the Friendship or Rivalry score. If a friend, Anders will be laying out milk for the cats. If a rival, he will be writing a manifesto to convince Hawke to side with him. If Hawke continues to flirt here, he will kiss him/her, then telling Hawke that he will come to the Hawke Estate at night. The next time Hawke enters the estate, Anders will come and the romantic cutscene will be initiated. Anders will confess to being in love with Hawke and, if certain dialogue options are chosen, will move in with him/her at the beginning of Act 3.

In Act 2 Anders can end the romance with Hawke in Anders in the Fade, which is available if a deal is made with Torpor the sloth demon during Night Terrors, and Hawke chooses not to kill the demon (instead killing Anders in the Fade). Accepting the demon's offer and not killing it will result in rivalry points with Anders, and he ends any possible romance. The romance can be continued normally, even if Anders is killed in the Fade, by killing the demon in the end and afterwards telling Anders it was all a ruse, using the special option in the dialogue wheel.

A second companion quest inside the Speak to Anders companion quest, called Key to Your Heart appears if Anders has moved in during Act 2. Hawke can give Anders a key to the underground passage that leads from the outside of his clinic to the Amell estate at the beginning of Act 3.

After you finish Anders' personal quest in Act 3, Justice (Quest), he will apologize in advance for breaking Hawke's heart, presumably because of what he is planning to do with the Chantry. He will, however, continue to stay at the Hawke estate and tell Hawke that he values their support. In the Gallows Prison, if Hawke chooses to run away with him after the battle, the romance will be complete.

The following quests have flirtation dialog options with Anders:

Act 1: Tranquility, Talk to Anders

Act 2: Visit Anders, Dissent, Tevinter Chantry Amulet

Also if Hawke sleeps with Isabela but doesn't choose to romance her, then starts romancing Anders, everything will still function properly and you will still get the final kissing scene and achievement. However, in the epilogue cutscene, Varric will say "… all except Isabela" (or both names simultaneously) which indicates a bug, as it should be only Anders, unless Hawke had accepted Isabela's offer of joining her on her ship, in which case Varric saying "… all except Isabela" is correct. {Confirmed above bug occurs by saying "What about Anders?" to Isabela's offer on PC)

If Hawke completes a romance with Anders but kills him in the end, or chose to let him live but then broke up with him before the last battles, Varric will mistakenly say that all the companions parted ways except for Anders during the epilogue.


Friendship with Anders can generally be earned by siding with the mages or by being agreeable to him in conversation, or by directly confronting demons and blood mages. Below are some specific ways to earn Anders' friendship.

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Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Act of Mercy: Tell Thrask you will help the mages Friendship small : friendship (+5)
Act of Mercy: Agree to kill Thrask Friendship small : friendship (+5)

The Deep Roads Expedition: Refuse to deal with the Rock Wraith/Demon Friendship small : friendship (+10)
The Deep Roads Expedition: Agree to find the Warden's for Carver Friendship small : friendship (+5)

An Errant Letter: Tell Thrask you will keep his secret Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Enemies Among Us: Ask Anders to assist with Idunna's compulsion: Friendship small : friendship (+5) (note that this can be negated if you send her to the templars)
Enemies Among Us: Ask Anders to check if Keran is possessed: Friendship small : friendship (+5) (note that this can be negated if you say you will have to tell the templars)
Enemies Among Us: The final conversation with Cullen in the Gallows Courtyard can earn various friendship points. "It's the templars fault": Friendship small : friendship (+10); "Keran should keep his status" Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Long Way Home: When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, pick: The demon, you mean. Friendship small : friendship (+10)

Loose Ends (Meeran): Refuse to kill Harriman Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Shepherding Wolves: Accept the quest from Sister Petrice: Friendship small : friendship (+10)

Wayward Son: Choosing to let Feynriel go free: Friendship small : friendship (+10)

Visiting the Gallows: with Fenris in the party will initiate a dialog. If Anders is present and you end with "It is wrong to oppress Mages" option: Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Act 2

Dissent: Agree to help Anders: Friendship small : friendship (+5)
Dissent: Stop Anders from killing the girl (star dialog option): Friendship small : friendship (+15)
Dissent: In the final conversation, if you simply give Anders Ser Alrik's papers (star dialog option) you will receive Friendship small : friendship (+15). If you talk to him and end the conversation by asking him to stay you can gain as much as Friendship small : friendship (+30). In that conversation, the following choices can net the maximum friendship: "Calm down" Friendship small : friendship (+10), "It wasn't your fault" Friendship small : friendship (+15), and then avoid the aggressive paths.

Repentance: If the player chooses the dialogue option when speaking with Allure, "That's a good point." or "Don't listen to her...":Friendship small : friendship (+5)

Act 3

Haunted: Give Sandal the idol piece to make a rune out of it for Friendship small : friendship (+5)


Rivalry with Anders can generally be earned by siding with the templars or the Circle or by refusing to champion the oppressed or enslaved. Below are some specific ways to earn Anders' rivalry.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Act 1

Act of Mercy: Tell Thrask to deal with the mages himself Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)
Act of Mercy: Tell Alain he must return to the Circle (aggressive option)Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)
Act of Mercy: Tell Grace you will not help her Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)
Act of Mercy: Once you exit the Runaway's Cavern, turn the mages over to the templars Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)

Enemies Among Us: Send Idunna to the templars: Rivalry small : rivalry (+5) (note that this can be negated if you asked Anders to help with the compulsion)
Enemies Among Us: Tell Keran he must go back to the templars. Rivalry small : rivalry (+5) (note this can be negated if you asked Anders to check for possession)
Enemies Among Us: The final conversation with Cullen in the Gallows Courtyard can earn various rivalry points. "You're right": Rivalry small : rivalry (+15); "You can't take any chances" Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

Long Way Home: When Merrill opens the barrier with blood magic, pick: It did help us. Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Shepherding Wolves: Hand Ketojan over to the arvaarad: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Wayward Son: Convincing Feynriel to go to the Circle: Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)

Visiting the Gallows with Fenris in the party will initiate a dialog. If Anders is present and you end with "The Circle is necessary" option: Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)
Visiting the Gallows at some point after Enemies Among Us, you can speak to Cullen about the Templars. If Anders is present and you end with "I support the templars" option: Rivalry small : rivalry (+10)

Act 2

Dissent: In the final dialog with Anders, taking the aggressive path can gain Rivalry small : rivalry (+20), although you must end by asking him to stay with you.

Act 3

Haunted: Let Varric keep the idol piece: Rivalry small : rivalry (+5)

If you questioned him about the potion and the involvement of the Chantry during the quest Justice, go to the Gallows with him in the party and reveal to Cullen that one of your companions might be plotting against the Chantry: Rivalry small : rivalry (+15)


Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Ico Quest Freedom for Anders

Dragon Age II

Act 1

Act 2

Act 2: Midstage approval quests:

Act 3: Endstage approval quests:

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Act 3

Act 2: Midstage approval quests:

Act 3: Endstage approval quests:

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

Name Notes Description

Plt ico bandit belt
Bell Collar
This is a collar for a small animal. A bell is attached.
Plt ico zevrans earring
Gold Earring
Located: Vigil's Keep
A single gold earring.
Tre ico bracers
Engraved Silver Bracers
Located: Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter
Bracers bearing a motif of eagles in flight.
Plt ico kitten
Located: Vigil's Keep
Plot Item
An adorable tabby kitten.
Plt ico scarf
Knitted Scarf
A soft wool scarf.
Plt ico book
Phylacteries: A History Written in Blood
Located: Inside the Architect's Lab at the Silverite Mine
A volume on the origin and history of phylacteries.

Dragon Age II

Initial statistics (Awakening)

Class: Mage

Specialization: Spirit Healer



Initial gear

Ico staff Magister's Staff
Ico gloves light Polar Gauntlets
Ico boots light Magus War Boots
Ico belt Magister's Cinch
Ico armor robe Tevinter Mage Robes
Ico ring Hailstone
Ico ring Ring of Faith

Anders specific gear

Ico amulet Fox's Pendant

Dragon Age II

In Dragon Age II, you cannot change what armor your companions wear, but you can upgrade it. Anders' armor may be upgraded by using the gift mechanics in Dragon Age II. You will find companion armor upgrades that can be purchased at shops in the tab designated by the Gem Icon. Anders' armor has four slots available for upgrades. These upgrades may be purchased or found at various locations in the game. Upgrading a companion's armor once unlocks the "A Friend In Need" achievement and fully upgrading a companion's armor unlocks the "I Got Your Back" achievement.

Anders' armor upgrades can be found at the following locations:

  • Act 2: Armor Struts. Lowtown Lirene's Fereldan Imports Shop: (+30 armor) Next to the apparel shop.
  • Act 2: Lyrium Weave. Gallows Mages Goods Shop (+77 attack)
  • Act 2: Spirit Essence. Found during the Dissent quest (10% Magic Resistance). After killing Ser Alrik, search the nearby dead end chambers just west of the exit before leaving the area.
  • Act 3: Sigil of the Mage Underground. Found during the Best Served Cold quest

After completing his companion quest Justice during Act 3, he will change into a black version of his Renegade's coat. Entering into a romance with him ultimately has no factor in this.

Plot skills (Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

As you befriend Anders and gain his approval, he will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Willpower +1 to Willpower 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Willpower +2 to Willpower 50% approval
Inspired: Major Willpower +4 to Willpower 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Willpower +6 to Willpower 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.

Dialogue points (Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

Below are the spots where you can initiate dialogue with Anders. On the PC, it can be hard to find the correct spot to click; make sure to hit "tab" and rotate the camera if it's not letting you click on it.

  • Vigil's Keep: The statue of Andraste in the middle of the courtyard. Just agree with the apostate point of view and you will get some approval.
  • Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter: A basket of lyrium at the far end of the forge area (where the repair anvil is)
  • City of Amaranthine: A pine tree on the left side of the path just before the first gate. As female warden choosing 3,1,4,1 will result in Approves (+13), but no romance.


Main article: Anders/Dialogue

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

  • "All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools."
  • (Meeting Oghren) "Wow... A dwarf that smells like a brewery. You never see that anywhere."
  • "Maker's breath, kitty. What have you been eating?"
  • (After seeing a pit filled with dead bodies in Wending Woods) "This place is a death trap! If I have to go into the bushes to answer nature's call, you're coming with me!"
  • "After my seventh escape attempt, you think they'd have given me credit for trying."
  • "Magic isn't for your amusement! Why don't I just do a little dance? Anders' Spicy Shimmy?"
  • (Informing Velanna of the Joining's consequences) "At the very least, it's hard to get the taste out of your mouth for a few hours."
  • (Upon being removed from party) "Andraste's knicker-weasels!"
  • (At ruined house in Blackmarsh after leaving the Fade) "It's a picturesque little place, apart from being ruined and haunted."

Dragon Age II

  • "I have made this place a sanctum of healing and salvation! Why do you threaten it?" (To Hawke and party upon first meeting)
  • "Since when is Justice happy? Justice is righteous. Justice is hard."
  • "No mage I know has ever dared to fall in love. This is the rule I will most cherish breaking."
  • "There can be no peace."
  • "Ten years, a hundred years from now, someone like me will love someone like you, and there will be no templars to tear them apart."
  • "Justice doesn't let me get drunk anymore... I kind of miss it." (While nearing the Hanged Man)
  • "A wizard did it." (to Bartrand, after he enquires about the Deep Roads maps)
  • "I'll show you why mages are feared!" (shouted in battle)
  • (To Hawke's dog)"Be a real pet! Ignore me until you want something then sit on my head."
  • "In my experience, all Dalish women are crazy." (Upon arriving at the Dalish camp, perhaps referring to Velanna or a Dalish Warden from Origins.)
  • "Andraste's flaming knickers!"
  • "You are the one bright light in Kirkwall." (To Hawke after accepting Dissent)


  • Anders: When I see templars now, things that have always outraged me, but I could never do anything about... He comes out. And he is no longer my friend Justice. He is a force of vengeance. And he has no grasp of mercy.
  • Hawke: So that explains your whole sexy tortured look.
  • Anders: Perhaps I should check a looking glass more often.
  • Hawke: So I shouldn't slit my wrists and dance naked under the moonlight just to fit in?
  • Anders: I would pay to see that!
  • Hawke: Anders may have talents, but playing the lute isn't one of them. (If both Anders and Orana reside in the Hawke Estate)


  • Greg Ellis also voices Cullen, a templar.
  • Though he uses a fire spell when you first meet him, he does not have the spell when he joins your party.
  • If Anders specializes in Blood Magic, the player can have another additional line of dialogue with Anders when speaking about Anders' past with the templars. When Anders remarks there really isn't much of a reason to arrest him, the Warden can point out that Anders is an actual blood mage now, to which Anders will laugh.[11]
  • Anders is a common name in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English name Andrew, and derived from the Ancient Greek word andros, meaning "human" or "man". In modern Dutch and modern German anders means "different", but this is purely by chance since both words come a completely different origin.
  • In the library in the Circle of Magi during the Witch Hunt DLC one can find some old notes left in a book in which a young mage made sketches in the margins of Templars being eaten by a tiger named "Ser Pounce-a-lot". (Since that mage is Anders, he subsequently names the kitten given to him in Awakening Ser Pounce-a-lot.)
  • The mage Finn reveals through dialogue that Anders once escaped the Circle of Magi by swimming across Lake Calenhad during a weekly training exercise for the apprentices. He was caught again one week later.[12]
  • David Gaider was the original writer for Anders in Awakening, but Jennifer Hepler took over the role for Dragon Age II.
  • Anders's situation in Dragon Age II bears resemblance to the character, Wild Flower, from Jade Empire, another BioWare title. (Since both characters are hosts to two separate 'good and evil' spirits of which they are bound to.)
  • Jennifer Hepler describes the choice of keeping Anders alive as "poetic justice", as he would have to face and suffer the knowledge of the lives he took. She also states her belief that he wishes death so the people that he inevitably kills receives proper justice as well[13]
  • Jennifer Hepler, who wrote Anders in Dragon Age II, also penned a short story to accompany the game, which focuses around the mage's possession by Justice.
  • Although there is a possibility for Anders to join Hawke and the other companions when siding with the templars, Anders will refuse to do so.If a debug cheat is used and anders is brought back in the party his final speech will change and like the other romanceble companions he will kiss hawke before the final battle.



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