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All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools.

Anders is a mage who has escaped from the Circle of Magi and is a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. Despite his distinct dislike for the Circle, he has a rather laid-back and care-free attitude and doesn't let dire circumstances get him down. He is also a companion to Hawke in Dragon Age II.


As an adolescent he was taken to the Circle Tower by the templars, which he despised as he compared it to a prison. He's a very talented mage and has escaped from the tower seven times, only to be captured and brought back by the templars. Despite accusations that he is a maleficar, he is only an apostate and wants nothing more than to be free.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening


Anders is casting a spell

Anders is found during the opening quest to regain Vigil's Keep. He has killed many darkspawn and is surrounded by dead templars. He claims to have not killed the templars although there is no proof either way. The Warden-Commander can then ask him to join the group and he will do so. Alternatively, the Warden can let him escape at that point and still have a chance to recruit him later on the rooftop of Vigil's Keep. He will be found spying on the Withered and Seneschal Varel, at which point he'll warn the Warden about the danger that lies ahead and confess that he came back because he wanted to help defend people against the darkspawn.

After the opening quest is completed, Rylock, a templar, will warrant Anders' arrest. The Warden-Commander can either conscript him, therefore making him undergo the Joining Ritual, or allow his arrest with or without leniency. If conscripted, he will survive the ritual and become a Grey Warden. During his companion quest, another choice will have to be made to either side with him, or let the templars take him into custody.


  • If left to defend the Keep, Anders will be hailed a hero by the few survivors of Vigil's Keep by using his magic to hold off hundreds of darkspawn. He gets invited by the men to engage in a drinking contest. He loses.
  • Anders will remain with the Grey Wardens to train the Order's next generation of mages. When he is called by the Circle of Magi to deliver a lecture on the nature of the Architect - much to the templars' dismay -, he tells the Commander of the Grey that his time with the Order is over. However, not two months later, he returns and the Wardens remain his home and lasting companions.
  • If Anders' companion quest is not complete, he will be captured again when he resigns from the Wardens. With his phylactery secure, he is unable to evade the templars. After two subsequent escape attempts, he vanishes for a third and final time.
  • If left to defend the Keep without enough upgrades to it, he is found dead with an arrow through his neck with hundreds of darkspawn dead in a circle around him; none were touched with a blade, but all were felled by magic.
  • No longer a part of the Wardens, the Chantry brands him an apostate, but never captures him. He is last seen on a pirate ship with a familiar woman. This possibly references the companion Isabela in Dragon Age II.

Dragon Age II

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Anders healing

Anders healing a refugee

Despite the various epilogues of Awakening, Anders left the Wardens to live in Kirkwall, where he uses his healing abilities to aid refugees in the city. Anders is one of the first party members you can recruit. [1]

When he meets Hawke for the first time, they head off to rescue a friend of Anders from the Templars. Upon arriving, they discover the friend has been made Tranquil and then in his anger, Anders becomes possessed by a Spirit of Justice.

The spirit is Justice from Awakening. Anders agrees to be Justice's host. However, the anger Anders has towards the Circle of Magi warps Justice into a demon of Vengeance. Now Anders must struggle mentally and physically to maintain his control[2]. Justice using Anders as a host, like the Spirit of Faith did for Wynne, may explain how Justice and Anders are back no matter what happened to them before.


Ico Quest Freedom for Anders

Gifts (Awakening)

Name Notes Description

Plt ico bandit belt
Bell Collar
This is a collar for a small animal. A bell is attached.
Plt ico zevrans earring
Gold Earring
Located: Vigil's Keep
A single gold earring.
Tre ico bracers
Engraved Silver Bracers
Located: Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter
Bracers bearing a motif of eagles in flight.
Plt ico kitten
Located: Vigil's Keep
Plot Item
An adorable tabby kitten.
Plt ico scarf
Knitted Scarf
A soft wool scarf.
Plt ico book
Phylacteries: A History Written in Blood
Located: Inside the Architect's Lab at the Silverite Mine
A volume on the origin and history of phylacteries.

Initial statistics (Awakening and Dragon Age II)

Class: Mage

Specialization: Spirit Healer

Gear in Awakening

Initial gear

Ico staff Magister's Staff
Ico gloves light Polar Gauntlets
Ico boots light Magus War Boots
Ico belt Magister's Cinch
Ico armor robe Tevinter Mage Robes
Ico amulet Fox's Pendant
Ico ring Hailstone
Ico ring Ring of Faith

Anders specific gear in Awakening

Ico amulet Fox's Pendant

Plot skills (Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

As you befriend Anders and gain his approval, he will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Willpower +1 to Willpower 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Willpower +2 to Willpower 50% approval
Inspired: Major Willpower +4 to Willpower 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Willpower +6 to Willpower 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i. e. the companion will get a total bonus of +6, not of +13.

Dialogue points (Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening)

Below are the spots where you can initiate dialogue with Anders. On the PC, it can be hard to find the correct spot to click; make sure to hit "tab" and rotate the camera if it's not letting you click on it.


See Anders/Dialogue.

  • (Upon first meeting Anders) "Uh.. I didn't do it."
  • "All I want is a pretty girl, a decent meal, and the right to shoot lightning at fools."
  • "It's a pleasant stroll through the park--with darkspawn!"
  • (Meeting Oghren) "Wow... A dwarf that smells like a brewery. You never see that anywhere."
  • "Maker's breath, kitty. What have you been eating?"
  • (After seeing a pit filled with dead bodies in Wending Woods) "This place is a death trap! If I have to go into the bushes to answer nature's call, you're coming with me!"
  • (Upon entering the Blackmarsh) "I'm scared. Hold me?"
  • "This "fun" you're talking about looks a bit more like "stupid" from over here."
  • "After my seventh escape attempt, you think they'd have given me credit for trying."
  • "Oh, I know, I know. Most people enjoy being kicked in the head to be woken up each morning. Me, I'm just so picky."
  • "Magic isn't for your amusement! Why don't I just do a little dance? Anders' Spicy Shimmy?"
  • (Seeing a Disciple for the first time at Vigil's Keep) "It is talking!"
  • (Informing Velanna of the Joining's consequences) "At the very least, it's hard to get the taste out of your mouth for a few hours."
  • (Upon being removed from party) "Andraste's knicker-weasels!"
  • (Referring to a dead Templar) "Biff there made the funniest gurgle when he went down."
  • (Upon being selected with mid approval) "Just because you're the Commander doesn't mean you get to... command... never mind."
  • "It's a picturesque little place, apart from being ruined and haunted". (at ruined house in Blackmarsh after leaving the fade)
  • "No rest for the wicked, hmm?"


  • Greg Ellis also voices Cullen, a templar.
  • Anders seems to have the same hairstyle and earring as Duncan.
  • He bears a striking resemblance to Alistair, both in appearance and personality wise. (However, Bioware's David Gaider has confirmed there is no relation.)
  • Though he uses a fire spell when you first meet him, he does not have the spell when he joins your party.
  • If Anders specializes in Blood Magic, the player can have another additional line of dialogue with Anders when speaking about Anders' past with the templars. When Anders remarks there really isn't much of a reason to arrest him, the Warden can point out that Anders is an actual blood mage now, to which Anders will laugh.
  • Anders is a common name in Scandinavia, equivalent to the English name Andrew, and derived from the Ancient Greek word andros, meaning "human" or "man". In modern Dutch and modern German anders means "different".
  • The name Anders is mentioned in Mass Effect 2, another game by Bioware, as an officer on the Hugo Gernsback.
  • Anders is mentioned by Finn in the Witch Hunt DLC, in a regular conversation.
  • In the library in the Circle of Magi during the Witch Hunt DLC one can find some old notes left in a book in which a young mage made sketches in the margins of Templars being eaten by a tiger named "Ser Pounce-a-lot". (Since that mage is Anders, he subsequently names the kitten given to him in Awakening Ser Pounce-a-lot.)
  • In the Witch Hunt DLC, the mage Finn reveals through dialogue that Anders once escaped the Circle of Magi by swimming across Lake Calenhad during a weekly training exercise for the apprentices. He was caught again one week later.
  • David Gaider was the original writer for Anders in Awakening, but Jennifer Hepler took over the role for Dragon Age II.



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