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Anders' dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Anders shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

Anders' remarks[]

  • (When deselecting him from party lineup) "Andraste's Knickerweasels!"
  • (Entering the Avvar Crypt) "This crypt is old. Really old. I bet it was here before the current keep was built."
  • (When entering the City of Amaranthine) "Ah, Amaranthine, the jewel of the north!"
  • (When entering the Amaranthine market) "I once knew someone who bought a piece of Andraste's shin-bone in the Amaranthine market."
  • (When passing by the pitchfork in the tree in the Amaranthine market) "That's a strange place to store a pitchfork..."
  • (On the bridge in Knotwood Hills) "We're going down into that? Figures. Ooh it's an unstable crumbling chasm! Let's go and play in it!"
  • (Upon seeing the Children for the first time) "Why would we suddenly be seeing new forms of darkspawn? This isn't even a Blight."
  • (Upon finding the secret passage in Kal'Hirol) "I once started a rumor about secret passages in the tower. Had the templars pressing their noses to the walls for months. Hilarious!"
  • (When walking inside Kal'Hirol - Main Hall) "Note to self: meat does not function well as an ornament."
  • (When nearing large lyrium container in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter) "This contraption is filled with pure lyrium. That much could kill an army."
  • (Kal'Hirol - Lower Reaches, in the long hallway) "Oh, the suspense is killing me."
  • (Kal'Hirol - Lower Reaches, near the broodmother pit) "People have described broodmothers to me, but words don't do them justice."
  • (When entering the Wending Wood upon seeing the wrecked caravan) "Not to belabor the point or anything, but I think this caravan was attacked."
  • (At an overlook in the Wending Wood, near the suspicious camp.) "Nice view. Do you see any large walking trees coming towards us?"
  • (At burial pit in the Wending Wood) "This place is a death trap! If I have to go into the bushes to answer nature's call, you're coming with me!"
  • (At the Silverite Mine, upon seeing the ballista) "That ballista is conveniently placed, isn't it? Well, I'm always up for a spot of iconoclasm!"
  • (Initial remark when entering the Blackmarsh) "I've heard about this place. Didn't an entire village up and vanished, or something?"
  • (Past the old sign upon entering the Blackmarsh) "I'm scared. Hold me?"
  • (When nearing the dragon bone head in the Blackmarsh) "Looks like the bones of this dragon were scattered by some animal. Or... something worse."
  • (Near a Veil Tear in the Blackmarsh) "Will you look at that. A tear in the Veil. It must be even weaker in this marsh than I'd thought."
  • (Near ruined house in the Blackmarsh) "It's a picturesque little place, isn't it? Aside from being ruined and haunted."
  • (First entering the Blackmarsh Undying) "What was that thing? Who is "the Mother?" Another darkspawn?"
  • (On the path toward the village in The Blackmarsh Undying) "I see that the village in the Blackmarsh is not entirely forgotten, then."
  • (Approaching the coffins in the first room of the Shadowy Crypt) "(Groans) I hate the Fade."
  • (Drake's Fall, on the first bridge) "I'm betting the Tevinters built this. My question is why."

Remarks to Ser Pounce-a-lot[]

  • "Who's the pretty kitty? Yes you are!"
  • "Does this make you my familiar, Ser Pounce-a-lot? What do you think?"
  • "What do you think of your name, Ser Pounce-a-lot? Do you think it's appropriate?"
  • "Shall I train you to become a vicious attack kitten?" (Snarls)
  • "Hello Ser Pounce-a-lot. Still intact, I see?"
  • "Are you hungry, Ser Pounce-a-lot? I have some dried mackerel you could nibble on."
  • "You know, mages created mabari hounds. Maybe I could make you just as smart as those stupid dogs."
  • "Maker's Breath, kitty! What have you been eating!"

Anders and Oghren[]

  • Anders: You're quite the dirty little dwarf, aren't you?
  • Oghren: And you're quite the dirty little mage.
  • Anders: I do my best. Still, I'm no ale-swilling mountain of belches like you!
  • Oghren: And I'm no winking, slack-jawed coward like you.
  • Anders: True! We should form a club!
  • Anders: You don't actually think your jokes are funny, do you?
  • Oghren: Could have sworn that fly was buzzing again.
  • Anders: "HAR! Let me tell you about my life in one word!" (Belches)
  • Oghren: "Oh no! Don't take me back to the tower! I'm far, far too delicate!"
  • Anders: "I'm not only a dwarf, I'm a moron! Listen to me fart!"
  • Oghren: "Oh no, big templar man! What are you going to do with that sword?"
  • Anders: Eww.
  • Oghren: Don't play with fire unless you want to get burned, son.
  • Anders: I'm just going to assume that something died in your mouth.
  • Oghren: Funny story: dwarf attacks mage. Dwarf wins.
  • Anders: Yeah, I noticed how you pissed in your armor in that last fight. Well done.
  • Oghren: Thank you! I'll be here all week.
  • Oghren: (Grumbles) Women are drawn to you when you play with that cat.
  • Anders: Like moths to a flame. Women like it when men show affection for small, fuzzy, defenseless beings. Like you.
  • Oghren: Stupid... mage. Every time I pull something out of my robes, the women just flee.
  • Oghren: So... mage, huh? What's it like?
  • Anders: To have all this power at my fingertips?
  • Oghren: No. To always have to wear a skirt? (Laughs)
  • Anders: Oh, you don't know the story behind the robes? You know how strict things are in the Circle, right? Of course you do. Well, the robes make quick trysts in the corner easy. No laces or buttons. You're done before the templars catch on.
  • Oghren: Really?
  • Anders: Just ask anyone.
  • Oghren: And people talk about me stinking up the joint!
  • Anders: What are you on about, now?
  • Oghren: Cat piss! Little kitty there makes me want to vomit!
  • Anders: Don't listen to him, Ser Pounce-a-lot! You smell just fine.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Anders: Why did you even want to be a Grey Warden? You thought it would make for great drinking stories?
  • Oghren: I can't believe you survived the Joining.
  • Anders: You got drunk and made a bet, didn't you?
  • Oghren: I bet you I could crush your tiny human skull.
  • Anders: I bet I could drink you under the table.
  • Oghren: You're on!
  • Oghren: What?
  • Anders: What, what?
  • Oghren: You were staring at me, you manskirt-wearing freak.
  • Anders: Oh, I thought you were being attacked by a wild animal. But it was only your beard.
  • Oghren: You think you're so clever, don't you? Sparkle-fingers!

Anders and Nathaniel[]

  • Anders: So you're a Howe?
  • Nathaniel: Do you have a point, Mage?
  • Anders: Hey, I'm fond of the Howes! I'm also fond of the Whys, the Whos and the Whats.
  • Nathaniel: How clever.
  • Anders: (Laughs) It's shameful how long it took me to come up with that.
  • Anders: You know, Nathaniel, you're just like me.
  • Nathaniel: Am I, now?
  • Anders: Everyone hates your family for something terrible they did, even though you weren't involved!
  • Nathaniel: I hope you have a point, Anders.
  • Anders: It's like you're a mage! If there were more Howes, they'd lock all of you up in a tower to protect everyone else!
  • Nathaniel: A thrilling analogy.
  • Nathaniel: I've thought about what you said, Anders. The comparison between my family and mages. It's idiotic. I am not about to transform into an abomination simply for being a Howe.
  • Anders: I didn't say it was a perfect analogy...
  • Nathaniel: Being a Howe also does not allow me to control your mind.
  • Anders: Kind of missing my point, aren't you?
  • Nathaniel: I am not a fan of over-simplifications.
  • Anders: Fine, fine. Your loss.
  • Nathaniel: You don't always wear robes, do you?
  • Anders: Not when I'm naked I don't.
  • Nathaniel: I mean when you run from the Circle. Robes would make you easy to spot.
  • Anders: So does the "I'm a mage!" sign around my neck. I like to make it easy for the templars.
  • Nathaniel: Ah, so that's how it's going to be.
  • Nathaniel: You seem rather attached to that cat, Anders.
  • Anders: It's more that he is rather attached to me. Isn't that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Nathaniel: Isn't that name a little... ridiculous?
  • Anders: What do you think I should call him? Frederick?
  • Nathaniel: There are worse names, I suppose...
  • Nathaniel: How do the templars always find you, Anders?
  • Anders: Incredibly angry, that's how they find me.
  • Nathaniel: There must be some trick to it, surely.
  • Anders: They began recruiting women. The male templars never stopped to ask for directions.
  • Nathaniel: You're impossible to talk to.
  • Anders: I do my best!

Anders and Sigrun[]

  • Sigrun: You should let Ser Pounce-a-lot out more. Must be stuffy in that robe.
  • Anders: Out? You mean out to play with the darkspawn? Such a great idea!
  • Sigrun: All right. I see your point.
  • Anders: Is there some great ceremony when someone joins the Legion of the Dead?
  • Sigrun: It's called a funeral.
  • Anders: Right, but is it boring and somber like a regular funeral? I mean, you're not burying anyone...
  • Sigrun: This is true. Dwarven funerals involve a great deal of ale and singing. Then there is an orgy.
  • Anders: What? You're kidding!
  • Sigrun: Of course I'm kidding.
  • Anders: So you never told me what that ceremony was like.
  • Sigrun: (Sigh) It begins with chanting and toasts. Then we bid our families farewell. Then, wailing and tears.
  • Anders: That does sound like a funeral. How depressing.
  • Sigrun: We're not the Legion of Jaunty Pub Songs.
  • Anders: But think how much easier recruitment would be if you were!
  • Anders: So what does the Legion do when you're not, you know, dying?
  • Sigrun: I'm not sure. We do that a lot.
  • Anders: But you can't do it all hours of the day. There must be some times when you're not out getting killed.
  • Sigrun: In those hours we listen to smart-mouthed mages ask stupid questions.
  • Anders: I always thought dwarves would be nicer.
  • Sigrun: I always thought mages would be smarter.
  • Anders: You seem fascinated with Ser Pounce-a-lot.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Sigrun: We don't have cats in Orzammar. Well, maybe some nobles have them, if they buy them from a surface merchant.
  • Anders: Everyone needs a pet.
  • Sigrun: Well, I had a nug once. For about an hour. Before my uncle slaughtered him and ate him.
  • Sigrun: Could you set that bush on fire?
  • Anders: Probably, but why would I want to?
  • Sigrun: Could you freeze it?
  • Anders: Why do you want me to kill the bush?
  • Sigrun: Because it's there! It's an evil bush! Do it!
  • Anders: Magic isn't for your amusement! Why don't I just do a little dance? Anders' Spicy Shimmy?
  • Sigrun: Oh, eww. I'll pass.

Anders and Velanna[]

  • Anders: Have I ever told you that I find tattoos on women incredibly attractive?
  • Velanna: Have I ever told you that I find most humans physically and morally repulsive?
  • Anders: Good to know!
  • Anders: Perhaps one day we could sit down to discuss magic?
  • Velanna: What would that accomplish?
  • Anders: Lots? Great civilizations are built on the sharing of ideas.
  • Velanna: Sharing? You mean stealing, of course. Followed by crushing those you stole from.
  • Anders: You know that chip on your shoulder? I think it has replaced your head.
  • Velanna: The chip on my shoulder hasn't replaced my head.
  • Anders: Whoa. She's talking to me. Voluntarily. Check the sky for flying pigs!
  • Velanna: Ugh. Forget it.
  • Anders: (Chuckles) I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
  • Velanna: (Sigh) Humans and their irrepressible urges.
  • Velanna: You escaped your Circle, didn't you?
  • Anders: Several times. But they always found me using my phylactery. Not that I minded being caught much. They always assigned the same templar to track me down. Or perhaps she asked. I hope it's the latter. On those long trips back to the tower -- I in manacles, she glaring silently -- the air practically sizzled.
  • Velanna: You escaped your Circle, repeatedly, for a woman?
  • Anders: Well, not for her. But she made being caught more fun. That's me, always looking on the bright side.
  • Velanna: My fireballs are bigger than yours.
  • Anders: It's not the size that counts, Velanna.
  • Velanna: Did they tell you that in your Circle? They were trying not to hurt your feelings.
  • Anders: The Circle lied to me? Andraste's sword, my world is falling apart! I have been unmanned!

Anders and Justice[]

  • Anders: Why do spirits seek out mages? I've always wondered.
  • Justice: You speak of demons. I am not a demon.
  • Anders: Aren't demons simply spirits with unique and sparkling personalities?
  • Justice: They have been perverted by their desires.
  • Anders: But what do they want from mages?
  • Justice: Perhaps they wish the same as I: silence.
  • Anders: Are you saying that you could become a demon, Justice?
  • Justice: I said no such thing.
  • Anders: You said that demons were spirits perverted by their desires.
  • Justice: I have no such desires.
  • Anders: You must have some desires...
  • Justice: I have none! Desist your questions!
  • Anders: I apologize, Justice. I didn't mean to suggest you would become a demon.
  • Justice: I should certainly hope not.
  • Anders: I just wondered what relation there is between spirits and demons. Demons are a worry to any mage.
  • Justice: I do not know what makes demons as they are. Such evil angers me, but I do not understand it.
  • Anders: Well, I hope you never come to understand.
  • Justice: I as well, mage. More than you could possibly know.
  • Justice: I see that your feline companion remains with you.
  • Anders: He seems happy enough. Isn't that right, Ser Pounce-a-lot?
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: To enslave another creature does not seem just.
  • Anders: He's not a slave! He's a friend. And he's also a cat.
  • Justice: A cat that lacks freedom.
  • Anders: Just ignore him, Ser Pounce-a-lot. They don't have pets in the Fade, apparently.
  • Ser Pounce-a-lot: (Meow!)
  • Justice: I understand that you struggle against your oppression, mage.
  • Anders: I avoid my oppression. That's not quite the same thing, is it?
  • Justice: Why do you not strike a blow against your oppressors? Ensure they can do this to no one else?
  • Anders: Because it sounds difficult?
  • Justice: Apathy is a weakness.
  • Anders: So is death. I'm just saying.
  • Justice: I believe you have a responsibility to your fellow mages.
  • Anders: That bit of self-righteousness is directed at me?
  • Justice: You have seen oppression and are now free. You must act to free those who remain oppressed.
  • Anders: Or I could mind my business, in case the Chantry comes knocking.
  • Justice: But this is not right. You have an obligation.
  • Anders: Yes, well... welcome to the world, spirit.

Dragon Age II[]

Combat comments[]

Before a fight:

  • I think something's moving!
  • Something big is brewing!
  • Oh, this will be fun!
  • I'm your worst nightmare!
  • They never learn, do they?
  • Think you can take on a Mage?!
  • For freedom!
  • This is my favourite part!
  • I'll show you why Mages are feared!
  • We're ready for you!
  • I fail to see the point of throwing their lives away.
  • We have important things to do. Why do they insist on interrupting?
  • Isn't this over yet?!
  • I don't think they're here to chat!
  • Oh good, we're under attack.
  • They've got reinforcements!
  • Uh-oh! They've got friends!
  • Another twenty steps, another batch of deaths.

During a fight:

  • It's about to charge!
  • We'll need to close the distance!
  • Everyone, over here!
  • Suck on a fireball!
  • Say your prayers!
  • Run! While you can!
  • Don't even think about it!
  • Destructive forces of nature! Coming up!
  • You've messed with the wrong Mage!
  • I've got your back!
  • My magic will destroy you!
  • I'd run if I were you!
  • Looks like things are getting bloody!
  • Want to see what's under these robes?!
  • Watch the shadows!

Kills an enemy:

  • Afraid yet?
  • Teach you to mess with a Mage!
  • Never taunt a Mage!
  • Die, bastard!

After a fight:

  • Back to work!
  • Where to now?
  • Anybody need healing?
  • Is everyone still alive?
  • Victory!
  • Score one for our heroes!
  • Well, we won.
  • Looks like we made it!

No effect:

  • This is so not working!
  • I don't think we're hurting them!
  • Anyone got a better plan?
  • This isn't doing the trick!

Recovering from KO:

  • My bruises have bruises!
  • I think I broke every bone in my body.
  • Even my teeth hurt!
  • Agh, that was a close one.
  • Thank you.
  • I owe you one!

About to KO:

  • I'm not sure how much more of this I can take!
  • Give me a hand!

Low on stamina:

  • Can't do much more!
  • I'm losing my focus!
  • This is wiping me out!

Someone else KO'd:

  • (If Hawke falls and is romanced) No! Don't be dead! Please!
  • (If Hawke falls) No! Don't you dare!
  • (If Carver falls) Carver's dead!
  • (If Bethany falls) Oh no! Bethany!
  • (If Fenris falls) They took out Fenris!
  • (If Varric falls) I think Varric's down!
  • They got one of ours!
  • Oh no! Not you too!

Taking a potion:

  • Ah! Much better!
  • Feeling good now!
  • Ah! That hits the spot!
  • Another on the rocks, please!


  • Help! I can't move!


  • Don't trip that wire!
  • Trap ahead.
  • I'm a Mage, not a miracle worker.
  • What? Do you think I'm magic?
  • Told you, I had it.
  • Need a hand?
  • I've got the touch.
  • I'll handle that.
  • Perfect on the first try.

Location comments[]

  • (Hightown, Act 1 & 3) "The people here, they never leave Hightown's fancy walls. They have no idea what's brewing below them."
  • (Hightown, Act 2) "Frankly, I prefer the refugees."
  • (Entering the Blooming Rose) "If someone here tries to hire me again, I'm leaving."
  • (The Chantry, Act 1) "So pious, aren't they? So ready to believe that any harm they do is the will of the Maker."
  • (The Chantry, Act 2) "How can people who serve the Maker allow their own templars such abuses?"
  • (Viscount's Keep, Act 3) "Don't mind me. I'm just going to hide my face for a while."
  • (Lowtown, Act 1) "I don't know which is worse, the rats or the people."
  • (Outside The Hanged Man, Act 3) "Justice doesn't let me get drunk anymore. I kind of miss it."
  • (Darktown, Act 1) "Half of Ferelden is packed into this stinking place. They'd have done better to fight the darkspawn."
  • (Darktown, Act 2) "I'm not getting many cases these days. I think most of the refugees have cleared out. Either they found jobs. Or they're dead."
  • (Darktown, Act 2) "The sewers aren't half as bad as the Deep Roads."
  • (Anders's Clinic, Act 1) "Those patients need me more than anyone in Hightown."
  • (Anders's Clinic, Act 2) "The templars have become more active in their hunt for me. I won't be able to stay here long."
  • (Anders's Clinic, Act 3) "Our cause is nearly lost."
  • (The Gallows, Act 2) "I shouldn't be seen here."
  • (Sundermount and the Wounded Coast, Act 1) "It's nice to get some fresh air. Kirkwall starts to stink after a bit."
  • (The Bone Pit, Act 1) "No wonder they call this the Dragon Age. The bloody things are everywhere."
  • (The Bone Pit, outside the mine entrance, Act 1) "Generations of slaves died in that mine. I can still hear their cries for justice."
  • (The Bone Pit, Act 2) "So I guess there are still no good jobs for Fereldans then."

Anders' remarks[]

  • (After Enemies Among Us) "I get so furious when mages try to oppose templars by turning to demons. There is no better way to ensure we will never be free."
  • (After Wayward Son, if Feynriel was sent to the Dalish) "You showed the boy Feynriel great mercy. He will live better among the Dalish than anywhere in Kirkwall."
  • (During Act of Mercy) "They've raised the bloody dead. They must be truly desperate."
  • (During Act of Mercy) "Please tell me we're not going to force these poor fools back into the Circle."
  • (After Act of Mercy) "That Thrask seemed like a decent man, for a templar."
  • (After Night Terrors, if Anders was taken to the Fade) "I have tried to avoid the Fade since Justice. It's disturbing when he takes over."
  • (Before Dissent) "I need your help again. Can we speak privately, perhaps in my clinic?"
  • (During Dissent, in the Gallows Dungeon) "I have personally led five mages to freedom through these tunnels. They bent to kiss the ground through the sewage."
  • (After Dissent, in Anders's Clinic) "I can't go on like this."
  • (After Dissent, friendship) "You take a grave risk in trusting me."
  • (During Offered and Lost, in Ser Varnell's Refuge) "Nice place for a rally. Good choice, Varnell."
  • (Romanced, Act 2) "I don't know whether to cherish every moment I am with you, or fear for you to have me there."
  • (Romanced, Act 3, before Check on Anders) "It is still a thrill to turn and see you beside me."
  • (After Showdown) "The grand cleric cannot continue to wave her hands and pretend the problem is solved. She's as good as helping Meredith."
  • (After Justice, if supported) "Your support has meant the world to me."
  • (After Justice, if not supported) "It doesn't matter what I do now, the wheels are in motion."
  • (After Justice) "I think we're better off focusing on the task at hand."

Anders and Aveline[]

Act 1

  • Aveline: I hear good things about you, Anders. Not what I expected.
  • Anders: From a mage, you mean.
  • Aveline: I didn't say that.
  • Anders: How else would you judge me? What else am I a shining example of?
  • Aveline: I don't know... other Fereldans lurking in Darktown? Mage or not.
  • Anders: You... have a fair point.
  • Anders: So you married a templar, huh?
  • Aveline: What of it?
  • Anders: Are they all as dirty as they seem?
  • Aveline: What?
  • Anders: Did he ever ask you to play "the naughty mage and the helpless recruit?" Maybe the "secret desire demon and the upstanding knight?"
  • Aveline: That's disgusting!
  • Anders: I hear it's quite popular.
  • Aveline: I could use your consult Anders.
  • Anders: Bring it to Darktown, and I'll get you a salve or something.
  • Aveline: What? No! I need to know some things about mages.
  • Anders: Why?
  • Aveline: I'm a guard. I'm the first person who has to deal with... trouble.
  • Anders: You want help killing people like me.
  • Aveline: Not every mage can be trusted.
  • Anders: Nor every guard.
  • Anders: Do you ever miss Ferelden?
  • Aveline: Of course! It was home. I would never have left willingly.
  • Aveline: But I'm not going to be my father and spend my life trying to live a memory.
  • Anders: I didn't think I'd give it a second thought once I was gone. I mean, what did Ferelden ever do for me?
  • Anders: But I do. I think about it. There's something here that just doesn't feel right.
  • Aveline: You mean how mages are treated?
  • Anders: No... I think there's not enough dog shit.

Act 2

  • Aveline: You're glaring, Anders. Is there a reason, or is it one of your moods?
  • Anders: Your term as captain hasn't been particularly "mage friendly."
  • Aveline: I've only turned a handful over to the templars.
  • Anders: Every despot starts somewhere.
  • Aveline: And yet I allow an abomination to whine at me! Credit where it's due.
  • Aveline: So you're two people, Anders and... Justice?
  • Anders: That's not strictly accurate.
  • Aveline: But you are of two minds.
  • Anders: Many people are.
  • Aveline: Now you're the one not being accurate.
  • Anders: I thought those were the rules of this game.
  • Aveline: I never know who I'm talking to with you.
  • Anders: Then it's fortunate it doesn't occur often.
  • Anders: So, I never expected to be palling around with the captain of the guard.
  • Aveline: We're not "pals."
  • Anders: We're not? What about that time we painted each other's toenails?
  • Aveline: Do you want something?
  • Anders: Love, life, and liberty. What more does a man need?
  • Aveline: You're in a jolly mood.
  • Anders: Well, when you're here, I know you're not leading men into Darktown to arrest me.

(If Ella was killed during Dissent)

  • Anders: Can I ask you something, Aveline?
  • Aveline: I cannot look the other way when mages break the law--
  • Anders: That's not what I was going to ask.
  • Anders: There's a girl. A mage apprentice. She...was murdered in the Gallows recently. Have you heard anything of it?
  • Aveline: You mean the girl you killed.
  • Anders: Yes. I'd like to... attend the funeral. Do something.
  • Aveline: The official templar report says she was killed by a demon of unknown origin.
  • Aveline: Let her family mourn in peace.

Act 3

  • Anders: I suppose you're just thrilled how the knight-commander's basically stepped into the viscount's seat?
  • Aveline: She can't stall the process forever. It's not her place.
  • Aveline: Leaving the viscount's seat empty will just tempt people to fight for it. It will cause more trouble than it prevents.
  • Anders: Well. You've got a brain in there after all.
  • Anders: I was convinced that headband was to keep it from falling out.
  • Aveline: I have to admit, Anders. Of the mages I know, you're the one I expected to go out in a blaze.
  • Anders: The day is young.
  • Aveline: It was a compliment, you ass.
  • Anders: No, it wasn't.
  • Anders: Your husband agrees with me.
  • Aveline: About what?
  • Anders: He thinks the knight-commander's mad. He told me she's gone behind your back to investigate guardsmen she suspects as secret mages.
  • Aveline: Even if that were true, he wouldn't tell you.
  • Anders: He won't fight for her when the time comes. Would you turn against your own husband?
  • Aveline: I don't know if you're lying or crazy.

(During The Last Straw)

  • Aveline: Just to be clear Anders: when this is over, you will turn yourself in for your crime.
  • Anders: I'm well aware of your commitment to oppression.
  • Aveline: The laws of the land. Fairly applied to everyone.
  • Anders: That...is actually something I'd very much like to see.

Anders and Bethany[]

  • Bethany: So, you were in the Circle and ran away. I don't know if I'd be brave enough to do that.
  • Anders: You've been an apostate your whole life.
  • Bethany: Exactly. It was never anything I had to work for.
  • Bethany: Other people always took the risks, to keep me free.
  • Anders: Where did you learn your magic? I mean, you know my feelings on the Circle, but usually it's the only decent training a mage can get.
  • Bethany: My father taught me. He was in the Circle once, trained there. But he got away.
  • Anders: You don't know how lucky you were, to have someone who loved you and could help you. Most mages would kill for that.
  • Bethany: You remind me of him.
  • Anders: The Rite of Tranquility is the whole problem. If they didn't have that to hold over us, we'd have so many more options.
  • Bethany: Right! If we want to fight back... or just engage in intelligent debate... they make sure we can't do it.
  • Anders: They're forcing our hands. There's no way to change things peacefully.
  • Bethany: There must be something.
  • Anders: If it's Tranquility or death, we have no choice but to make every confrontation a life-or-death struggle.
  • Bethany: I know, but... there are good people in the Circle, the Chantry. There has to be a way to reason with them.
  • Anders: Not if they take away your ability to reason.
  • Bethany: I know it didn't work the way you wanted, but... it was brave, what you did with Justice.
  • Anders: It was meant well. I don't know if that's enough to forgive me.
  • Bethany: It must have been hard for him, being trapped outside the Fade. In a place where no one's like him.
  • Bethany: I bet he appreciated having a friend.
  • Anders: He did.

Anders and Carver[]

  • Anders: You don't like me, Carver?
  • Carver: I don't like you.
  • Anders: That's unfortunate. Hating someone just because they're a mage is a shameful thing.
  • Carver: I don't hate you because you're a mage. I hate you because you won't shut up about it.
  • Carver: Oppression this, templars that. I'd heard enough long before you.
  • Anders: Maybe it's time you put some thought into it.
  • Carver: What are you looking at?
  • Anders:
    • (If Hawke is male) Your brother is a mage. As was your sister and father?
    • (If Hawke is female) Your sisters are... were both mages, as was your father?
  • Carver: And I'm not. What of it?
  • Anders: Nothing, it's not always passed to all siblings. But it's good to know that you understand our plight.
  • Carver: Shove your plight.
  • Anders: I'm sorry about your sister. She sounds like a special girl.
  • Carver: Why? Because she was a mage?
  • Anders:
    • (If Hawke is male) Your brother says she had a good heart. Being on the run never made her bitter.
    • (If Hawke is female) Your other sister says she was a good person. That she never turned down a chance to help people.
  • Carver: Yes, yes. I'm sure the Chantry's got a shrine with her portrait on it.
  • Anders: I was trying to be nice.
  • Carver: Stick to surly. It works for you.
  • Anders: Nice day to be planning a trip into the Deep Roads, don't you think?
  • Anders: The Blight, the dampness, the festering darkness filled with tainted rats...
  • Carver: Shut up.
  • Anders: You've got a real chip on your shoulder, you know?
  • Carver: I've got a big blade on my shoulder, magey.
  • Anders: Right. Wonder what you're compensating for.

Anders and Fenris[]

Act 1

  • Anders: You ever going to stop harping on the mages here?
  • Fenris: No.
  • Anders: They aren't what you saw in Tevinter.
  • Fenris: The moment they are free, mages will make themselves magisters.
  • Anders: They're slaves! You should want to help them.
  • Fenris: I don't.
  • Anders: So, there must be mages in Tevinter that don't use blood magic.
  • Fenris: Of course. There are slaves. The magisters do not hesitate to collar their own kind.
  • Anders: But no magisters?
  • Fenris: Why must you go on about this? No magister would turn down an advantage over his rivals. If he did, he'd be dead.
  • Anders: You know, to use blood magic you must look a demon in the eye and accept his offer.
  • Anders: I just figured some of them would say no. For aesthetic reasons, if nothing else.

(After completing Tranquility)

  • Fenris: Did I hear correctly? You are an... abomination?
  • Anders: Why don't you shout? I don't think everyone heard you.
  • Fenris: Do you see yourself as harmless, then? An abomination who would never harm someone?
  • Anders: Like ripping someone's heart out of his chest?
  • Fenris: I did that at the behest of no demon.
  • Anders: So we agree that it doesn't take a demon for someone to be a vicious killer? Good.
  • Fenris: Why was your friend made Tranquil? Do you know?
  • Anders: No, and it doesn't matter. Nobody deserves that.
  • Fenris: I know some mages that deserve that.
  • Anders: Really? Perhaps they should start making slaves Tranquil—then they wouldn't dream of escaping! Wouldn't that be wonderful?
  • Fenris: Slaves do not attract demons that try to possess them.
  • Anders: Which clearly justifies it? What a perfect solution!

Act 2

  • Fenris: Is there something you want, Anders?
  • Anders: You really don't have the temperament for a slave.
  • Fenris: Is that a compliment or an insult?
  • Anders: I'm just wondering how your master didn't kill you.
  • Fenris: How have the templars not killed you?
  • Anders: I'm charming.
  • Anders: Did you ever think about killing yourself?
  • Fenris: I could ask you the same thing.
  • Anders: I'm serious. To get out of slavery, to escape Danarius... don't tell me you never thought about it.
  • Fenris: I did not. To kill oneself is a sin in the eyes of the Maker.
  • Anders: You... believe that?
  • Fenris: I try to. Some things must be worse than slavery.
  • Anders: Some things are worse than death.
  • Fenris: You should have lived in Tevinter. You'd be happier there.
  • Anders: You're probably right.
  • Fenris: There, your magic would be a mark of honor. Apprenticed to the right Magister, you would do well.
  • Anders: Is there a down side?
  • Fenris: Only if you're bothered by owning a few slaves and performing the occasional blood ritual.
  • Anders: So they all do those things?
  • Fenris: Just the ones who don't complain about how powerless and persecuted they are.

(If you complete Dissent)

  • Fenris: I seem to recall you saying something a while ago...
  • Anders: Shut up.
  • Fenris: "I can control it." Wasn't that what you said?
  • Anders: So help me...

(If Hawke spent the night with Fenris)

  • Anders: I can't imagine what Hawke sees in you.
  • Fenris: It is done. Leave it be.
  • Anders: Well, good. I always knew she/he had some sense.
  • Fenris: Do not make light of this. Leaving was the hardest thing I've ever done.

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: Oh, will you two get over yourselves? You're like two dogs around a bitch in heat.
  • Fenris: We were talking about Hawke. Not you.

(If Isabela is in the party and you slept with her as well)

  • Isabela: Oh, will you two get over yourselves? I did her/him too.

Act 3

  • Anders: Do you still support the Knight-Commander?
  • Fenris: I don't care a fig for her. But she's the only one holding back the madness in this city.
  • Anders: Holding back? She's howling at the bloody moon!
  • Anders: Even her own people think she's lost it.
  • Anders: What will it take for you to see that she's crazy?
  • Fenris: Mages in glass houses shouldn't throw fireballs.
  • Anders: By now, you must see what an injustice the templars are.
  • Fenris: Must I? I see templars trying to control what they have good reason to fear.
  • Anders: But they go too far.
  • Fenris: Talk to Hawke about his/her mother. Ask him/her who went "too far."
  • Anders: You can't hold all mages responsible for that!
  • Fenris: It doesn't take all mages to cause this. Only the weak ones.
  • Anders: Not all mages are weak.

(If Hawke is a mage)

  • Fenris: True. Hawke, for instance, is not weak.


  • Fenris: Bethany, for instance, was not weak.
  • Anders: You specifically don't mention me.
  • Fenris: That's also true.
  • Anders: I'll prove to you that I'm not weak
  • Fenris: Prove it to yourself. You're convincing no one else.

(If Hawke spent the night with Fenris, but moved on to Anders)

  • Anders: You were an idiot to leave Hawke.
  • Fenris: And you were fast enough to replace me.
  • Anders: I love him/her. You can't even imagine what that is.
  • Fenris: Do not bare your heart to me, mage, unless you would have me rip it out.

(If Hawke spent the night with Fenris, but moved on to Anders)

  • Fenris: You... are living with Hawke now?
  • Anders: What's it to you?
  • Fenris: Be good to him/her. Break his/her heart, and I will kill you.

(During Justice (quest), if Hawke romanced Fenris and didn't reject Anders in Act 1 and Fenris is in the party)

  • Anders: I know it isn't my place to criticize, but...
  • Anders: Are you sure about Fenris?
  • Anders: He seems less a man to me than a wild dog.
  • Hawke: You just don't know him.
  • Anders: I know as much as I'm ever likely to.
  • Fenris: That's right, mage.
  • Anders: He has let one bad experience color his whole world. Surely you want someone more openminded?
  • Fenris: A mage and a hypocrite. What company you keep.

Anders and Isabela[]

Act 1

  • Isabela: Hello? Is Anders there? Can I speak to Anders?
  • Anders: You can stop yelling. It's always me.
  • Isabela: Oh, good. I didn't want to talk to that other guy. You know, the stick-in-the-mud.
  • Anders: He can still hear you. Justice and I are one.
  • Anders: Anyway, you wanted to talk to me?
  • Isabela: Not really. I just wanted to make sure it was you.
  • Anders: I keep thinking I know you from somewhere...
  • Isabela: You're Fereldan, right? Ever spend time at the Pearl?
  • Anders: That's it!
  • Anders: You used to really like that girl with the griffon tattoos, right? What was her name?
  • Isabela: The Lay Warden?
  • Anders: That's right! I think you were there the night I—
  • Isabela: Oh! Were you the runaway mage who could do that electricity thing? That was nice...
  • Hawke: Please stop talking. Now.

(Or if Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: I don't think I need to know this about either of you.
  • Anders: Isabela, you never talk about the mages' plight.
  • Isabela: What's there to say?
  • Anders: There's plenty to say.
  • Isabela: And you say enough for the lot of us, don't you think?
  • Anders: So you're telling me you have no opinion on the matter?
  • Isabela: None whatsoever!
  • Anders: That can't be true.
  • Isabela: No, I'm afraid I'm really this shallow.
  • Anders: Sometimes, I think you have the right idea.
  • Isabela: Handcuffs, whipped cream, always be on top?
  • Anders: I never used to give two bits what anyone thought of me.
  • Anders: Justice once asked me why I didn't do more for other mages. I told him it was too much work.
  • Anders: But I couldn't go back after that. Couldn't stop thinking about it.
  • Anders: Sometimes, I miss being that selfish.
  • Isabela: Huh? Were you talking? I was still at "whipped cream."

Act 2

  • Anders: What makes this relic of yours so valuable?
  • Isabela: The same thing that makes anything valuable. Someone's willing to pay for it.
  • Anders: That's not evasive.
  • Isabela: Look, I didn't get where I am by showing my hand, you know?
  • Anders: No, your hand isn't what I hear you've been showing.
  • Anders: Do you ever have any regrets?
  • Isabela: About what?
  • Anders: Anything? Everything? I can't figure you out.
  • Isabela: The past's past. I learned that young. If it can't bring you gold or giggles, what's the point in dwelling on it?
  • Anders: Maybe the chance to fix a mistake? Make things right again?
  • Isabela: Eh. Our mistakes make us who we are.
  • Anders: That was almost profound.
  • Anders: So, this relic you lost... how is it you don't know what it is?
  • Isabela: It was in a box.
  • Anders: And you didn't open it? You managed to resist the urge?
  • Isabela: It was locked. It was a locked box!
  • Anders: Hasn't stopped you before.
  • Isabela: What do you want me to say?
  • Anders: Nothing. I just found it curious, that's all.
  • Anders: You do have an opinion on mages, don't you?
  • Isabela: Of course I do. I just don't feel a constant need to bring it up.
  • Isabela: (Sighs) Mages don't worry me. And I don't believe the templars when they say I should be worried.
  • Isabela: I'm more likely to be shanked in a bar than eaten by an abomination. You can hear those coming a mile away.
  • Isabela: "Grr. Argh!" "Oh, is that an abomination coming to eat us? We should get out of here!"
  • Anders: Abominations don't go, "Grr. Argh."
  • Isabela: They don't? I should rethink the whole thing, then.

Act 3

  • Anders: You're not nearly as selfish as you pretend.
  • Isabela: Hey! You take that back!
  • Anders: You had your relic. You were gone. There was no reason for you to come back and face the Qunari.
  • Isabela: I still don't have a ship. I thought I could get one.
  • Anders: From a bunch of shipwrecked Qunari?
  • Isabela: From the Viscount. I just got here late.
  • Anders: I always knew you had a heart of gold.
  • Isabela: Shh! Don't tell anyone.
  • Anders: I don't know how you live the way you do, blithely ignoring the consequences of your actions.
  • Isabela: This is about the Qunari thing, isn't it? I'm not ignoring it. I just recognize that it happened years ago.
  • Isabela: There's this fantastic thing called "moving on." You should try it sometime.
  • Anders: Has it occurred to you that Kirkwall is only just recovering from the Qunari attack?
  • Isabela: And you want me to... what? Flog myself daily?
  • Isabela: Has it occurred to you that maybe there's no justice in the world? Other than that voice you keep in your head.
  • Anders: There is justice in the world.
  • Isabela: Is there? You want to free the mages. Let's say you do, but to get there, you kill a bunch of innocent people.
  • Isabela: What about them? Don't they then deserve justice?
  • Anders: Yes.
  • Isabela: And then what? Where does it end?
  • Isabela: It's like a bar brawl. People are continuously pulled into the fray, and nobody remembers why it started.
  • Isabela: Justice is an idea. It makes sense in a world of ideas, but not in our world.
  • Anders: I can't believe you're still not taking sides.
  • Isabela: I told you, I only like to be on top.
  • Anders: I mean against the templars! You like freedom, right? You hate slavery.
  • Anders: Why wouldn't you side with the mages?
  • Isabela: Maybe I just don't like you.

Anders and Merrill[]

Act 1

  • Anders: So, when you first did blood magic, it was... just an accident, right?
  • Anders: You cut yourself and realized the power? You didn't actually deal with a demon?
  • Merrill: Oh, no. I did.
  • Anders: Why would you do that?
  • Merrill: I needed his help. He was really very nice about it.
  • Anders: Of course he was! He's using you to get a foothold in a mortal brain!
  • Merrill: He's a spirit. He offered me his aid. I hardly think you're one to criticize.
  • Merrill: I heard Varric saying you were a Grey Warden.
  • Anders: I was.
  • Merrill: I met a warden once. Back in Ferelden. Duncan, I think his name was. Very odd man.
  • Merrill: He had a marvelous beard, though. I'd never seen one before. I thought a squirrel had grabbed him by the chin.

(If the Hero of Ferelden was Dalish and survived the battle with the Archdemon)

  • Merrill: I heard Varric saying you were a Grey Warden.
  • Anders: I was.
  • Merrill: Did you... did you ever meet a Dalish Warden? Mahariel?
  • Anders: As a matter of fact, I did.
  • Anders: Do you know her/him?
  • Merrill: We grew up together. S/He was one of my clan.
  • Merrill: I keep hoping to hear some news...
  • Anders: I wouldn't get your hopes up. The Hero of Ferelden values privacy rather highly.

(If the Hero of Ferelden was Dalish, but died killing the Archdemon)

  • Merrill: I heard Varric saying you were a Grey Warden.
  • Anders: I was.
  • Merrill: Did you... did you ever meet a Dalish Warden? Mahariel?
  • Anders: No. I had a friend who did, though. Told the most impossible stories.
  • Merrill: I'd like to hear them, sometime. If you don't mind.

In all likelihood, the friend Anders is referring to is Oghren

  • Merrill: Ser Pounce-a-lot... who knighted him?
  • Anders: Is that a serious question?
  • Merrill: Did he have a little sword, or just his claws? I bet he had a dashing cap with a feather in it!
  • Anders: Would you stop making fun of my cat?
  • Merrill: Oh... no hat, then?
  • Anders: Maybe you don't really understand the difference between spirits and demons.
  • Merrill: Did I ask you?
  • Anders: Spirits were the first children of the Maker, but He turned his back on them to dote on His mortal creations.
  • Anders: The ones who resented this became demons, driven to take everything mortals had and gain back the Maker's favor.
  • Merrill: Your "Maker" is a story you humans use to explain the world.
  • Merrill: We have our own stories. I don't need to borrow yours.

Act 2

  • Merrill: You could get another cat, you know. There's one in the Lowtown market with a litter of kittens ready to wean.
  • Anders: You don't pay attention to templars, Qunari or politics, but you notice kittens?
  • Merrill: Templars, Qunari, and politics don't meow and attack your feet when you're buying food.
  • Anders: Are there any tabbies? I'd like a tabby.
  • Anders: Do Dalish honestly not recognize the difference between demons and beneficial spirits?
  • Merrill: We've never thought of the Fade as the home of our gods.
  • Merrill: It is another realm, another people's home. No different or more foreign than, say, Orzammar.

(If Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: You can say that again.
  • Anders: But have you never studied the types of demons? They break down very clearly into different sins—
  • Merrill: Spirits differ from each other, just as you and Hawke and Isabela are all human.
  • Merrill: More or less...

(If you complete Dissent and stop Anders from killing Ella)

  • Merrill: Are you all right?
  • Anders: I nearly killed an innocent girl. How could I be all right?
  • Merrill: I'm sorry.
  • Anders: You're sorry? For me? This could be you! You could be the next monster threatening helpless girls!
  • Merrill: Anders... There's no such thing as a good spirit. There never was.
  • Merrill: All spirits are dangerous. I understood that. I'm sorry that you didn't.

(If you complete Dissent on a rivalry path with Anders)

  • Anders: It's not a good feeling, you know.
  • Merrill: What?
  • Anders: Being an abomination. I just got a taste of your future.
  • Merrill: I'm not that foolish. Our relationship is, um, strictly platonic.
  • Anders: It's like you're trapped in your own body, seeing out your eyes, while someone else moves you like a puppet.
  • Anders: And you're trying to scream, to move a single muscle, but there's no escape. Until you look down at the blood on your hands...
  • Merrill: Stop it. You're scaring me.
  • Anders: That's the point.

Act 3

  • Anders: You must join us. Do you see that now? You must stand with Kirkwall's mages.
  • Merrill: It's not my fight.
  • Anders: You can't hide in Sundermount.

(If the Dalish were killed during A New Path)

  • Anders: Your clan is dead.


  • Anders: There is no place for you among the Dalish.
  • Merrill: No! My clan is all I ever cared about! Everything I did, I did for them!
  • Anders: On second thought, maybe don't try to help us.
  • Merrill: Have I ever mentioned I like your coat?
  • Anders: You do?
  • Merrill: It's very lively! Like a crow in the middle of anting!
  • Anders: That's.... that's great. Thanks, Merrill.

(If Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: I tried to warn you, Blondie.
  • Anders: You're not helping.

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: I wouldn't have called them "lively." Bedraggled, maybe. Or just... fluffy.
  • Anders: You're not helping.
  • Merrill: You really believe don't you?
  • Anders: What are we talking about?
  • Merrill: Believing. You do I can tell, in freedom, in mages, in good spirits and bad templars. With more fire than the sun.
  • Anders: And your point is?
  • Merrill: I miss it sometimes, things being certain.
  • Anders: Some things are certain.
  • Merrill: Not anymore.

(During A New Path)

  • Anders: I don't know why I'm bothering with this, but you do realize it is crazy, right?
  • Merrill: Believe me I noticed, if I had any other choices, I'd take them.
  • Anders: You have choices! You always had choices! Stop using blood magic. Get rid of that damned mirror.
  • Merrill: Oh in that case, I will head back to Kirkwall and throw it away, right after you abandon the plight of the circle of mages.

(If you complete A New Path)

  • Anders: Your Keeper did not deserve that death.
  • Merrill: It was my risk to take! I never asked her to do this for me.
  • Anders: She knew you didn't have the strength to resist the demon. That's why it picked you.
  • Merrill: Why are you doing this? What can I do about it now?
  • Anders: Make up for your mistakes. Most blood mages never get a second chance.

(If Hawke romanced Merrill but also slept with Isabela)

  • Anders: Hawke was a fool to let you move in. You'll only betray him/her. That's all your kind can do.
  • Merrill: Why do you only do this to me? Are you jealous? You don't get upset about Hawke and Isabela.
  • Anders: You can't really get jealous of someone for sleeping with Isabela. It's just...understood.
  • Anders: She's like a side dish. She comes with the meal.

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: Only if it's a good meal.

(If Hawke romanced Anders)

  • Merrill: Are you happy?
  • Anders: Beg your pardon?
  • Merrill: S/He seems happy. Hawke, I mean. Are you?
  • Anders: Yes, I suppose I am.
  • Merrill: Good! You've spent much too much time being grumpy. It's a nice change.

(During Justice (Quest) if Hawke has romanced Merrill)

  • Anders: I know it isn't my place to criticize, but... are you sure about Merrill? She acts sweet, but she'll never choose you over her demon.
  • Hawke: Merrill loves me.

(If Merrill is in the party)

  • Merrill: What right to you have to question us? Is your Justice any different?
  • Anders: Yes. Keep your illusions then. Maker knows I won't be the one to change them.


  • Hawke: You're right. It isn't your place.

Anders and Sebastian[]

Act 2

  • Anders: Is that supposed to be Andraste's face on your crotch?
  • Sebastian: What?
  • Anders: That... belt buckle thing. Is that Andraste?
  • Sebastian: My father had this armor commissioned when I took my vows as a brother.
  • Anders: I'm just not sure I'd want the Maker seeing me shove His bride's head between my legs every morning.
  • Anders: So, you were invested as a brother in the chantry, right?
  • Sebastian: I had just taken my vows when I learned my family was killed.
  • Anders: But you... gave sermons and took confessions and such, right?
  • Sebastian: Do you have something you wish to confess?
  • Anders: I just want to know, what do you say when people have questions?
  • Anders: What's your answer when someone asks, "so if Andraste preached freedom and ended slavery, why do you lock up mages and keep them as slaves?"
  • Sebastian: No one ever asked that.
  • Sebastian: You seem very angry.
  • Anders: And here I thought the Chantry was against mind-reading.
  • Sebastian: Did something happen to you in the Circle? I understand there were problems in Ferelden...
  • Anders: Are you saying a mage can only be unhappy in the Circle if demons were involved?
  • Anders: No, it's not about Uldred. It's not about being beaten or raped by a templar— that does happen, but I've been fortunate.
  • Anders: It' s a larger principle: the freedom every man, woman, and child born in Thedas have as a natural right.
  • Sebastian: You were given to the Circle. I was given to the Chantry. Hawke was driven away from home by the Darkspawn.
  • Sebastian: None of us are free.

(If you complete Dissent)

  • Sebastian: So your "Tranquil Solution" was hardly the holocaust you imagined.
  • Anders: You've been seeking revenge for the death of one family for as long as I've known you.
  • Anders: Are you honestly judging me for trying to save the lives of every mage in Thedas?
  • Sebastian: But they were never threatened. It was a single man's lunacy.
  • Sebastian: The Chantry would never follow through with such a thing.
  • Anders: Yet.

Act 3

  • Anders: How can you keep standing up for her?
  • Sebastian: Who?
  • Anders: That doddering old biddy of a Grand Cleric.
  • Sebastian: How dare you! Elthina is everything a grand cleric should be. She's holy, wise—
  • Anders: Spineless... hesitant. She's clay in Meredith's hands.
  • Sebastian: In the face of danger, sometimes the bravest thing is to stand back and trust that the Maker will see justice done.
  • Anders: Well if doing nothing sums up your religion, then Elthina is perfect. Personally, I'd prefer a Chantry that favors action over sloth.
  • Sebastian: You've made no secret of your intent to lead the mages here in revolution.
  • Anders: Well, I've tried not to shout it from the rooftops. You've just been around when I talk with my friends.
  • Sebastian: Well, as we have mutual friends—who for some reason don't want you to get hurt—let me tell you this:
  • Sebastian: If you go forward with this revolt, the Chantry will bring its full might to bear. They will kill you.
  • Anders: Andraste was killed. That doesn't mean she failed.
  • Sebastian: Do not compare yourself to Andraste.
  • Anders: Go ahead. Say it.
  • Sebastian: Say what?
  • Anders: I saw you watching me.
  • Sebastian: I was looking at the clouds.
  • Anders: Don't give me that. I know you've been judging me.
  • Anders: You think I'm out of control. How can I claim to speak for mages when I'm half demon myself?
  • Sebastian: The one over there looks a bit like a bunny rabbit.

(If Merrill is in the party)

  • Merrill: I saw that too!
  • Anders: How can you have so much faith? Does nothing bother you?
  • Sebastian: You're bothering me.
  • Anders: The Maker left us to our own devices generations ago.
  • Anders: He's never going to step back in, start listening to our prayers again. He's gone.
  • Anders: Doesn't that bother you?
  • Sebastian: He's a merciful lord. He could have destroyed our world when we failed Him, but instead He gave us a chance at redemption.
  • Sebastian: Should we not be joyful?

Anders and Varric[]

Act 1

  • Anders: What?
  • Varric: Just wondering if the feathered pauldrons are an essential part of the moody rebel mage persona.
  • Anders: What are you talking about?
  • Varric: I'm working on an epic poem about a hopelessly romantic apostate waging an epic struggle against forces he can't possibly defeat.
  • Anders: What do you mean, "can't possibly defeat?"
  • Varric: Well, it's not a good story unless the hero dies.
  • Anders: I've always wondered, why is every surface dwarf a merchant or a smith?
  • Varric: You left out criminals and hired muscle.
  • Anders: They don't count.
  • Varric: We dwarves are drawn to shiny objects. Sort of like Magpies, but with business sense.
  • Anders: You're kidding.
  • Varric: Of course I am. We come to the surface with the skills our ancestors had, Blondie.
  • Varric: You think there's a tradition of dwarf woodcutters in Orzammar? Bee keepers? Sailors?
  • Anders: Well, there could be mushroom growers and nug wranglers.
  • Varric: Orzammar will never let those people go topside. Too vital. Also, embarrassing.
  • Varric: So a human, an elf, and a dwarf walk into a bar...
  • Anders: The human says, "You're lucky you're so short. That hurt like mad!"
  • Varric: You could have just stopped me, Blondie.
  • Anders: Why waste a perfectly good set-up?

Act 2

  • Anders: Boiling in oil.
  • Varric: Too prosaic. Trapped in a cave with hungry bears, right at the spring thaw.
  • Anders: That lets him off too easy. Dipped in molten gold and left as a statue in the Viscount's Keep.
  • Varric: Ooh. That's poetic!
  • Hawke: What are you two talking about?
  • Varric: What to do to Bartrand when I find him.
  • Anders: Any suggestions?
  • Varric: Blondie, I don't mean to sound critical, but have you considered a new line of work?
  • Anders: Such as?
  • Varric: Pretty much anything? I don't think "renegade mage" has a bright future. Or any retirement plan.
  • Varric: If you've got something to say, just spit it out.
  • Anders: Are you sure you want to encourage me? I might be about to confess my undying love.
  • Varric: I get that a lot. So what's on your mind?
  • Anders: I just realized it's been a while since any of the gangs in the Undercity came to my door.
  • Varric: They're busy people. Places to go, throats to cut. Maybe you've slipped their minds.
  • Anders: Right. The apostate running the free clinic in the sewers. Easy to forget. You didn't have anything to do with this?
  • Varric: You must have me confused with someone else! I'm just a businessman and a storyteller.

(If you complete Dissent)

  • Varric: Oh, cheer up, Blondie. You're making me cry just looking at you.
  • Anders: Don't.
  • Varric: You made a mistake. It happens.
  • Anders: I almost killed a girl.
  • Varric: You've killed two-hundred and fifty-four by my last count. Plus about five hundred men, a few dozen giant spiders, and at least two demons.
  • Anders: It's not the same.
  • Varric: Why? Because this one you feel bad about? Maybe that's the problem.

Act 3

  • Varric: So, three templars walk into a tavern.
  • Anders: Not right now, Varric.
  • Varric: You feeling all right, Blondie? You're always in the mood for templar jokes.
  • Varric: So, the knight-commander... Boiling in oil? That one never gets old.
  • Anders: This is past time for joking.
  • Varric: I'm helping you indulge in elaborate revenge fantasies. I think it's good for you.
  • Anders: Meredith will die. Do not doubt that.
  • Varric: Go away, Justice. Can Anders come out and play?
  • Anders: [Justice voice] Stop.
  • Varric: You are no fun anymore.
  • Varric: You've been glowering for days. Your face is going to get stuck that way.
  • Anders: My face is the least of my concerns right now.
  • Varric: That's because you don't have to look at it.
  • Varric: If you could see it from this angle, Blondie, it'd be at least a close second on your priority list.

(If Hawke romances Anders)

  • Anders: You're giving me that look again. What are you writing this time?
  • Varric: So, you and Hawke... I need some details. Did you go down on one knee? Did he/she jump you? Did you swear eternal vows of love, or is this just a physical thing?
  • Anders: I don't see how that's any of your business.
  • Varric: Fine, but if you don't tell me, I'm just going to have to make it up.

Anders and Dog[]

Act 1

  • Anders: Stop looking at me! I-I really don't like all this... open... slobbery... affection.
  • Dog: (Happy bark!)
  • Anders: Be a real pet! Ignore me until you want something and then sit on my head!
  • Dog: (Whines)
  • Anders: I miss Ser Pounce-A-Lot.
  • Dog: (Happy bark!)

(If Hawke romances Anders and he moves in)

  • Anders: Now that I'm living here there isn't room for you in the bed. Do you understand?
  • Dog: (Whines, then howls)
  • Anders: That won't work on me. I'm a cat person. Cheer up, old boy. Maybe you can bunk with Sandal!
  • Sandal: Enchantment!
  • Dog: (Happy bark!)


Anders' remarks[]

(If played after Act 1)

  • "Have you considered joining the Grey Wardens? They'd be happy to satisfy the inexplicable need you have to visit the Deep Roads every few years."
  • "The Carta should know better than to come after you."
  • "A key, tuned to your father's blood. Sounds like a ritual element for blood magic. Be careful, Hawke."
  • "Why can't we ever hunt down normal criminals? The kind that don't worship demons...?"
  • "Sorry. I don't have a map of this part of the Deep Roads."
  • "While we're stuck down here, Meredith could be burning down the Circle."
  • "Ugh. I don't remember the deep roads being this...wet."
  • (After finishing Malcolm's Will) "It was important to him that you never think of him as a blood mage. I think he really tried."
  • (After Anders begins hearing voices) "I really need to stay out of the Deep Roads..."
  • (After Justice takes over) "I fear what this emissary can push me to do."

(If Hawke agrees to help Larius)

  • "Even the Warden-Commander in Amaranthine was willing to make a deal with the Architect. Who knows what arguments this emissary made?"
  • "I told the Warden-Commander in Amaranthine not to make deals with darkspawn. I guess these Free Marchers needed the same advice."

(Upon finding a body. If Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: That looks like Legion of the Dead armor. It's an Orzammar thing. No matter your crime, if you join the Legion and vow to die fighting darkspawn, your name is cleared.


  • Anders: That's Legion of the Dead armour. It's a dwarven tradition. Anyone accused of a crime can clear their name if they die fighting darkspawn. Surprisingly, they bump into Grey Wardens a lot.
  • Anders: I had a friend from the Legion once. A girl named Sigrun. Not nearly as dour as you'd expect.

(Depending on import save)

  • Anders: I met a girl from the Legion once. Can't remember her name. Seemed awfully good natured about the whole thing.

Hearing voices[]

(After Anders begins to hear voices as Hawke descends the tower.)

  • Anders: I'm not listening... I'm not listening!

(Depending on who is in party)

  • Bethany: We have to find a way to calm him down!
  • Carver: Anders? Anders! Maker, it's like he doesn't even hear me.
  • Fenris: The abomination's hearing voices. How unexpected.
  • Isabela: Easy. Hold it together. Deep breaths.
  • Anders: No! Get out of my head!

(Depending on who is in party)

  • Aveline: We have to do something. His episodes are getting worse.
  • Carver: Lovely. A mage gone mad is all we need right now.
  • Sebastian: We made a mistake bringing him down here!
  • Varric: Come on, Blondie. You're strong enough to overcome this.
  • Anders: Stop! Just make him stop talking! Make him stop!

(Depending on who is in party)

  • Aveline: We can't have him fall apart here, it's not safe.
  • Bethany: Anders, It's going to be all right. We'll help you through this.
  • Carver: It's Corypheus. He can hear Corypheus.
  • Fenris: He'll kill us all if he allows his insanity to take him!
  • Isabela: Anders? Shit, it's this place isn't it? It's driving him mad.
  • Sebastian: What's he talking about? Is it Corypheus?
  • Varric: Hang in there, Blondie! We're going to get you out of this!
  • Anders: I hope I can hold against him... against them both.

(If Hawke is romancing Anders)

  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) I'm here. Hold onto that.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Would distracting you with a kiss help? No?
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) I'm not losing you to this. I refuse.


    • If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality or aggressive/direct personality) We're going to get you through this, Anders!
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Think... happy thoughts! Raindrops, roses, kittens!

Anders and Hawke[]

  • Anders: One good thing about being trapped in an ancient underground prison... not a lot of templars.
  • Anders: There's a bright side to everything.

(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality, or with high friendship)

  • Hawke: A new base of operations for Kirkwall's mage underground?
  • Anders: It's got... potential.

(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)

  • Hawke: You should set up shop. It's no worse than your current digs.
  • Anders: Good point.
  • Anders: I could be quite comfortable here actually. Clean the taint off the floor, maybe hang a few pictures. It might even be a step up from Darktown.

(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality, or with high rivalry)

  • Hawke: I've never argued against you being in prison.
  • Anders: Hmm. At least this one was built by mages.


(If Hawke is romancing Anders)

  • Anders: I've tried to forget about this side of myself. Justice is... so strong. Sometimes the Wardens seem insignificant. But seeing that poor bastard brings it all back. The Darkspawn taint. The call of the archdemon. It's inside me, as much a part of me as Justice.

(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)

  • Hawke: Maybe there's a cure.

(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)

  • Hawke: Ooh, baby, tell me more.

(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)

  • Hawke: Never bothered me before.

(If Anders has moved in)

  • Anders: You should find someone else, love. You don't want all the ugliness I'm going to bring into your life.


  • Anders: There's a lot of ugliness in my life. You should stay away from me.

(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)

  • Hawke: I'll... take it under advisement.

(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)

  • Hawke: Nobody's perfect.

(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)

  • Hawke: Not a chance.

(If Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: I gotta hand it to you, Blondie, you make that work every time.


(If Carver is a Grey Warden and not in the party)

  • Anders: Have you heard from Carver at all?
  • Hawke: Not a word. I think it hurts my mother the most. She never quite believed me saying that Carver didn't die.


  • Hawke: Are they allowed to write? I thought the Grey Wardens had a thing against friends and family.
  • Anders: It's not easy, being a Warden. Sometimes it's better to cut all ties with your old life. When I joined, all I wanted was an escape from the Circle. But it's more. It's a calling, it really is. Carver's the kind of man who can find fulfillment in battling the darkspawn. He'll do fine.


(If Bethany is a Grey Warden and not in the party)

  • Anders: Have you heard from Bethany recently?
  • Hawke: Not a word. I think that hurt mother the most. It would have been nice to get one letter before she died.
  • Anders: Bethany will find something to be proud of. It suits her more than she thinks.

Anders and Aveline[]

  • Aveline: What now, mage?
  • Anders: Nothing.

(If Aveline is not guard-captain)

  • Aveline: Right. Any second the lofty position of guardsman will go to my head and I'll enslave all mages.


  • Aveline: Right. Any second I'll surrender to the almighty power of "guard captain" and enslave all mages.
  • Anders: What are you talking about?
  • Aveline: Look out. Authority. Ooh.
  • Anders: Shut up.
  • Anders: So, a giant magical prison. You should invest in one of these for Kirkwall, Aveline.
  • Aveline: What are you on about?
  • Anders: Your guardsmen have their hands full chasing down blood mages and abominations. I thought you might like somewhere to put them.
  • Aveline: The redeemable go to the Circle, the rest go in the ground.
  • Anders: Maybe they can design it to shock anyone who says something bad about you!

Anders and Bethany[]

(During Act 1)

  • Bethany: I'm starting to see why you left the Grey Wardens. I wouldn't want to spend my whole life surrounded by darkspawn.
  • Anders: That wasn't it. I meant it, when I joined the Wardens. I expected it to be for life. If I wasn't prepared for that, I would never have gone through the Joining.
  • Bethany: So what happened?
  • Anders: Justice. Apparently, even the Taint Brigade draws the line at abominations.

(If Bethany is a Circle mage)

  • Anders: You know, we're a long way from the Circle. Down here, a mage could easily slip her leash.
  • Bethany: I'm not leashed, Anders. I allowed this.
  • Anders: You gave up, you mean. Threw your life away.
  • Bethany: I accept what I am and act accordingly. I can pretend to be miserable if you want, but I'm not.
  • Anders: You don't understand the stakes.
  • Bethany: Well it's a good thing you're here to carry the burden.

(If Bethany is a Grey Warden)

  • Bethany: Back in the Deep Roads. Like it or not, hmm?
  • Anders: Like it or not.
  • Bethany: Must be hard, after walking away from the Wardens. Not everyone gets that choice.
  • Anders: You know what I chose. Or what chose me.

Anders and Carver[]

(During Act 1)

  • Anders: It must be hard being around so many darkspawn. After what happened to your sister.
  • Carver: I'd happily spend the rest of my life doing nothing but making them pay. For everything.
  • Anders: Have you thought about joining the Grey Wardens? They've got a whole club for people just like you.
  • Carver: If I did join the Wardens, you can be bloody sure I wouldn't run away to go live in some sewer.
  • Anders: But we'd all be so sorry to see you go...

(If Carver is a templar)

  • Anders: So, templar. Is the order everything you wished for?
  • Anders: Pithed any good mages lately? That's what you do now, right?
  • Anders: It must wear on you, given your lineage. No wonder you're quiet.

(If Hawke is male)

  • Carver: Be grateful. You're free because you know my brother. Don't push it.

(If Hawke is female)

  • Carver: If I could take you without risking my sister, you'd never see daylight again. Clear?

(Depending on who is in the party)

  • Anders: Oh, yes ser, please ser.


  • Isabela: Aww, why can't templars and mages bond over a common love of women's clothing?

(If Hawke is in a male and in a romance)

  • Carver: Be grateful. For some reason my brother cares for you. Be thankful, understood?

(If Hawke is female and in a romance)

  • Carver: My sister cares for you. I'm silent for her sake. Be thankful.

(If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality)

  • Hawke: Both of you, please.

(If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality)

  • Hawke: Helmet and Staffy should learn to get along.

(If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality)

  • Hawke: Both of you, shut it.

(If Carver is a Grey Warden)

  • Anders: You've taken to life as a Warden. I figured you for the type.
  • Carver: I'm not the coward you are, if that's what you mean.
  • Anders: The plight of every mage is my burden. You'd think with your lineage, you'd understand.
  • Carver: Your whining ranks a little lower than the end of the bloody world. But do go on. And on.
  • Anders: Is it wrong to want a world worth saving?
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) Both good points. But not now, okay?
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Less complaining, more survive-the-dungeoning.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality.) I want some peace and quiet. How about that?

Anders and Fenris[]

  • Anders: When I left the Wardens, I swore I'd never spend another minute in the Deep Roads.
  • Fenris: "Left" sounds like it was a mutual arrangement.
  • Anders: Fine. I ran away. What's it to you?
  • Fenris: Ran away from the Circle, ran away from the Wardens... it sounds like a habit.

(If Hawke is in a romance with Fenris)

  • Anders: Running away from your family, straight to Danarius. Running away from Danarius, straight to Hawke. Maybe we're more alike than you think.


  • Anders: And you ran away from Danarius. Maybe we're more alike than you think.

(if Varric is in the party)

  • Varric: I've always said so.
  • Fenris: You speak of disliking the Deep Roads a great deal. Why?
  • Anders: Besides the obvious, you mean?
  • Fenris: It's a dangerous place, but less so for a Grey Warden.
  • Anders: Darkspawn this, darkspawn that. Taint taint taint taint taint.
  • Anders: After a while, you just get so tired of it, you know?
  • Fenris: I... do now.
  • Fenris: How can anything live here? What do the darkspawn feed on?
  • Anders: They don't eat. The taint sustains them.
  • Fenris: Hmph, perfect.

(Upon getting advice from Larius, if Hawke is in a romance with Anders and Fenris is in the party)

  • Larius: Yes.. I can show you out.. Yes
  • Hawke: Because I always like to follow the advice of tainted crazy people.
  • Fenris: Never stopped you before!
  • Anders: Excuse me?
  • Fenris: Nevermind!

(Upon approaching the altar)

  • Fenris: Don't even think about making a sacrifice here, Hawke. Whatever happens, I promise it won't be good.
  • Anders: I can't believe I'm saying this but... Fenris is right.

Anders and Isabela[]

  • Isabela: Don't you hate the Deep Roads? And look. Here you are anyway.
  • Anders: Did you have to remind me? I was so close to forgetting.
  • Isabela: If it makes you feel better, you can always blame Hawke.
  • Anders: Believe me, I do.
  • Anders: I always thought it would be fun to be a pirate.
  • Isabela: More fun than being a moody possessed vagrant in the sewers? You don't say...

(Or, depending on what act you are playing in)

  • Isabela: More fun than starting a revolution?
  • Anders: I'm not sure I'd call that "fun."
  • Anders: When I was stuck at Vigil's Keep, I dreamed of stealing a ship and sailing to exotic lands... When I left the Wardens, I tried to plant a rumor that that's where I went. Even mentioned your name a few times...

(Upon getting advice from Larius, if Hawke is in a romance with Anders and Isabela is in the party)

  • Larius: Yes.. I can show you out.. Yes
  • Hawke: Because I always like to follow the advice of tainted crazy people.
  • Isabela: That seems to be your type.
  • Anders: Excuse me?
  • Isabela: Nothing.

Anders and Merrill[]

  • Anders: Were you trying to look at my grimoire the other day?
  • Merrill: Me? What? No! When?
  • Anders: At my clinic. While I was talking to Hawke. I saw you looking in one of my books. You know, those are private.
  • Merrill: I know, that's why I—Oh, fine. I admit it. I was hoping you'd have, um, dirty spells.
  • Anders: Dirty spells?
  • Merrill: You know! To, um, make things more exciting. Oh, I shouldn't have said anything.

(If Isabela is in the party)

  • Isabela: That's my girl.

(If Hawke is in a romance with Merrill)

  • Anders: More exciting? For you and Hawke?
  • Hawke: Stop. Just... stop right there.


  • Anders: I don't think I want to know.
  • Merrill: Do you really hate the Deep Roads?
  • Anders: Anybody with some sense would hate them. They're a darkspawn filled pit that goes on forever.
  • Merrill: The dwarves still live in the Deep Roads, don't they? It can't be all bad.
  • Anders: The dwarves are crazy.
  • Varric: He's got a point there, Daisy.

Anders and Sebastian[]

  • Anders: You really believe that magisters trespassing in the Maker's city made the first darkspawn?
  • Sebastian: I suppose you have another theory?
  • Anders: The darkspawn live in the Deep Roads. They respond to the call of the Old Gods. Why would we think they have anything to do with humans—or the Maker—at all?
  • Sebastian: Before Tevinter, there were no darkspawn. There are written records. Do you think it's just coincidence they appeared when they did?
  • Anders: I don't think it's a coincidence that the people the Chantry blames are the same ones they're trying to oppress.
  • Sebastian: I think you're getting it backwards.
  • Sebastian: Do you ever regret leaving the Grey Wardens?
  • Anders: Not for a moment.
  • Sebastian: But... I come here and see what's festering right beneath our feet, while we do nothing to fight it. You had a chance to face it, elbow-deep in the blood and the taint and—
  • Anders: You make it sound like so much fun.

Anders and Varric[]

  • Anders: More Deep Roads. Why did we agree to do this again?

(If Hawke is in a romance with Anders)

  • Varric: Because I like trouble, and you think Hawke is cute. That wasn't a serious question, was it, Blondie?
  • Anders: He/she is pretty cute.


  • Varric: This isn't so bad, Blondie. You could be losing more coin to the elf in a game of Wicked Grace.
  • Anders: (Groans) At this rate, I'll still be paying him back when I'm dead.
  • Anders: How's this going to fit into your grand tale, Varric? "Hawke and friends walked for a really long time in nasty tunnels that smelled like nug shit."
  • Varric: Well, I'd probably say something like... "Then around the corner, we caught the sight of an entirely new type of darkspawn." You had to ask, Blondie.

Mark of the Assassin[]

Anders' remarks[]

  • (After meeting Tallis) "You have the strangest way of making friends."
  • (When clicked, if romanced) "I wish we could stay like this forever, love."
  • (When clicked on a friendship path) "Your support has meant more than I can say."
  • (When clicked on a rivalry path) "You shouldn't have brought me here. I'm a danger to everyone around me."
  • (After the dealing with the huntsman and meeting Prosper again) "I suddenly feel better about robbing this duke."
  • (When clicked, after Tallis asks for help, if Anders is not romanced) "I know you would never support the Qunari after what they have done to mages."
  • (When clicked during the wyvern hunt) "These people spend their lives surrounded by real injustices. But instead they waste their time fighting some poor mindless beast."
  • (When clicked, after leaving the Retreat, if you leave Tallis) "Good riddance."

(Upon looting a feather for Arcane Feathers)

  • "I think this is from a simir bird. The Tevinters hunt them. The feathers are supposed to have magical properties."

(During the fight with Leopold)

  • Anders: Keep on the move! Don't wait for the poison to hit you!

(If you poisoned Leopold previously)

  • Anders: Gave the beast a taste of his own poison, eh?
  • Anders: Maybe we can get him to charge into the rocks!

Anders and Hawke[]

(After the ambush in Hightown)

  • Anders: So you trust this woman who just leapt off a rooftop into the middle of an ambush with the Crows?
  • Tallis: I didn't have anything to do with the ambush.
  • Anders: I wasn't asking if you did.
  • Hawke: I'm pretty sure she's not a templar, Anders.
  • Anders: What was your father like?
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) A good man, patient. He never yelled, but you knew when he was disappointed.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) You could never get a straight answer out of the man. Everything was a joke. People say I take after him.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) Strict. High expectations. And if you didn't meet them, you'd hear about it.
  • Anders:
    • (To a male Hawke) If more mages were allowed to keep their families, people would learn not to fear them so much.
    • (To a female Hawke) You know, you're the only person I've met with a mage parent she actually remembers.
    • (To a a mage Hawke) You and Bethany were lucky. Most mages would kill to have what you had.
  • Anders: At the Circle, any accidental babies are taken away before the mother even sees them.
  • Hawke:
    • (Diplomatic) That's horrible.
    • (Humorous) And the Chantry says it's all about protecting families.
    • (Aggressive) My father would never stand for that.

(If romanced, after they have escaped from the Dungeons)

  • Anders: Here I always figured you'd be the one coming to spring me from someone's dungeon. I had it all planned.
  • Anders: I'd be in the Gallows, templars all around, holding the brand for the Rite of Tranquility. Then you'd burst in and break my chains.
  • Anders: And then it would be all about the best way to show my gratitude.
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic/helpful personality) Then I should spend some time working out how to thank you.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) Did it have anything to do with finding another use for those chains?
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) You already know the best way to do that.

(The next line depends on who is in the party)

  • Fenris: Get a room!
  • Aveline: I hate to point this out, but... Tallis rescued Hawke.
  • Isabela: This is all so sweet... but we didn't actually do any rescuing, remember?
  • Tallis: Not to come between you two or anything, but you didn't actually rescue us.
  • Tallis: I did.
  • Hawke: Though... you didn't actually rescue me, did you?
  • Anders: It's the thought that counts.


  • Anders: I could be grateful to you too.
  • Anders: This hobnobbing with the nobility suits you.
  • Hawke:
    • (If Hawke has a diplomatic personality) I didn't think you have a particularly high opinion of them.
    • (If Hawke has a humorous/charming personality) I suspect that's an insult.
    • (If Hawke has an aggressive/direct personality) Take that back!
  • Anders: Meant in the best possible way.
  • Anders: I knew the day I met you that you'd rise above the rest of the refugees.
  • Anders: I wish there were more nobles who had to earn it.

Anders and Aveline[]

  • Anders: Why did Hawke think it was a good idea to bring me to some stuffy Orlesian hunt? I hate these things.
  • Aveline: You and me both.
  • Anders: Are you... actually agreeing with me?
  • Anders: I thought that was against some kind of policy.
  • Aveline: Well, it's so rare for you to say something that isn't crazy, I thought I should encourage it.
  • Anders: Your family was Orlesian, weren't they?
  • Aveline: My father was exiled to Ferelden. I have no memory of Orlais.
  • Aveline: Why?
  • Anders: Next time you yell at me, I think I'll picture you doing it in an Orlesian accent.
  • Anders: Makes it much harder to take you seriously.

(While trying to find Hawke and Tallis)

  • Anders: How many blighted rooms does this place have?
  • Aveline: We've passed that sconce three times already.
  • Anders: This is ridiculous! How could you get us lost inside the castle?
  • Aveline: Right, it's my fault. Shall I go ask one of the guards for directions?

Anders and Bethany[]

(While looking for Hawke and Tallis)

  • Anders: Don't panic, but I think we've been through here before.

(If done in Act 1)

  • Bethany: How can you tell? Every part of this dungeon looks exactly the same?
  • Anders: You too? I thought it was just me.
  • Bethany: Some rescuers we are! The duke could be torturing my brother right now, and we're lost in the blighted hallway!

(When Hawke is Female)

  • Bethany: My sister is probably being tortured right now, and we're lost in the middle of the hallway!

(Or, if Bethany is in the Circle)

  • Bethany: You're the one tearing your hair out.
  • Anders: Does the Kirkwall Circle teach you to be smug? In addition to obedient, I mean.
  • Bethany: When appropriate. Come on, let's just find them.

(If Bethany is a Grey Warden)

  • Bethany: You're the one tearing your hair out.
  • Anders: Typical Warden disregard. Do you even care anymore?
  • Bethany: Yes, you should talk about what caring looks like. Keep moving.

Anders and Carver[]

(While trying to find Hawke)

  • Anders: I told you we shouldn't have turned left back there!
  • Carver:
    • (If Hawke is female) Maker forgive me not having my sister's sense of direction!
    • (If Hawke is male) Excuse me if I don't share my dear brother's sense of direction!
  • Anders: For Andraste's sake! Leave Hawke out of this!
  • Carver: Perhaps we'll find our way by considering the plight of mages in modern- shut your bloody face.
  • Anders: Just think, if your mother had stayed in Kirkwall, this could have been your life. Servants. Chateaus. Foxhunts with visiting royals.
  • Carver: Spare me.
  • Anders:
    • (During Act 1) Isn't that what you want? No magic, no running, no one looking down at you...?
    • (If Carver is a templar) You wouldn't prefer that over the rules of the order?
  • Carver: The only thing worse than being surrounded by apostates is being surrounded by Orlesians.
  • Anders: That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

(If Carver is a Grey Warden)

  • Anders: You wouldn't prefer that to roaming the Deep Roads?
  • Carver: So it's a choice between darkspawn and Orlesians? Maker!
  • Anders: Fair point.
  • Carver: You'd be gone, though, right?

Anders and Fenris[]

  • Anders: Maybe you should join the Qun, Fenris.
  • Fenris: We could go together. I'd be happy to sew your mouth shut.

(After Tallis' identity is revealed)

  • Anders: You seem to know a lot about the Qunari, Fenris.
  • Fenris: I spent most of my life in close proximity.
  • Anders: So you know about these Ben-Hassrath.
  • Tallis: You could ask me, you know.
  • Anders: But I'm asking him.
  • Fenris: The Ben-Hassrath enforce the will of the Qun. They ensure all follow its dictates.
  • Anders: Like templars?
  • Fenris: Not quite, but... close enough.

(While trying to find Hawke and Tallis)

  • Anders: That's it. I'm taking the lead.
  • Fenris: You think I'm going to trust you to find Hawke?
  • Anders: Could you stop with the, "All mages are evil," diatribe for one minute?
  • Fenris: They may not all be evil, but one of them in particular is extremely annoying.

Anders and Isabela[]

  • Anders: I'm a little surprised the duke let you come here.
  • Isabela: I'll have you know I'm perfectly capable of carrying on polite conversation without using the word "shit" or "ass."
  • Isabela: And all these jewels everyone's wearing? It's too easy. No challenge.
  • Anders: I didn't think you were going to steal anything.
  • Isabela: Then what's your problem?
  • Anders: Just... I would imagine most fancy Orlesian hunting parties require, um...
  • Isabela: What?
  • Anders: Pants.
  • Anders: You owe me fifty silvers.
  • Isabela: You were cheating!
  • Anders: So were you!
  • Isabela: You had supernatural help.
  • Anders: Excuses! Just admit it. I beat you at your own game.
  • Isabela: Ugh.
  • Anders: Fifty silvers.

(While looking for Hawke and Tallis)

  • Anders: All right, we should have tried your suggestion.
  • Isabela: Which? Challenging the guards to a game of riddles and making, "Where is Hawke?" one of the questions?
  • Anders: I meant the, "Follow one wall, and you'll navigate the maze," idea.
  • Isabela: Well, we can try it next time. Either that, or, "Let's get a sledgehammer and break down the walls," I thought that had merit.

Anders and Merrill[]

  • Merrill: This is very exciting, isn't it?
  • Anders: What, crashing a fancy Orlesian party?
  • Merrill: Usually, we'd just go on in hitting people! We've never done anything like this before!
  • Anders: ... You might be on to something there.
  • Anders: Do the Dalish ever have fancy parties?
  • Anders: I always imagined they celebrated most big occasions by eating mushrooms and acorns. And maybe dancing naked around a campfire.
  • Merrill: You know, I was wondering when the naked dancing was going to start. And the human sacrifice.
  • Merrill: I mean, you just can't throw a decent party without kidnapping a human child and offering her entrails to the sky gods.
  • Anders: Really?
  • Merrill: No.

(While trying to find Hawke and Tallis)

  • Anders: What is wrong with Orlesians? Why build a prison with this many identical cells?
  • Merrill: Maybe we should ask for directions.
  • Anders: Of course, we'll say, "We're staging a daring prison break. Could you tell us where our friend is and then tie yourself up? Thanks!"
  • Merrill: It's not possible to tie yourself up, is it? You'd never get the knots right.

Anders and Sebastian[]

  • Sebastian: I just want to say that I'm proud of the restraint you showed here.
  • Anders: I'm not a monster.
  • Anders: I'm not going to turn into a raging abomination every time someone commits a fashion faux-pas.
  • Sebastian: I meant not taking advantage of a captive audience to proselytize about the fate of mages.
  • Sebastian: But the other thing is good, too.

(If Hawke does not help Tallis)

  • Anders: I don't understand Tallis.
  • Sebastian: She had an emptiness in her life. For her, the Qun filled it.
  • Anders: Don't you hate them?
  • Sebastian: The Chantry has failed the elves. If we made them more welcome, they would not have to run.
  • Sebastian: Maybe the Qunari will force us to better bring word of the Maker's compassion to our own people.

(While trying to find Hawke and Tallis)

  • Sebastian: Andraste, Lady of Sorrows, lead us from the darkness into the Maker's Light...
  • Anders: Would you stop that? Andraste is not going to find Hawke for us!
  • Sebastian: Have some faith Anders.
  • Anders: I have complete faith in your ability to make a bad situation worse!

Anders and Varric[]

  • Anders: Couldn't you talk to Gallard for me? He likes you.
  • Varric: I told you not to play that last hand.
  • Anders: Yes, but I did it anyway, and now the Coterie has an IOU for my right ear.
  • Varric: Gallard won't collect on that. He's got enough ears of his own.
  • Anders: You didn't hear him admiring mine all night. And saying that he's always wanted a hat made of human ears. And calling a hatter.
  • Varric: Look on the bright side, losing your ear will add to your tortured look. Some women really like that.
  • Anders: Orlesian.
  • Varric: Fop. Um... Party.
  • Anders: Crash.
  • Varric: Seriously, Blondie? No one ever invites you anywhere?
  • Anders: I've spent most of my life with the Circle, Grey Wardens, or refugees. Not party people, most of them.
  • Anders: So... templar.
  • Varric: Argh! Anders is talking about templars again! Does that count as one word?

(Alternate; after Dissent)

  • Anders: Would you?
  • Varric: Good point.
  • Anders: So... templar.
  • Varric: Argh! Anders is talking about templars again! Does that count as one word?

(While trying to find Hawke and Tallis)

  • Varric: Blondie, I hate to say this, but I'm pretty sure we've been here before.
  • Anders: Blast it! But we went left this time! We shouldn't have come full circle again!
  • Varric: I wish I hadn't given that ball of twine to Daisy.
  • Anders: You can't tell anyone about this! I mean it, Varric! Not a word!

Anders and Tallis[]

  • Tallis: So these are the hunting grounds.
  • Anders: What are we supposed to do? Beat the bushes with sticks?
  • Tallis: We just need to look for signs, and be careful. We get this over with, we get into the keep.
  • Hawke: And that's where the jewel is?
  • Tallis: That's where the jewel is.

(After first encountering ghasts)

  • Hawke: What in Andraste's name were those?
  • Tallis: Ghasts. Cave creatures. They don't come out much on the surface though.
  • Anders: Maybe they were out gathering hunters.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Anders: So, the Qun, huh?
  • Anders: You just... woke up one day and decided "what I really need in life is a big guy with horns telling me everything I should think?"
  • Tallis: Believe me, it wasn't that quick.
  • Tallis: Haven't you ever looked at the world and wondered where the justice is? The equality?
  • Tallis: In the Qun, everyone is welcome. Elves, humans. It doesn't matter what you look like, where you come from, there's a place for you.
  • Anders: Unless you're a mage.
  • Tallis: You won't find that anywhere in Thedas.

(After Tallis' identity is is revealed)

  • Anders: You realize that Qunari make the Circle of Magi look like a pleasant vacation.
  • Tallis: Yes.
  • Anders: And you're all right with that?
  • Tallis: It doesn't make me believe in the Qun any less.
  • Anders: But you think it's all right for them to sew up a mage's mouth or cut out his tongue?
  • Tallis: Right this second I do, yes.

(If Hawke is in a relationship with Anders and flirts with Tallis)

  • Tallis: I can honestly say I'm a little jealous of you right now.
  • Anders: Jealousy never hurt anyone. Much.

(If Hawke asks Tallis to join the party)

  • Anders: Oh, think of the conversations! What brand of zealotry shall we discuss today? I don't know, there are so many options...
  • Tallis: You're not a very nice person, are you?
  • Anders: You asked if you'd fit in.