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We're not going to grant these bastards a quiet death.

Andarateia Cantori, often called Teia, is Seventh Talon of the Antivan Crows. At twenty-eight, she is the youngest Talon in history.


Teia was a thief on the streets of Antiva City before joining the Crows. She saw the Crows as her family, and Caterina Dellamorte as the mother she never had. Her rise to power within the Crows caused controversy, as she lacked the family and connections usually required to attain her rank. She is said to be very beautiful and a master seductress who specializes in the killing of cruel men.[1]


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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: Deception[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Deception.

Teia and Viago De Riva, Fifth Talon of the Antivan Crows, are in Ventus shortly before the Qunari invasion, gathering information.[1] They ally with Calix and Olivia Pryde to retrieve a ledger from the Ventus Vaults. At Olivia's insistence, Teia and Viago create a distraction through non-violent means. Olivia later sends Autumn the mabari to deliver the ledger. Florian Invidus witnesses the exchange, and attacks them for working with criminals like Calix and Olivia. Teia and Viago kill him.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights[]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

Eight Little Talons
In Antiva, Teia attends a meeting of the Eight Talons, called by Caterina Dellamorte to discuss ways to defend against the potential Qunari invasion. The meeting is to take place without bodyguards or servants, at a villa on the Verdant Isle. Teia and Viago arrive together, to convince the others that their houses are united. They've worked on several contracts together, and they have unresolved feelings for each other.

Teia and Viago find Lera Valisti murdered in her chambers later that night, four steel blades protruding from her chest in an imitation of Queen Madrigal’s assassination. Traces of lyrium are also found under her fingernails. Giuli Arainai accuses Dante Balazar of Lera’s murder, as he’s a well-known lyrium addict and frequently argued with Lera. Teia defends her former lover from these accusations. Giuli is found murdered the next morning, in a reenactment of a famous assassination. The villa’s eight servants have also been poisoned, another reenactment. Suspicions fall on Viago, the master poisoner. She offers to lie for him to give him an alibi, but he declines the offer and Caterina orders him, and Dante, locked in their room as suspects.

Teia breaks into Viago's room to devise a way to continue their investigation. He inquires about her past relationship with Dante, saying that he’d only be bothered by her many former lovers if he were to be just a footnote to that list. He then applies an influencer concoction to her lips, to be used to interrogate Dante. Under influence of the poison, Dante reveals that after Teia broke up with him, he got engaged to Lera Valisti to unite their houses against Caterina. This angered Giuli, Lera’s lover, which is why she accused him of the murder. Dante points the finger at Bolivar Nero. Teia reports this to Viago, who’s not convinced of Nero’s guilt. Teia angrily leaves his room when he accuses Caterina instead.

Dante is murdered later that night, in another reenactment that tells Teia that Viago is in danger as well. She arrives just in time to save him from a fatal adder’s bite. Errors in the reenactment allow Teia and Viago to unmask Emil Kortez as the murderer. He agreed to kill the Talons for the Qunari, believing that they would honor their promise to invade peacefully and not force conversion to the Qun on Antiva. Kortez is killed by Teia and the remaining three Talons.

Despite the loss of half of the Crow leadership, Teia assures Caterina that the Qunari didn’t win, and that the Crows will make them regret their actions. When Viago leaves for Antiva City, Teia asks him if he has a place to stay. When he questions whether it's an invitation to stay, she replies by asking if he's saying yes. As they embrace, he replies that it’s a “definite maybe.”


  • Teia named her horse Andoral, after the Archdemon who led the Fourth Blight.
  • The tattoo that marks Teia as a member of House Cantori is on her back.


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