And You, Esmerelle is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening that develops from A Brewing Conspiracy.

If during A Brewing Conspiracy, the Warden-Commander allowed the nobles to set a trap, or if the Warden-Commander met with the Dark Wolf but did not go to Old Stark's Farm before dealing with the Peasant Revolution this quest will begin.

Walkthrough Edit

After dealing with the riot, proceed inside Vigil's Keep to the throne room. The nobles want to meet you for an important matter. Bann Esmerelle will then blame the Warden-Commander (or the Wardens in general in case of an Orlesian Warden) for killing the Arl, who was good to them.

Crow Assassin in action

Crow Assassin in action

Then an Antivan Crow will try to assassinate you, but Varel will prevent his attempt but injure himself in the process. Once this happens a fight will start and your party will need to kill Bann Esmerelle, the other noble conspirators, and the four Antivan Crows. The Crow Assassin is a boss-ranked enemy with multiple rogue talents. Varel won't be able to assist as he is unconscious on the floor.

Once the fight is over and all enemies are killed, Captain Garevel shows up and examines Varel's injury and says that he will live. Once he realizes that Bann Esmerelle was behind the assassination attempt, depending on the dialogue choice, he'll apologize for failing the Warden-Commander and that it won't happen again, or mention it was foolish of Esmerelle to attempt such a thing. Afterwards he says that he will assign trusted men to clean up this mess and advises the Commander to keep it secret for a while as there is enough cause for panic already.

Note: Neither the storage chest, the NPCs who are usually inside the throne room, or inactive party members will be present during this quest. This is the only time you have control over your whole party inside the throne room. Once you leave and go back inside, everything will be back to normal, so it is advisable to loot the bodies before you exit the room.

Conspirators Edit

The conspirators may vary depending on the choices you've made in the past. These are the possible noble enemies that you may encounter in this quest:

Rewards Edit

Possible drops from the Crow Assassin:

Ico gloves light Wade's Drakeskin Gloves
Ico armor light Wade's Drakeskin Leather Armor
Ico armor light Vest of the Nimble
Ico longsword Imperial Edge
Tre ico antivan boots Antivan Leather Boots

Possible drops from Lady Liza Packton:
8DAO goldpiece trans 20DAO silverpiece trans 70DAO bronzepiece trans

x2 Tre ico ruby Ruby
Ico potent healing salve Potent Health Poultice
Ico dagger Dagger
Ico emerald lure Interesting Lure

Notes Edit

  • Completing this side quest simultaneously completes A Brewing Conspiracy as well. However, you may still travel to Old Stark's Farm afterwards to kill more conspirators for treasure and experience.

Trivia Edit

  • The name of the quest is likely a reference to Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, in which the imperator's famous last words are "Et tu, Brute?" (Latin: "And You, Brutus?" ).
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