The Ancient Jail is an abandoned jail, occupied by strange elven statues and shattered mirrors.

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Ancient Jail Map

Ancient Jail Map

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The Ancient Jail is visited by the Inquisitor via an eluvian during the Exalted Council.

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Quest icon DAI Trespasser

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The following can be obtained within a sealed chest guarded by a Greater Terror demon and three Corpse Archers.

  • The Skin That Stalks Icon The Skin That Stalks
  • Inquisition Light Armor Schematic Blue Icon The Skin That Stalks Schematic
  • Inquisition-Heavy-Armor-Schematic-icon1 The Skin That Shields Schematic
  • Scout Mail Schematic Icon The Skin That Strikes Schematic

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Crumpled Page
This note is written in an unknown language, but the portly figure at the bottom with a ring of keys and an unflattering scowl is likely a jailer who once walked these flagstones. He's been drawn cross-eyed, with wiggling lines radiating from his backside.

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