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Ancient History is a side quest in the Warden's Keep DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. The Warden has followed Levi Dryden to Soldier's Peak. There they find information about Asturian, the Commander of the Grey who oversaw the construction of the fortress. This leads them to a powerful sword he hid centuries before.

Note: This quest must be completed before leaving Soldier's Peak after finishing the main quest. You will not be able to re-enter the fortress unless you missed Clue #1


  • Once all four codex entries have been collected and after the veil is closed examine Asturian's Portrait. It is located above the fireplace in the northwest corner of the second floor (the hall where you sealed the Veil) and down the stairs from Levi Dryden. Recite the Grey Wardens' oath and Asturian's Stash will slide out of its secret compartment.

Clue locations[]



1 Gold 50 Silver

Asturian's Might Asturian's Might

Shadow Belt Shadow Belt