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Ancient Elven Helm is a unique medium helmet in Dragon Age: Origins. It is a part of the Ancient Elven armor set.



Before the fall of Arlathan, even before Arlathan itself, the civilization of the elves stretched across all of Thedas like a great, indolent cat. This armor was made for temple guards in a time when the Creators still spoke to the elves. The techniques of its forging, even the name of the metal it is forged from, have long since faded from memory.

From Codex entry: Ancient Elven Armor


  • The Ancient Elven Helm does not upgrade if sold to Mikhael Dryden.
  • There is a bug where you can get two copies of this item if you trade the amulet, leave the conversation, talk to him again, and then trade the ring.
  • The post above isn't accurate as it does not matter what items you exchange and you can also receive more than two helms. All you have to do is leave the conversation and equip the helm to one of your characters.
  • If you did not trade with the Mad Hermit for the Helm before completing Nature of the Beast, you will not be able to trade with him for it later.