Anais is the head of a cult residing in Winterwatch Tower, Hinterlands.

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The cultists are comprised of Chantry cast-offs who believe that the Chantry has failed in its duty, that the Chant of Light was a lie, that the Breach was a sign from the Maker that demons would cleanse the unworthy and the worthy would be uplifted to the Golden City.

Speaker Anais becomes available as an agent after completing the quest Praise the Herald of Andraste and sealing the Fade rift in the tower.

  • "Spread word of an Inquisition": Anais will join Josephine in the Connections Perks (-5% mission time).
  • "Listen and gather information": Anais will join Leliana in the Secrets Perks (-5% mission time).

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