An Expedition to the Deep is the main quest of A Tale of Orzammar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

An Expedition to the Deep
A mysterious dwarven nobleman has contracted you to make your way into the ruins of a ruined thaig in search of information regarding a lost artifact. He hasn't told you much about it, but his coin appears to be good. When you're ready to proceed to the Deep Roads, come back to your benefactor and let him know.

Walkthrough Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
A Tale of Orzammar.

Tapster's Tavern

Tapster's Tavern (A Tale of Orzammar)

Tapster's Tavern

The Dwarven Nobleman

The dwarven nobleman

You begin entering Tapster's Tavern in the Orzammar Commons, searching for work. The nobleman in question can be found in the back right corner of the tavern, wearing full Dwarven Noble Armor and an Aeducan Family Shield. After you speak to him he will tell you to acquire some additional aid for your sojourn. Head back to the main counter and talk to Orson Haver and tell him he is helping you with a job, then speak to the nobleman again to travel to the Deep Roads.

Ruined Thaig

Once you arrive head off the main road into the cavernous path leading to the Ruined Thaig. At the first turn a pair of genlocks will attack you from the right alcove. Keep heading left until you reach the altar with two large pillars with torches mounted on top. Three genlocks will attack at close range while a fourth is positioned on the altar itself. Behind the altar are several Containers with items but be careful as approaching them will cause a pair of Shrieks to flank you. From here take the south passage until you come to a larger cavern, a pair of genlocks and a hurlock will engage you and two corrupted spiders are hiding behind the rock formation in the center of the room and will join the fray if you get too close. Behind them are several more containers including a chest with a large cache of darkspawn equipment. Continue south until you face the giant spider at the next intersection.

Ruined Thaig Map

Map of the area

From here, going east will lead you to another intersection where a trio of corrupted spiders guard a pair of cocoons. Heading north will lead you back to an inaccessible part of an earlier chamber as well as two more corrupted spiders. Heading south will bring the player to a dead end with several waves of deep stalkers as well as an ornate chest containing PC Gamer magazine which unlocks the Codex entry: Dragon Age.

Heading west will lead you to a handful of genlocks and hurlocks as well as an Armor Stand with a full set of Dwarven Heavy Armor. Continue west will bring you to a door into the Thaig proper, which is blocked by two Leghold Traps and a guarded by genlocks and shrieks on the other side. Past them a small pack of deepstalkers will be encountered just before the bridge. Across the bridge some genlocks and a genlock emissary will attack you, followed by a pair of shrieks as you approach the tomb entrance.

Once inside, you will have to overcome a stone golem.

Bhelen Revealed

Prince Bhelen unmasked

The dwarven nobleman and his companion will then enter the tomb and attack you. The companion has much less health than the nobleman and is poorly armored in comparison so it is suggested you eliminate him first and then focus your attention on the "nobleman". Once he is bested he will offer you a chance to escape: leave Orzammar for the surface and never return. If accepted he will permit you to leave peacefully without incident. If the player refuses him, Orson will stab you in the back, killing you.

Result Edit

The shield of Aeducan is planted within the thaig to be discovered later during the Dwarf Noble Origin.

Bugs Edit

  • Even though the Dwarven warrior can be defeated during the final battle he will recover during the following cutscene only to immediately fall again afterwards. If he is not defeated during the battle this will not occur.
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