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An Errant Letter is an Act 1 secondary quest in Dragon Age II.


Kill the abomination at Arthuris's Private Dock during the quest Wayward Son, then loot Olivia's Letter to Thrask to acquire this quest.


Give the letter to Thrask in the Gallows Courtyard. Hawke can blackmail him, or tell him that his secret is safe.


If Hawke blackmails Thrask:

  • Rivalry Anders: rivalry (+5)
  • Rivalry Aveline: rivalry (+10)
  • Rivalry Carver: rivalry (+5)
  • Friendship Fenris: friendship (+10)
  • Rivalry Merrill: rivalry (+5) (pcPCxbox360xbox360 no change)
  • Rivalry Varric: rivalry (+5)
  • Thrask's demeanor will be different when he is encountered during the quest Act of Mercy.

If Thrask is assured that his secret is safe:

  • Friendship Anders: friendship (+5)
  • Friendship Aveline: friendship (+5)
  • Friendship Bethany: friendship (+5) (pcPCps3PS3 no change)
  • Rivalry Fenris: rivalry (+10)
  • Friendship Merrill: friendship (+10)
  • Friendship Varric: friendship (+5)


  • If Thrask is blackmailed: 2 Gold
  • Otherwise: 250 XP


  • Sometimes Olivia's letter doesn't drop, especially if a mage has the Death Syphon ability enabled. Her corpse may immediately disappear after the mage gains vitality from it, leaving nothing behind. It may happen without a mage too. This can be fixed by either reloading a previous save, or using this mod to add the letter manually. The letter's item ID code is mag111im_thrask_letter. Upon using the console command, the letter is added as a codex entry and the quest appears in Hawke's secondary quests list.