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An Admirable Topsider is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.


Examining the Warrior's Grave in Ortan Thaig triggers the quest, which asks you to help put a soul to rest by returning the pieces of its sword to its grave. The grave itself is found in the southeast most location of the thaig: down a side tunnel to the right of the large fight between darkspawn and various spiders.

The three pieces are located in different areas:

Topsider's Hilt Topsider's Hilt (Caridin's Cross) – drops from a genlock emissary in a southern cave corridor.
Topsider's Pommel Topsider's Pommel (Ortan Thaig) – found in a vase inside Ruck's camp.
Topsider's Blade Topsider's Blade (The Dead Trenches) – obtained from the Ancient darkspawn found lurking about in the south-central area of the Dead Trenches (the area is located near the prior encounter with the Genlock forge master; but only after acquiring the quest and obtaining the other two pieces of the sword).

After finding the three pieces, return to the grave in the Ortan Thaig to receive the reward.


Warrior's Grave - map location

Map location of the Warrior's Grave


  • It's possible to get more than one copy of the sword if you have multiple party members touch the grave at the same time. First have your party hold position then move everyone around the grave, close enough that they can touch it without walking.
  • This also works with summoned pets or skeletons, making it possible to get the sword a total of 11 times. In addition to the extra copy, you also receive an extra 100 XP for each party member who interacts with the grave.


  • The Codex entry: Topsider's Honor is updated each time a part of the sword is discovered or the Warrior's Grave is examined.
  • You can find the hilt and pommel before the quest is fully active. However, the Ancient darkspawn will not appear until you have both other pieces and visit the grave.


  • All three of the sword's pieces will remain in your inventory after the sword has been reconstructed. However, since they are plot items, they do not take up any inventory space. (pcPCThey can be removed via Qwinn's Fixpack.)
  • The genlock emissary in Caridin's Cross may glitch and not drop the hilt making it impossible to loot. Save before the fight.