are a piece of equipment that characters can wear to increase their abilities.

Magical Amulets

Name Enhancements Acquisition
Amulet of Accord +10 physical resistance
Reduces hostility
Purchased from Barlin in Dane's Refuge in Lothering
Amulet of the War Mage +5% fire damage
+5% cold damage
+5% electricity damage
+5% nature damage
+5% spirit damage
It can be downloaded from the BioWare Social Network here.
Aneirin's Token +10% electricity resistance
+10% nature resistance
+10% spirit resistance
Obtained from Aneirin upon completion of Wynne's Regret. This amulet will augment Wynne's Vessel of the Spirit spell. See Vessel of the Spirit for more details.
Apprentice's Amulet +5% fire resistance
+5% cold resistance
+1 armor
Athras's Pendant 4% spell resistance Obtained from Athras in the Dalish Camp as a reward for completing the Lost to the Curse side quest
Blood-Gorged Amulet +12 constitution
-3 strength
-3 willpower
Looted from the Hurlock emissary in Cadash Thaig. It requires The Stone Prisoner DLC..
Caridin's Cage +20% electricity resistance
-1 cunning
Dropped by Caridin if you side against him.
Charm of Flame +5% fire damage Found in a chest in the basement of the Circle Tower during the Mage Origin quest
Charm of Still Waters +1 willpower Purchased from Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak
Dalish Pendant +10% nature resistance Purchased from Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp
Deadhead Charge +20 physical resistance
-1 willpower
Found on the High Dragon's corpse on the Mountain Top of the Ruined Temple during the The Urn of Sacred Ashes main quest
Faulty Amulet +20 mental resistance
+20 physical resistance

-3 armor
This trinket was once in the possession of Owen and is given by the Blacksmith when the Warden lies about being a close friend his.
Feral Wolf Charm +5 health regeneration while exploring
+1 armor
+15% nature resistance
Requires the Feral Wolf Charm DLC
Gateway Amulet +20% spirit resistance
-1 willpower
Unobtainable via normal means
Halla Horn +10 mental resistance Take Halla horns received from Elora and give them to Varathorn for crafting. Velanna is equipped with this when she joins the party.
Heart of Witherfang +1 strength
+1 magic
+50% nature resistance
Found on Witherfang's corpse at the end of the Nature of the Beast main quest if you chose to side with the Dalish elves and fight the werewolves
Heirloom Necklace +10% spirit resistance Found in a chest in the Arl of Denerim's Estate during the City Elf Origin quest or in a locked chest at the Dalish Camp during the Dalish Elf Origin quest
Lifedrinker +4 spellpower Found in a Dragon Egg in the Mountainside Caverns of the Ruined Temple.

Restriction: Blood Mage
Magister's Shield +6 defense
+12 defense against missiles
+4% spell resistance

-10% nature resistance
Found in a chest in the Deserted Building in Denerim during The Last Request side quest
Mark of Vigilance +6 defense
+2% spell resistance
+5 mental resistance
Requires the Mark of Vigilance DLC
Mud Idol +10% cold resistance Found in a chest at the darkspawn camp in the north-western part of the Korcari Wilds map
Par Vollen Willstone +2 willpower Purchased from Bodahn Feddic in the Party Camp. It is also equipped on Brogan Dace when he joins the party.
Sailor's Charm +10% electricity resistance Found in a vanity in the Great Hall of the Circle Tower during the Broken Circle main quest
Seeker's Circle +1 cunning
+10 mental resistance
Already equipped by Leliana when she joins your party in Dane's Refuge in Lothering

Restriction: Leliana
Shaper's Amulet +2 willpower Origins: Purchased from Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak
Awakening: Initially equipped on Nathaniel Howe
Shiver +20% cold resistance
-1 dexterity
Found on a Desire Demon's corpse in the Great Hall of the Circle Tower
Silver Cord +5% spirit resistance
+2% spell resistance
Found on an Ogre's corpse in the West Brecilian Forest during the Nature of the Beast main quest
Smith's Heart +20% fire resistance
-1 dexterity
Found in a Cocoon near the Corrupted spider queen in Ortan Thaig.
Spirit Charm +10% fire resistance Found in a chest in the Storage Caves of the Circle Tower during the Infested Storerooms quest of the Magi Origin.
Spirit Ward +10% spirit resistance Reward for completing Lost Templar. Automatically equipped by Sigrun when she joins.
Temperament +10 mental resistance Purchased from Old Tegrin during the Gentle Path World map encounter. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.
The Spellward +5 willpower
+8 health regeneration while exploring
+30% spell resistance
+10% chance to dodge attacks
+6 defense against missiles
Origins: Sold by Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp
Leliana's Song: Dropped by Weapon Master in the Noble's Estate (2nd time)
Witch Hunt: Sold by Sandal in the Apprentice Quarters
Varathorn's Amulet +20% nature resistance
-1 constitution
Crafted by Varathorn for the player if you refuse the other items he wishes to make for you from the Rare Ironbark you collected in the West Brecilian Forest
Warden's Oath +2 constitution Given to the player after the Joining ceremony is completed in Ostagar and you become a Grey Warden.
Equipped by the Orlesian Warden in >Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Restriction: The Warden, The Warden-Commander
Wildstone Clasp +1 willpower
+10 mental resistance
Already equipped by Morrigan when she joins your party at Flemeth's Hut in the Korcari Wilds

Restriction: Morrigan
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