Amulets are a piece of equipment that characters can wear to increase their abilities.

Magical Amulets

Name Enhancements Acquisition {{{1}}}

|- |Amulet of Accord |+10 physical resistance
Reduces hostility
|Purchased from Barlin in Dane's Refuge in Lothering |- |Aneirin's Token |+10% electricity resistance
+10% nature resistance
+10% spirit resistance
|Obtained from Aneirin upon completion of Wynne's Regret. This amulet will augment Wynne's Vessel of the Spirit spell. See Vessel of the Spirit for more details. |- |Apprentice's Amulet |+5% fire resistance
+5% cold resistance
+1 armor
| |- |Athras's Pendant |4% spell resistance |Obtained from Athras in the Dalish Camp as a reward for completing the Lost to the Curse side quest |- |Blood-Gorged Amulet |+12 constitution
-3 strength
-3 willpower
|Looted from dead body in Cadash Thaig

Requires The Stone Prisoner DLC |- |Caridin's Cage |+20% electricity resistance
-1 cunning
|Dropped by Caridin if you side against him. |- |Charm of Flame |+5% fire damage |Found in a chest in the basement of the Circle Tower during the Mage Origin quest |- |Charm of Still Waters |+1 willpower |Purchased from Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak |- |Dalish Pendant |+10% nature resistance |Purchased from Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp |- |Deadhead Charge |+20 physical resistance
-1 willpower
|Found on the High Dragon's corpse on the Mountain Top of the Ruined Temple during the The Urn of Sacred Ashes main quest |- |Faulty Amulet |+20 mental resistance
+20 physical resistance

-3 armor
|This trinket was once in the possession of Owen and is given by the Blacksmith when the Warden lies about being a close friend his. |- |Feral Wolf Charm | |Requires the Feral Wolf Charm DLC |- |Gateway Amulet |+20% spirit resistance
-1 willpower
|Unobtainable via normal means |- |Halla Horn |+10 mental resistance |Take Halla horns received from Elora and give them to Varathorn for crafting. Velanna is equipped with this when she joins the party. |- |Heart of Witherfang |+1 strength
+1 magic
+50% nature resistance
|Found on Witherfang's corpse at the end of the Nature of the Beast main quest if you chose to side with the Dalish elves and fight the werewolves |- |Heirloom Necklace |+10% spirit resistance |Found in a chest in the Arl of Denerim's Estate during the City Elf Origin quest or in a locked chest at the Dalish Camp during the Dalish Elf Origin quest |- |Lifedrinker |+4 spellpower |Found in a Dragon Egg in the Mountainside Caverns of the Ruined Temple.

Restriction: Blood Mage |- |Magister's Shield |+6 defense
+12 defense against missiles
+4% spell resistance

-10% nature resistance
|Found in a chest in the Deserted Building in Denerim during The Last Request side quest |- |Mud Idol |+10% cold resistance |Found in a chest at the darkspawn camp in the north-western part of the Korcari Wilds map |- |Par Vollen Willstone |+2 willpower |Purchased from Bodahn Feddic in the Party Camp. It is also equipped on Brogan Dace when he joins the party. |- |Sailor's Charm |+10% electricity resistance |Found in a vanity in the Great Hall of the Circle Tower during the Broken Circle main quest |- |Seeker's Circle |+1 cunning
+10 mental resistance
| |- |Shaper's Amulet |+2 willpower |Origins: Purchased from Levi Dryden at Soldier's Peak
Awakening: Initially equipped on Nathaniel Howe |- |Shiver |+20% cold resistance
-1 dexterity
|Found on a Desire Demon's corpse in the Great Hall of the Circle Tower |- |Silver Cord |+5% spirit resistance
+2% spell resistance
|Found on an Ogre's corpse in the West Brecilian Forest during the Nature of the Beast main quest |- |Smith's Heart |+20% fire resistance
-1 dexterity
|Found in a Cocoon near the Corrupted spider queen in Ortan Thaig. |- |Spirit Charm |+10% fire resistance |Found in a chest in the Storage Caves of the Circle Tower during the Infested Storerooms quest of the Magi Origin. |- |Spirit Ward |+10% spirit resistance |Reward for completing Lost Templar. Automatically equipped by Sigrun when she joins. |- |Temperament |+10 mental resistance |Purchased from Old Tegrin during the Gentle Path World map encounter. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt. |- |The Spellward |+5 willpower
+8 health regeneration while exploring
+30% spell resistance
+10% chance to dodge attacks
+6 defense against missiles
|Origins: Sold by Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp
Leliana's Song: Dropped by Weapon Master in the Noble's Estate (2nd time)
Witch Hunt: Sold by Sandal in the Apprentice Quarters |- |Varathorn's Amulet |+20% nature resistance
-1 constitution
|Crafted by Varathorn for the player if you refuse the other items he wishes to make for you from the Rare Ironbark you collected in the West Brecilian Forest |- |Warden's Oath |+2 constitution |Given to the player after the Joining ceremony is completed in Ostagar and you become a Grey Warden.
Equipped by the Orlesian Warden in >Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Restriction: The Warden, The Warden-Commander |- |Wildstone Clasp |+1 willpower
+10 mental resistance
|Already equipped by Morrigan when she joins your party at Flemeth's Hut in the Korcari Wilds

Restriction: Morrigan

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