Amulets are a piece of equipment that characters can wear to increase their abilities.

Apprentice's Amulet

The copper pendant on this chain once held the emblem of the Circle, but generation of worrying hands have rubbed the design completely away. The smooth metal is oddly comforting to hold.

Feral Wolf Charm

Feral Wolf Charm

Chasind hunters favor charms like this. The hunters claim that they are enchanted on moonlit nights by scantily clad witches deep in the heart of the Korcari Wilds. But perhaps that is just wishful thinking.

Stats: Adds to armor and increases health regeneration.

Note: This item is gained when the game is pre-ordered from specific retailers.

Warden's Oath

All Grey Wardens receive these amulets after their joining. Containing just a trace of the darkspawn blood consumed in the initiate's ritual, these amulets serve as a constant reminder of the Warden's eternal vigil against the darkspawn hordes.

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