Amgarrak is an ancient thaig of the dwarves. In their tongue, Amgarrak means "Victory".

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Amgarrak Thaig

Dwarves working in Amgarrak

Before Queen Getha was deposed, it is said that she delivered the only remaining fragments of Caridin's research to House Dolvish. Legends say that House Dolvish bankrupted itself by establishing a secret research laboratory in the Deep Roads. With the help of a Tevinter magister, they sought to recreate Caridin's work. Fedrik, the last scion of House Dolvish, promised the Assembly a new golem fresh from Amgarrak, knowing it would raise the Dolvish clan again to prominence. But when no golem materialized, Fedrik was ruined. He died years later, and with his death, House Dolvish was no more.[1]

Amgarrak was once a forge where dwarven smiths sought to research, replicate and improve Caridin's work by studying and altering existing golems. However, contact with the thaig was lost under mysterious circumstances. The research was performed under the jurisdiction of an unnamed dwarven noble as well as a Tevinter mage known as Nereda.

Scattered throughout the thaig are strange machines known as Lyrium wells, which are capable of shifting anyone who uses them between different levels of the Fade. Certain parts of the thaig are only accessible on specific levels. Each level has a distinct hue which everything within it shares, and are reachable via the use of the corresponding switch.

Recently a dwarven scholar, Darion Olmech, mounted an expedition to discover the final fate of Amgarrak and recover any useful research. However the expedition failed to return. Jerrik Dace's brother, Brogan was part of the expedition to Amgarrak.

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Golems of Amgarrak.

Jerrik writes to the Warden-Commander in hopes of finding his brother by securing their aid.

The Warden-Commander and the Dace brothers discover that the thaig was overrun when Nereda sealed a Fade spirit inside a golem made from corpses. When it came alive, the head removed itself from the body and seemingly disappeared; this was the Harvester, a monstrosity that harvests the dead and amasses it as a grotesque construct of flesh. Darion's Journal mentions that something "found a body", presumably referring to the Harvester retaking control of its original body.

After a grueling battle, the Harvester is killed, however the Thaig sustains a great deal of structural damage during the fight and begins to collapse in on itself. Though the Warden-Commander, Brogan and Jerrik escape, unbeknownst to them, the collapse of Amgarrak flushes out a swarm of other Harvesters.

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Ico Quest Amgarrak's Secrets
Ico Quest Harvest of Amgarrak

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Map - Amgarrak Thaig

Map of the area

Ancient hall
Sunken Grotto
North of the First Lyrium Well
Northwestern most room - White
Northwestern most room - Blue
Ancient Hall - Blue
Foyer - Blue
North of Sunken Grotto - White
Second Lyrium Well - Purple
Second Lyrium Well South
Second Lyrium Well South - Red
Forge Area

Notable items Edit

Ico tome greater focus Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel x 2 — Chest in the first Lyrium well; Tombs (northwestern-most room) in the blue dimension.
Ico reaperscudgel The Reaper's Cudgel — Treasure room (north of the sunken grotto) in the green dimension
Ico forbiddensash Sash of Forbidden Secrets — Southeast alcove from the second lyrium well
Plt ico old scroll Golem Research Notes: Mechanics x 2 — Ancient hall in the blue dimension; Northeast alcove from forge in the red dimension, before triggering the Harvester fight.
Plt ico old scroll Golem Research Notes: Fire — In an alcove in the ancient hall in the blue dimension
Plt ico old scroll Golem Research Notes: Healing x 2 — Tomb room; Treasure room in the green dimension.
Plt ico old scroll Golem Research Notes: Lightning — Treasure room in the green dimension
Plt ico scroll Darion's Notes — The southeast room after you cross the bridge

Codex entries Edit

Ico codex entry Codex entry: Darion's Journal x 5 — Foyer; Sunken grotto in the normal and blue dimensions; South of the foyer in the blue dimension; Second lyrium well south.
Ico codex entry Codex entry: Ancient Writings x 3 — Tattered Notes: Sunken grotto; North of the first well near a chest in the blue dimension; South of the foyer in the purple dimension.

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