I never wanted this job. Hunting demons was so much simpler than politics.

Ameridan was the last Inquisitor of the original Inquisition before its dissolution shortly after the creation of the Chantry.

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He was a renowned dragon hunter and a close friend of the first Orlesian Emperor Kordillus Drakon, who also formalized the Chantry in Thedas. Sources describe Ameridan as both a man of passion and a man of faith. He is said to have disappeared in the early years of the Divine Age, shortly after the Inquisition split into the Templar Order and the Seekers of Truth. It is unknown what happened to him, with some speculating that he deliberately vanished from public scrutiny to not overshadow the newly formed Templars. Despite an exhaustive search by Emperor Drakon, Ameridan was never seen again.[2]

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In truth, Ameridan was quite different from what most Thedosians believe. He was an elf of the Dales who revered both the Maker and the elven pantheon, and he loved an elven Dreamer mage named Telana. Furthermore, his closest friends in the Inquisition were so divergent from each other, they seemed improbable; a templar named Haron, and a dwarven alchemist named Orinna. A spirit also accompanied him, and he did not fear it.[3]

According to Ameridan, when the Inquisition joined the Chantry, they required a leader that inspired loyalty instead of fear. Drakon personally asked him to become the Inquisitor in order to show a united front; thus he took up the mantle out of duty.

During the peril of the Second Blight, the Avvar of the Frostback Basin resented the inaction of Ferelden and summoned their god, Hakkon, in the form of a dragon. Ameridan was able to seal the dragon and himself with time magic, remaining in stasis for eight hundred years. By 9:41 Dragon, the Jaws of Hakkon attempted to draw their god into another vessel. They are thwarted by the present day Inquisitor, who then addresses their predecessor. If the Inquisitor is an elf, Ameridan is informed of the fall of the Dales, and bitterly laments its loss--as well as its betrayal by Drakon's son--when informed of what occurred by the current Inquisitor. He does not recognize a Vashoth Inquisitor though he does comment on how far Drakon's empire must have spread to encompass his people.[4]

If Cassandra is in the party, she asks how the leader of the Seekers could be a mage. Ameridan explains that most Inquisitors were never Seekers and they used to include mages in their ranks for the purpose of hunting demons and maleficarum. If Cassandra had discovered the truth about the Seekers and the Rite of Tranquility, Ameridan reveals that he opposed the wide-spread use of Tranquility out of fear that it would lead to abuse and his compatriots promised to prevent that from happening. Nevertheless, in contemporary times it has been used as a means to control mages deemed dangerous and sometimes as a punitive measure.

Ameridan's memories also indicate that he held none of the distrust for the humans of Orlais that was held by many living in the elven Dales. Indeed, he hoped to quickly return from binding Hakkon in order to help Emperor Drakon fend off the increasing darkspawn presence in Orlais during the Second Blight. Ameridan was aware of the view of many of his people that Drakon's empire was little better than the Tevinter Imperium; their apprehension was likely due to how Drakon created his empire by invading his neighbors, [5] forcing his subjects to convert to his particular Cult of the Maker, and culling followers of different faiths. [6] Ameridan did not share their apprehension, however, believing that unless the Dales stood with Orlais against the darkspawn, they would lose everything they had gained. He realized that the survival of Thedas depended on the races fighting together for common goals.[7]

Promotional Ameridan

Artwork of Ameridan in Heroes of Dragon Age

Despite the Inquisitor's success in foiling the Hakkonites' plan, the partially-completed ritual disrupted Ameridan's bindings. Hakkon would soon be freed while Ameridan, whose body was completely exhausted by this point upholding the bindings, would fade to dust. Ameridan leaves the task of destroying Hakkon to his successor and leaves a few parting gifts before fading away.

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