Ambassadoria is the dwarven body of representatives sent by the dwarven kingdom of Orzammar to advise the Archon and the Magisterium and to manage trade between the two parties.[1] In essence this organization functions more like a lobby group and less like a parliament.[2]

Background[edit | edit source]

The rich history and unique relationship that the dwarves enjoy with the Tevinter Imperium can be traced back to more than 2,000 years. There are several examples of this ancient and close relationship in Minrathous, the capital of Tevinter. Since the time of Archon Darinius, the Dwarven Empire has maintained a sizable embassy there and influenced Tevinter in constructing the Imperial Proving Grounds which culturally descend from the dwarven Provings. Furthermore, the capital is protected by the Juggernauts, a trio of massive stone golems which were sold to Tevinter by the dwarves. However the primary reason of this relationship is lyrium, since the Imperium is extremely dependent on magic.

This has lead to a large number of surface dwarves living in Tevinter. However, they are not considered citizens but foreign dignitaries, even if their families lived for generations in Tevinter. Orzammar currently maintains embassies in every major Tevinter city, much like the dwarven enclaves found in other Thedosian nations but with the difference that in Tevinter they have their own ruling body, the Ambassadoria. Furthermore, the dwarven embassies in Minrathous, Neromenian and Qarinus are completely subterranean and thus technically within the Stone. This allows their inhabitants to retain their caste and some of them even live their entire lives within the confines of the embassy, never stepping under the open sky.[2]

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