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Amadis Vael was a mercenary captain who lived during the Exalted Age. Amadis was a member of the Vael family of Starkhaven, who commanded the Ruby Drakes Mercenary company which helped combat the Darkspawn during the Fourth Blight.

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Amadis was the second daughter of Fedras Vael, cousin to the then reigning Prince of Starkhaven. Amadis displayed an aptitude for warfare and became a skilled combatant, eventually forming her own mercenary company.

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Dragon Age: Last Flight Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Last Flight.

Her parents, still hoping to find her a suitably noble match, had her temporarily sent to Antiva City to make friends and potentially meet some suitors. However the Fourth Blight erupts in Antiva and the city is soon besieged by darkspawn. As a foreign noble of considerable rank, King Elaudio and Queen Giuvana offer Amadis sanctuary the royal palace and Amadis is given to the Grey Warden Isseya as her passenger so she may be evacuated via Griffon. Amadis manages to escape to Wycome and contacts her relatives in Starkhaven, convincing the Prince to offer shelter to refugees from Wycome fleeing the darkspawn. After the evacuation, Amadis gathers her mercenaries and accompanies Garahel & Isseya to the Anderfels to continue fighting the blight. At some point during the conflict, Amadis and Garahel become lovers.

After the siege of Hossberg is finally broken, Queen Mariwen offers the Anderfels army to aid the Grey Wardens but requests Garahel's company in her personal chambers for a night as payment. Although Garahel objects, Amadis insists he agree to her terms as the politically prudent move. In spite of this however, Amadis demonstrates some resentment of Garahel's actions. Amadis convinces Garahel to gift her a Griffon of her own as a down payment for the Ruby Drakes services and to makes amends after the incident with the Queen, since they had so far been serving only on good will and promises of future payment. Naming the Griffon, Smoke, Amadis soon becomes an enthusiastic rider which in turns inspires her troops and other mercenaries to continue assisting the wardens in the hopes of gaining their own griffons. Amadis also suggests using Smoke as a means of establishing a secondary griffon breeding colony, away from Weisshaupt Fortress.

Amadis joins the combined coalition of the Grey Wardens and their allies at the Battle of Ayesleigh where the Archdemon Andoral is finally slain, at the cost of Garahel's life. Amadis attends Garahel's funeral at Starkhaven where she wears mourning garb in his honour. Later after Isseya discovers the disease afflicting the Griffons, she approaches Amadis to acquire Smoke's clutch of griffon eggs which she believes may be the only griffons potentially free of the affliction. Amadis agrees, though not without remarking that Isseya is being too harsh on herself by taking responsibility for the Griffons' fate and wishes her well.

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