The Altar of Dumat is an optional side quest in the Legacy DLC for Dragon Age II. It involves the collection of four ancient Tevinter artifacts, then deciding whether or not to use the artifacts to perform a ritual in honor of Dumat, an Old God.

Acquisition Edit

The quest can be acquired in Corypheus's Prison – Farele's Floor or Corypheus's Prison – Tower Base. It is received when Hawke finds any one of the four artifacts listed below.

Walkthrough Edit

All of the Tevinter artifacts must be acquired to perform the ritual. They are found in the following locations:

Plot item DA2 Crown of Dumat is found in a side-room on the east side of Farele's Floor.
Plot item DA2 Dumat's Sacrificial Dagger is found in a side-room on the north side of Farele's Floor.
Plot item DA2 Dumat's Ritual Scroll is found just north of Dumat's altar. Locate the two sets of stairs forming an 'L' shape; the scroll is on the upper platform.
Plot item DA2 Sacred Urn of Dumat is found in the clearing after the area in which the Altar of Dumat is located (in the Tower Base). It is in a small cave just to the south of where Hawke battles deepstalkers and spiders.
(Note that the fourth artifact is located beyond the Altar of Dumat, so Hawke may only have three out of the four artifacts when first encountering the Altar.)

The Altar of Dumat itself is located in the third main clearing in the Tower Base, which is up the carved stone steps on the opposite side of the clearing, having passed through the gap between the two griffons statues.

Hawke has two options at the altar: either defile it, or place the four sacrifices. Both options are available until either the altar is defiled or the four objects are placed, at which point the quest completes. Note that taking either option completes the quest successfully and counts towards the Tower Sweeper achievement.

Altar of dumat-3-of-4

All four sacrifices placed on the Altar of Dumat

Result Edit

If Hawke decides to defile the altar:

  • Hawke fights two rage demons and six shades, receiving random treasure from the demons.
  • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+5)
  • Friendship small Sebastian: friendship (+5)
  • Friendship small Anders: friendship (+5)
  • No change with Bethany, Carver, Aveline, Merrill, Isabela, or Varric.
  • Journal updates: "The altar is defiled and its demons slain. Its powers have ceased."

If Hawke places all four sacrifices:

  • Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
  • Rivalry small Sebastian: rivalry (+5)
  • Rivalry small Anders: rivalry (+5).
  • Friendship small Merrill: friendship (+5)
  • Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+5)
  • No change with Bethany, Carver, Aveline, or Varric.
  • Journal updates: "Sacrifices made at the altar of Dumat appear to have pleased the old god. The altar now appears dormant."

Rewards Edit

If Hawke decides to defile the altar:

  • 360 XP (10 XP for releasing the demons and 350 XP for killing them).

If Hawke places all four sacrifices:

  • 500 XP (quest completion).
  • 4 DAO goldpiece trans
  • Amulet green DA2 Chain of the Penitent

Notes Edit

  • Either outcome of the quest (completing the ritual or defiling the altar) will count towards fulfilling the 'Tower Sweeper' achievement.

Bugs Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360 When all four sacrifices are placed on the altar but nothing happens, the only remaining option is to defile the altar.
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