Here comes the outsider, restoring peace with an army.

Marquis Alphonse is an Orlesian noble.


When The Inquisitor arrives at Vivienne's salon at the Ghislain Estate, Alphonse is already in attendance. As the Inquisitor chats with some nobles in gathered in front of a fountain, Alphonse decides to engage them. He makes a scene, challenging the Inquisition as just another organisation out for power.

As he reaches for his sword to challenge the Inquisitor to a duel, the host of the party, Vivienne, puts a frost spell on him, freezing him in place. As she comes down the stairs, she asks the Inquisitor to decide his faith, as they are the offended party. The Inquisitor can either tell her to kill him, to let him go, or say they don't care; choosing the latter, in addition to letting him leave, Vivienne will embarrass him, by commenting on him hurling insults like a Fereldan, and his clothing given to him by his aunt for Alphonse to attend a Grand Tourney in Markham, which he's not intending to take part in. She also points out the futility of his challenge to the Inquisitor, suggesting Alphonse wanted to die by the Inquisitor's sword to have a dignified death.

Later on, during a party banter between Cole and Vivienne, Cole interprets a previous meeting between Alphonse and Vivienne. During that meeting she overheard him gossip about her and Duke Bastien De Ghislain, saying: "I do hope Duke Bastien puts out the lights before he touches her. But then, she must disappear in the dark." He was trying to either make a comment on her looks, or her dark skin, or both, which hurt Vivienne's feelings. Cole also reveals that she provoked the marquis to make a scene at her party, where he met the Inquisitor, and staged Alphonse's outburst.


  • His aunt is the Vicomtesse of Mont-de-glace.
  • His family is not powerful, but holds respect. They are also very devout Andrastians.
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