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Alora is a Dalish Elf and a possible ally for the heroes attempting to solve the conflict in Edgehall during the Fifth Blight.

Like the lords around Edgehall (Bryton, Kail, Parth and Lanya) and Fallon, she can be persuaded to supply troops to fight against Arl Gell Lendon and Marcel Corbin.

Background Edit

Alora, leader of a company of rakish Dalish soldiers, doesn’t care about the squabbles of Orlais and Ferelden. She cares about the Dales and the forgotten treasures left behind there by elves past. She cares about finding a future for her people. She knows they won’t all make it. It takes more than coin or a polished speech to get Alora’s forces to join a cause. It takes honesty, conviction, and wit. She responds to verve and passion, more so than she claims.

Alora is personally past grieving for her people. She wants to make as much of a difference in the fate of Thedas and the elves as she can before her inevitable (and probably gruesome) demise. She’s chosen death in battle, which means she gets to decide how her life ends. That’s at least some kind of victory. Now she just needs to forestall her death for as long as possible, so she can outwit fate.

Alora’s fatalism and reserve are the first things people notice, but they only go so deep. Anyone taking the time to get to know her, especially those who treat her people with respect, will find her passionate with a hidden idealism regarding supporting the Dalish cause. She wants to make her mark on the future of her people and she believes the best way to do that is to rediscover their past. She isn’t interested in forming an elven empire or fighting humanity, she just wants a safe haven for elves where they can live free. So while Alora won’t risk her people needlessly, she will still risk them if it will achieve her goals.[1]

Followers and Forces Edit

Alora's forces number roughly 150 Dalish Elves. They are a collection of skilled Dalish hunters and warriors. They live a hard life with little outside aid and this helped mold them into a dangerous and effective force. They aren’t much for heavy combat and have no cavalry, but as archers and skirmishers they’re the best in the region.[2]

References Edit

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