I could create such desires if I wished, but it is far easier to nurture those which already exist.

Allure is a desire demon located in the excavated Tevinter ruins below the Harimann Estate, accessible during Act 2 in the Dragon Age II DLC, The Exiled Prince.

Background Edit

Lady Johane Harimann came across Allure while having the Harimann Estate expanded. Allure sensed Lady Harimann's desire for power in Starkhaven. She fed that desire, and struck consecutive deals with Lady Harimann for more power in exchange for feeding on her husband, son, and daughter.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

During Repentance, Hawke accompanies Sebastian to the Harimann Estate, intending to confront the Harimann family about hiring the Flint Company to murder the Vael family in Starkhaven. As they explore the manor, they notice the current Lord Harimann, Flora and Brett behaving extremely erratically.

Soon after, Hawke and Sebastian discover the expansion of the estate opened up into Tevinter ruins. Shades and undead plague the ruins, but they eventually fight their way to Lady Harimann, who they witness speaking to Allure. Lady Harimann is begging Allure for more power, since her scheme to place Goran Vael on Starkhaven's throne has backfired.

Lady Harimann will recognize Sebastian, leading to a conversation between Allure, her, and Hawke's party. Sebastian will recognize that Allure has corrupted Lady Harimann's mind. After the dialogue, Hawke's party must defeat her.

Strategy Edit

Allure is a pretty run-of-the-mill desire demon boss. However, she fights in conjunction with Lady Harimann, who is a blood mage, and a number of shades, which can make her tricky to defeat. Lady Harimann is the big damage dealer in this fight—her blood magic can be very nasty, so taking her out first will make the fight much easier.

Drops Edit

Staff green DA2 Allure's Crook

Quotes Edit

  • "Such an ugly word. I prefer 'removed the only obstacle between her and her dreams.'"

Dialogue Edit

  • Hawke: At the Blooming Rose, 50 silver's standard for a whore.
  • Allure: You'll hardly find my services "standard".
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