Alliances: With Impassioned Pleas is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after completing Alliances: Falling into Place with Cullen.

Operation text Edit

It has come to violence. The Leandre family staged blockades of several desRosier holdings and called on the Thibaults to stand with them. The protest was apparently driven by the young man who was to marry the daughter of Lady Velise Thibault. Lady Richelieu offers a barrage of names to clarify:

The fool son, Jecin Leandre, is demanding that his name be honored. That the daughter, Celeste Thibault, intended to marry him not out of status but of love. Which is, of course, of no decisive value in this matter. I have decided that it is simply more advantageous for her to be paired with lord desRosier, and her family are in no position to deny this.

Inquisitor, Lord desRosier's advanced age ensures that indirect houses will soon benefit. Gracious houses that will favor you. I trust we are understood? The Leandre family must be denied.

In expectation,
Lady Eustace Richelieu

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 4:00:00 Edit

If we declare fully behind Lord desRosier, we can compel the others to withdraw. Better that a son be cowed than they fall to open warfare.

Leliana - 4:00:00 Edit

The fight is over the daughter? Perhaps she should disappear. Into the arms of her lover, if she so desires.

Cullen - 3:12:00 Edit

This is not a fight to waste our soldiers on. I would give Lord desRosier assurances we will not oppose the defense of his assets, and let these fools sort their own mess out.

Result Edit

Josephine Edit

Our observers of the conflict between the Orlesian noble houses report that the Leandre family has responded to our appeal and withdrawn rather than risk the lives of the very lovers who spurred the conflict. While not the most desirable outcome, an arranged marriage to solidify peace is far from the worst outcome. Celeste Thibault will speak to no one. We have received two letters on the matter. The first is in strictest confidence.


From Lady Velise Thibault:

My daughter will comply with the pairing. We are all servants of our chosen world, but it serves as well. I lack the standing to challenge, so I ask that it be remembered that it is her name stabilizing this alliance. It conveys power that should not be misdirected to matchmakers.

From Lady Richelieu:

Of course this was the outcome; it is the only sensible one. Arrangements will be made for a proper ceremony. In the capital, naturally. Lord desRosier will be a valiant groom for as long as his heart holds out, and young Celeste will be a most amiable figurehead of alliance.

Leliana Edit

Our observers of the conflict between the Orlesian noble houses report that upon greeting our exceptionally willing "peace offering," Jecin Leandre quickly withdrew his objections and declared self-imposed exile in the Free Marches. Lady Velise Thibault has expressed her immense gratitude; our alliances now extend beyond what is publicly known.

Lady Richelieu knows only that the Leandre family withdrew, and she continues to arrange the marriage of Lord desRosier and Celeste Thibault in Val Royeaux. One expects that the ceremony may not come to a traditional ending. Or beginning.


Cullen Edit

Our observers of the conflict between the Orlesian noble houses report that after the claims of Jecin Leandre were denied, blockades turned to open fighting. The small keep he occupied was razed to the ground. A palanquin bearing Thibault heraldry was in the rubble, though no Thibault militia were involved. Our interests are safe enough. Lady Richelieu seems oblivious to any deaths and offered this evaluation, dismissing the violence as the normal process of spirited social negotiation.


Lady Richelieu's letter follows:

In the wake of such a definitive result, the desRosier name is all but unchallenged. However, we would be wise to quickly seal alliances with ceremony. I have summoned all parties. Val Royeaux shall host, of course. And those who enabled this victory will see their final benefit come to fruition. In confidence,

Lady Eustace Richelieu

Rewards Edit

All Advisers Edit

DAI statue2 Ornamented Brooch

Specific Outcomes Edit

  • If completed with Josephine: Celeste is married to desRosier, as the matchmaker intended.
  • If completed with Leliana: Celeste and Jecin escape and elope.
  • If completed with Cullen: Celeste and Jecin are killed.

Notes Edit

  • The matchmaker Lady Richelieu can be found on the second level of the Summer Bazaar in Val Royeaux. If Celeste and Jecin elope or are killed, Lady Richelieu and Lord Pierren desRosier are left at the altar, oblivious to the bride's fate. Otherwise, if the operation was completed with Josephine, the matchmaker, bride, and groom will be in attendance.
  • The Inquisitor may participate in the wedding and bless the marriage.
    • We must find purpose in duty.
      • Roles are useful and vital. - DAIApproval Dorian Slightly Disapproves
      • Make use of your influence.
      • You get this power, not them.
    • Marry for duty, love in secret.
      • Houses are mere appearance. - DAIApproval Dorian Approves
      • You can and should.
      • Don't make it obvious. - DAIApproval Dorian Disapproves
    • I have no time for nonsense.
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