Alliances: Observing the Deadlock is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Made available when you reach Skyhold for the first time, fast travel to another location, and return to Skyhold.

Operation text Edit

It was to be expected. In the wake of so many important deaths and the rise of the Inquisition, several noble houses are attempting to spur their fortunes by crafting an alliance of their own. For now, they seem mired in arguments of seniority. It will be a long time before any of them threaten our standing.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 2:00:00Edit

I suggest someone be offered as an ambassador of the Herald, not the Inquisition. If only to let them know, in a nonthreatening way, that we are watching.

Leliana - 1:36:00Edit

Let them squabble on their own. Poking them at this point is wasted energy.

Cullen - 2:00:00Edit

I say invite them to observe our soldiers training, to show that we are not heretical outlaws.

Results Edit

All advisorsEdit

Despite their intent to craft a political entity to oppose us, these "noble" families are too embroiled in their own conflicts to even acknowledge us. We have acquired some additional trading partners who are tired of waiting for a winner to emerge.

Rewards Edit

All advisorsEdit

  • Gold (100-190)
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