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'''Josephine'''<br>[[Ornamented Brooch]]
'''Josephine & Leliana'''
*[[Ornamented Brooch]]

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Alliances: From the Heart is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Available after completing Alliances: Reaching Ever Upward with Josephine as the chosen advisor. Both Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts and Here Lies the Abyss must also be completed.

Operation text

The conflict among the nobles of the Orlesian capital has come to a head. Lady Richelieu has been busy promoting an arranged marriage to solidify the positions of the current players, with considerable status reserved for her as matchmaker. The object is the pairing of Lord desRosier with Lady Thibault's daughter Celeste. All who have status enough to speak seem to be in agreement, but we have received a number of letters regarding the matter.

From Lady Velise Thibault:

My daughter will dutifully comply, but I know her feeling. She will speak to no one. I would have you remind her that we are servants of our chosen world, but it serves us as well. It is her name that is stabilizing this alliance. It conveys power that should not be misdirected to matchmakers.

From Lord Pierren desRosier:

Frankly, I'll be glad when the matter is settled. I've no desire to inconvenience the young Celeste beyond what name-sharing "Lady" Richelieu recommends. This has been a cock-up from head to tail.

From Jecin Leandre:

I pledge to the Inquisition. If my dearest Celeste is willing to sacrifice to ensure this alliance, then I can only do so much. My name may not be enough for some, but she will have my protection indirectly, through service to you.

Advisor suggestions

Josephine - 3 hours 12 minutes (4 agents)

This is a currency. The two youths could be marriage enough if other investments encouraged Lord desRosier to withdraw.

Leliana - 2 hours 24 minutes (4 agents)

If you are set on the arranged pairing, Jecin Leandre should be quietly escorted from the city. I would not wish him present.

Cullen - 3 hours (5 agents)

Do we truly need this? I suggest discrete maneuvers in the Free Marches. A standard retinue. Plus two. Get the young couple out of range.



Lord desRosier was all too glad to receive various concessions to abandon the current squabble in favor of more honorable pursuits. I believe they involve acquiring various trophy animals in bloody fashion. That allows a less politically desirable - but more personally desired - pairing to occur. The wedding of Jecin Leandre and Celeste Thibault will bond their families in alliance. To the chagrin of Lady Richelieu, I suspect. Matchmakers only truly benefit when the names are sufficiently grand.

The ceremony will take place in the capital. I'm sure it will be lovely.



Jecin Leandre is no longer in the capital. The wedding of Lord Pierren DesRosier and Celeste Thibault can take place without fear of incident, so long as the bride can stomach it. Although... it is worth nothing that it is merely the names that need be partnered to satisfy Orlesians. They are hardly strangers to the idea of courtly duty tempered by the existence of a paramour.

I might also note that the only one suggesting Lord DesRosier be the controlling influence in this matter is Lady Richelieu, who has her own interests.

The wedding is set to take place in Val Royeaux, if you take an interest.




Josephine & Leliana


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