Alliances: Forging a Way Forward is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Available after completing Alliances: Getting Things Moving with Josephine.

Operation text Edit

Lady Thibault is asking for closer ties and access to trading partners as she tries to circumvent the traditional blockages of the allegiances in the capital. Some houses have switched sides; other ceded holdings entirely to avoid the shame of officially losing all standing. More and more, they are concerned with station and alliance over whatever objections they stated about the Inquisition.

Advisor suggestionsEdit

Josephine - 2:00:00 Edit

We gained her trust with alliances. If we are willing to continue the relationship, it is only fitting that we strengthen those ties.

Leliana - 1:36:00 Edit

Support her indirectly so that she knows of our support, but the others do not consider us so directly tied.

Cullen - 2:00:00 Edit

I can arrange assurances of forces if allies are attacked. A standard escalation of interests.

Results Edit

All advisors Edit

The Thibault family is becoming a clear favourite in the war of station that is ongoing between the noble houses. The Bordelons have all but ceased to exist socially, and many are scrabbling for traditional alliances. Lady Eustace Richelieu has emerged as a strong voice at court and is suggesting several arranged marriages to solidify ties - and presumably the standing of her house as arbiter and matchmaker.

Rewards Edit

All advisors Edit

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