All That Remains is an Act 2 main quest in Dragon Age II, revolving around the disappearance of Hawke's mother, Leandra.



Sandal bodahn gamlen all that remains

The quest begins when a distressed Gamlen shows up at the Hawke Estate.

Hawke Estate

Go to your estate; Gamlen is here but Leandra is not. She did not show up for their weekly meeting. Bodahn says she may be with her suitor who has sent her some flowers.

  • If you tell Gamlen about the killer from Prime Suspect then he refuses to believe it and goes to search for her in Lowtown.
  • If you tell him she's probably with her suitor then he isn't convinced and leaves to retrace her path from your home to his.

After Gamlen leaves, Bodahn suggests searching for her in Lowtown at night.

Gallows Courtyard

  • If you killed Gascard DuPuis during the Prime Suspect quest, or you let him go but told Moira that he fooled you, or that it's not that simple and then told her he is in Darktown, then you can report Leandra's disappearance to Moira in the Gallows Courtyard, though doing so has no lasting effect. During this conversation she will tell you that DuPuis has been executed by the Templars.
  • Otherwise Moira is not at the Gallows Courtyard so there is no reason to go there.


If Gascard DuPuis is alive, you can find him in Darktown. He says he can perform a ritual using blood magic to take you to the killer.

  • If you tell him to perform the ritual then you are transported to the Dark Foundry; Gascard will accompany your party through the area.
    • If Fenris or Anders are in the party then they will not object to the ritual (perhaps reflecting the gravity of the situation).
    • If Sebastian is in the party then he disapproves Rivalry small Sebastian: rivalry (+5).
  • If you turn down Gascard's offer then the conversation ends, but it is still possible to accept his offer by talking to him again.
    • If Sebastian is in the party then he approves of your decision Friendship small Sebastian: friendship (+5).
    • If Merrill is in the party then she disapproves Rivalry small Merrill: rivalry (+10).


Note: If Gascard DuPuis is dead (either killed by you or the City Guard) then Gamlen becomes your only option.

Meet Gamlen in Lowtown at night. Speak to the Urchin and either pay Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5) or intimidate him Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+5) to obtain information. Then follow the blood trail to the Dark Foundry entrance.

Dark Foundry

When you arrive at the foundry, follow the blood trail to a trapdoor.

The Killer's Lair

If Gascard DuPuis is with you then he will not join in on any battles until you reach the killer.

As you battle through the area you will come across notes and an odd painting that begin to paint a picture of what's happening.

Note: There is a complex locked chest (30 Cunning to open - 150 XP) in the living quarters.

At the end of the next hallway, a cut scene plays where you confront the killer, Quentin, and see for yourself the disturbing results of his actions.

If Gascard is with you then he reveals his ulterior motives and will betray you and take the side of the killer in the upcoming battle unless:

  • You are a diplomatic or aggressive Hawke, in which case you can talk him into helping you or intimidate him into assisting you.
  • If Varric is in the party, he will immediately kill Gascard

During the fight, the killer will summon swarms of abominations, Shades, and Undead, plus three possessed previous victims in the form of desire demons. You must destroy these in order for him to lower the shield he generates around himself. You will not be given time to loot the bodies after Quentin dies, so try and do it during the fight.


All that remains shrine

The shrine in Quentin's lair.

  • If Gascard DuPuis is with you in the killer's lair for the meeting with Quentin, then he is either killed by Varric before the battle, he is killed by you during the battle, or you convinced him to fight on your side and he survived.
  • Unlocks Following the Qun and The Captain's Condolences, a companion quest.
  • The Gloves of the Overseer, Gloves of Enasalin, or Stonehammer Gauntlets are in a chest in the killer's lair, before the final encounter, depending on Hawke's class.
  • In the Killer's Lair there is a letter to the killer from someone in the Circle of Magi, congratulating him on his discoveries and indicating that the writer has placed certain books on magic in a drop-off place for Quentin to obtain. The letter is signed "O."
  • No matter which option you choose above (with Gascard's help or without), there is no way to save your mother from her unfortunate fate. Before Leandra dies, she tells Hawke that she is proud of him/her.
  • If a companion was romanced, they will come to console you in your bedroom at the Estate excluding Sebastian. (This happens after the conversation with Gamlen) If no companions are romanced, Aveline will come saying she has heard the news and that you know where to find her. In any case, The Captain's Condolences will initiate.
    • Isabela points out that at least Hawke had a loving mother. She will try to console Hawke by telling them that the murderer will harm no one else, and says she believes Leandra would be proud.
  • 1DAO goldpiece trans, 750 XP, and Tine (quest completion).
  • If you recruited Gascard in Darktown, and he survives, you can talk to him after in Darktown. Bringing Aveline or Fenris to interrogate him proves enlightening. Aveline is given preference over Fenris, regardless of friendship or romance status.
    • If you let him go and Isabela is in the party then Rivalry small Isabela: rivalry (+10).
    • If you kill him and Isabela is in the party then Friendship small Isabela: friendship (+10).


  • If you are seeking the Supplier achievement, be sure to grab the Orichalcum in the Killer's Lair.
  • If you bring both Aveline and Fenris, Aveline will take precedence for interrogating Gascard.


  • The title of the quest may be a reference to the novel All That Remains by Patricia Cornwell, also involving the hunt for a serial killer.


  • pcIcon pcps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360 If you complete this quest by going to Gascard DuPuis in Darktown instead of going to Lowtown, you might still see Gamlen and the Urchin in Lowtown after the quest. Talking to the Urchin starts the dialogue and suggests that the quest has been started. It also gives rivalry points depending on your actions. The quest immediately says it's completed afterwards. However, the completed quest text will now read "Follow the trail of blood", instead of noting Leandra's death.
  • pcIcon pcxbox360Icon xbox360 Before talking to Leandra, DuPuis' disembodied voice may offer condolences despite you having killed him.
  • pcIcon pc This quest is susceptible to the "Loading..." bug that some others are. If the game is killed and the resumed from a point after the combat starts, Gascard shows up with the party even if he was killed by Varric. He does nothing, cannot be talked to and is gone for good once the cut scene loads correctly.
  • Moira may be spoken to about Leandra's disappearance even if the quest has already been completed.


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