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All New, Faded for Her is a companion quest for Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

One of Solas's old friends, a spirit, has been summoned against its will and needs his help.


The quest is unlocked from Solas in Skyhold after the Inquisitor has previously earned a Fade trip to Haven, has sufficient approval, and has exhausted all dialogue options about Corypheus. After the dream sequence in Haven, you wake up in your quarters. Seek Solas in his room and initiate a conversation. Solas asks for help in rescuing his friend, a spirit, that has been captured by mages on the Exalted Plains.


Travel to the Plains with Solas and head to the western edge of the World map to rendezvous with spirit. On the way, the party will notice a few bloodied corpses on the ground. Upon reaching the spirit, who in the mean time has been corrupted and taken the form of a pride demon, a cutscene will trigger whereby a group of mages is shown to be behind the summoning.

Approval changes.

Deal with the Pride demon.

The Inquisitor can either kill the demon or destroy the surrounding ice pillars, which ends the battle and starts another cutscene. With either the Rift Mage or Templar specializations or the Arcane Knowledge perk it is possible to take a special dialogue option using this knowledge to more quickly disrupt the summoning circle. This results in the pillars beginning at half health. Once the confrontation has concluded Solas can either kill the mages responsible or be persuaded not to. Either way he will temporarily leave the party.

Return to Skyhold and speak with Solas to complete the quest.


Each pillar destroyed yields:

  • 85 XP

Completing the quest yields:

  • 1025 XP
  • Influence 400
  • Power 3

Approval/Dialogue guide[]

Accepting the quest[]

Solas: ...I may also need a favor.
  • Any options. (No approval changes)
Solas: ...I heard the cry for help as I slept.
  • Any options. (No approval changes)
Solas: It was summoned against its will, and wants my help to gain its freedom and return to the Fade.
1. I'll help. (No approval changes)
2. I can go along with it. (No approval changes)
3. I'm not saving a spirit. DAIApproval.png Disapproves
5. [Investigate.]
4. Why didn't it want in? DAIApproval.png Slightly Approves
5. Why would they summon it? DAIApproval.png Slightly Approves

Finding the spirit[]

Solas: (Growls.)
1. Is that your friend? DAIApproval.png Slightly Disapproves
2. What happened? (No approval changes)
3. That's a demon. DAIApproval.png Slightly Disapproves
4. They corrupted it. (Requires Arcane Knowledge perk/Rift Mage Specialization/Templar Specialization) DAIApproval.png Approves
Solas: We're not here to help you.
1. Yes, we are. DAIApproval.png Slightly Disapproves
2. Solas is smarter than you are. DAIApproval.png Slightly Approves
3. No, we're not. (No approval changes)
Solas: Inquisitor. Please.
1. We'll save your friend. DAIApproval.png Slightly Approves
2. Sure, why not? (No approval changes)
3. It would be safer to kill it. DAIApproval.png Slightly Disapproves
4. I can break it. (Requires Arcane Knowledge perk/Rift Mage Specialization/Templar Specialization) DAIApproval.png Approves
5. Rift magic could help. (Requires Rift Mage Specialization) DAIApproval.png Approves

Fighting the demon[]

Destroying the summoning stones DAIApproval.png Greatly Approves
Killing the pride demon DAIApproval.png Greatly Disapproves
Mage: ...The book said it could help us!
2. [Let Solas kill them.] DAIApproval.png Approves
5. [Stop Solas.] DAIApproval.png Disapproves

Talking to Solas in Skyhold[]

Solas: ...(conversation depends on how the Inquisitor dealt with the pride demon)
Any options. (No approval changes)
Solas: I could hardly abandon you now.
2. Goodbye. (Ends conversation) (No approval changes)
4. I'm here for you. (Romance)
5. [Investigate.]
  • Each option. DAIApproval.png Slightly Approves


  • If the Inquisitor is an elf, a translated version of the exchange between Solas and the spirit will appear in the subtitles. An elven inquisitor can also note while trying to comfort Solas that they understood the spirit's words:
Solas: I'm sorry
Spirit: I'm not. I'm happy. I'm me again
Spirit: You helped me. Now you must endure. Guide me into death.
Solas: As you say.
Solas: Dareth shiral (Untranslated, means "Safe journey")
  • After Solas either kills the mages or stops himself, he will then return to Skyhold, where a follow-up conversation will begin upon returning. Until then, he will not be available as a Party member.


  • Solas will sit in his chair when the quest is ready. This is the only time he does so.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • The name of this quest is an anagram of "Dread Wolf Fen'Harel."


  • The cutscene will occur only if the dead mages are found and examined. Otherwise, when the spirit is found, the cutscene will not occur. Saving and reloading can help to initate the cutscene. One can also try traveling to Skyhold and back. Otherwise saving the game before approaching the area is highly advised. [confirmation needed]
  • On all versions, the game may crash upon attacking or destroying the Summoning Stones. Additionally, the game may crash after the first cutscene if you attack the demon before the stones. A version of this crash is that combat continues even though there is a black loading screen and no way to control the party.
    • Possible solution: Destroy one summoning stone at a time, retreating to manually save then continue until the last stone. It may help if all party members are ranged, on tactical camera and if the Inquisitor doesn't hit anything.
    • There is a bug when the quest is completed it won't appear in the completed Quests and unmarked.
  • Sometimes the dialogue between Solas and the spirit is not translated for elven Inquisitors, as it is meant to be.
  • It's actually possible to resurrect the Pride Demon from quest with the Revival spell from the Spirit tree after it's over. [confirmation needed]
  • ps4ps4 After completing the destruction of the stones, while in the cutscene immediately following, the Pride Demon may spawn on-screen. Its spawn will be visible and audible while the cutscene between Solas and the Mages rolls. The Pride Demon will then be available to fight. If the party leaves the area, the Pride Demon will disappear.