For the second item pack, see All-Class Item Pack II.

All-Class Item Pack is a downloadable content for Dragon Age II. It contains the Mage Item Pack, Rogue Item Pack, and Warrior Item Pack. Both Hawke and Companions can enjoy new armor, weapons, boots, helmets, gloves, accessories, and shields. It contains 41 items in all: 12 for mages, 14 for rogues, and 15 for warriors.

Bug icon Bug! These items may not show up in the game if you install the "All-class item pack".

To fix this just download the packs seperately instead in Origin.

Mage Item Pack Edit

Staff green DA2 Malcolm's Honor
Light armor green DA2 The Fugitive's Mantle
Light armor green DA2 Malcolm's Bequest
Light helmet green DA2 The Fugitive's Crown
Light helmet green DA2 The Apostate's Mask
Light gloves green DA2 The Fugitive's Gauntlets
Light gloves green DA2 Black Silk Gauntlets
Light boots green DA2 The Long Trek
Light boots green DA2 Orlesian Silk Boots
Amulet green DA2 Ring of the Awakened
Amulet green DA2 A Private Memento
Ring green DA2 The Inner Eye

Rogue Item Pack Edit

Dagger green DA2 Jarvia's Shank
Dagger green DA2 Beraht's Revenge
Longbow green DA2 Hood's Message to the King
Medium armor green DA2 The Rascal's Scale, by Coinheart
Medium armor green DA2 The Black Fox's Jerkin
Medium helmet green DA2 The Black Sheep's Visor
Medium helmet green DA2 Jasmine Cutty's Wrap
Medium gloves green DA2 Caster's Skeleton Gloves
Medium gloves green DA2 The Lion's Claws
Medium boots green DA2 Simon's Lament
Medium boots green DA2 Rat Red's Longboots
Amulet green DA2 The Light that Pierces
Amulet green DA2 Eye of the Bearded Dragon
Ring green DA2 Lady's Choice

Warrior Item Pack Edit

Greatsword green DA2 The Blade of the Archon
Greatsword green DA2 The Empress's Point
Axe green DA2 The Edge of Night
Shield green DA2 Courage
Heavy armor green DA2 Beregrand's Breastplate
Heavy armor green DA2 The Golden Prince's Raiment
Medium helmet green DA2 Helm of the Exile
Medium helmet green DA2 The Golden Mask
Heavy gloves green DA2 The Exile's Gauntlets
Heavy gloves green DA2 The Gauntlets of Summer
Heavy boots green DA2 The Ancestor's Greaves
Heavy boots green DA2 Golden Greaves
Ring green DA2 Recruit's Band of Distinguished Service
Amulet green DA2 The Lost Memory
Ring green DA2 The Guardian's Weighted Backhander

Notes Edit

  • pcIcon pcThe PC version uses low resolution texture.

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