Alistair Doll is an item in Dragon Age: Origins, restricted to Morrigan. It requires the Feastday Gifts and Pranks DLC.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The doll is originally a gift sold by Bodahn Feddic. It becomes a usable item after giving it to Morrigan.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Morrigan can amuse herself by inflicting pain on the doll.

If Alistair is in the party when this happens, he will gain an injury after she uses it. He can only have one of the following injuries at a time; if Morrigan uses the doll again, a new injury replaces the old one.

  • Mindless Rage: Alistair glares at Morrigan. Penalty to cunning, bonus to dexterity.
  • Unscratchable Itch: Alistair clenches his teeth and seems unable to focus. Penalty to dexterity.
  • Strangely Stimulated: Alistair's face has gone beet red. Penalty to willpower, bonus to constitution.
  • Burning Sensation: Alistair squirms uncomfortably. Penalty to dexterity.
  • Two Left Feet: Alistair is suddenly very clumsy. Penalty to dexterity.
  • Suddenly Wet: Alistair groans and mutters something under his breath. Penalty to magic.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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