Alistair's dialogue contains a list of the conversations that Alistair shares with the other companions, in which they discuss each other's backgrounds, and their reactions to the game's events.

Dragon Age: Origins[edit | edit source]

Alistair's remarks[edit | edit source]

  • (added to the party) "Yes."
  • (taken out of the party) "Blast it..."
  • (while male Warden is kissing Morrigan outside of the party camp) "Excuse me while I begin projectile vomiting."
  • (while Warden is kissing a companion outside of the party camp) "Aw, that's sweet."
  • (after being knocked out in combat) "Is it just me, or did I do really badly back there?"
  • (Entering combat with Survival skill) "Don't look now, but, well, look now!"
  • (Entering combat with Survival skill) "I don't think we're alone. I really don't think we're alone."
  • (Engaging opponent) "All right, let's go!"
  • (Engaging opponent) "Attack!"
  • (In battle) "For the Grey Wardens!"
  • (hanging men in Korcari Wilds) "Look there! Poor sods. That just seems so excessive."
  • (entering Lothering proper) "It's just a guess but I'm thinking everyone in Lothering is aware of the approaching darkspawn horde."
  • (near the Chanter's Board) "The Chantry is still running the Chanter's Board? Now THAT's dedication!"
  • (Conversation with Leliana in the Tavern) "More crazy? I thought we were all full up."
  • (statue of Andraste) "You ever wonder if that's an accurate likeness of Andraste? Maybe She was ugly. Maybe She had buck teeth. How would we know?"
  • (entering the main market) "They say you can get anything here. I once got pick-pocketed."
  • (entering Gnawed Noble Tavern) "This is where the nobility come to get drunk and debate who's the most self-important of them all. Good times."
  • (outside the Wonders of Thedas) "Hey! The Wonders of Thedas! Arl Eamon once bought me a miniature golem doll, here... when I was young. Really young."
  • (inside the Wonders of Thedas) "Where do you think they get all this stuff? Do you think they, um, have any miniature golem dolls?"
  • (entering The Pearl) "Why do they call it a 'brothel?' There's no broth. Or is there?"
  • (After threesome with Isabela) "Mmmmmm.... Wet frocks"
  • (near the fountain in Arl of Denerim's estate) "The arl used to come here in the winter when I was small. I, uh... slept with the hounds."
  • (Alienage gates) "Err... we're not going to be mobbed, right? That's not something elves do here? Mob people?"
  • (at the vhenadahl tree) "Now that is a big tree. I wonder if the children get to climb it?"
  • (entering Lake Calenhad Docks) "We're coming here to see the mages, right? Great. They just love me."
  • (at Lake Calenhad shoreline) "Do you ever wonder why the mages built their tower at Lake Calenhad? Do they have an aversion to practicality or something?"
  • (entering the Apprentice Quarters) "As I recall from my time as a templar, locking the door and throwing away the key was 'plan B'." "
  • (entering the Senior Mage Quarters) "You feel that? It's actually colder up here."
  • (in Irving's study) "This looks like the head enchanter's study, maybe? You think he's read all those?"
  • (entering the Great Hall) "Do you get the feeling things are just getting worse as we go up?"
  • (seeing the corruption in the Templar Quarters) "Now that's just unnecessary."
  • (being sedated by the Sloth Demon) "Can't... keep eyes open. Someone... pinch... me."
  • (Confronting the Sloth Demon) "Oh, here I am! And there you are! You just disappeared. Well, no matter!"
  • (approaching Cullen) "Watch, now. I'm not falling asleep again!"
  • (collecting the fourth Apprentice Note) "Mages from before the Circle, and before the Chantry held them in check."
  • (collecting the final Apprentice Note) "It doesn't read like we'll be finding our fair apprentice in one piece."
  • (defeating Shah Wyrd) "Can we expect more of those? Because just thinking about the Fade sets my head spinning."
  • (outside Redcliffe chantry) "*Sniffs* What is that smell? Fish? And something else. Oh... more fish."
  • (approaching the windmill in Redcliffe) "It's just like being home again. Except with more undead."
  • (secret tunnel into Redcliffe dungeon) "I locked myself in a cage, once, when I was a child. For an entire day. Ahh, good times."
  • (going up the first slope in Haven) "I've never heard of any village out this way. Is this place even on a proper map?"
  • (up the slope leading to the chantry) "You hear that? There's people in the chantry. The whole town, maybe."
  • (entering the Ruined Temple) "Makers breath! Look at it all!"
  • (entering the Ruined Temple library) "Old books. You think any of those might still be readable?"
  • (statue of Maferath) "That's Maferath. Andraste's husband, and the one who betrayed her to the Imperium."
  • (statue of Hessarian) "That's Archon Hessarian, the magister who ordered Andraste burned to death, and then took mercy on Her at the last second."
  • (mountain caverns) "We seem to be heading… up? Yes, I think these caves are going up to the surface."
  • (on the Mountain Top after seeing the high dragon) "A High Dragon is not a joke. We'd best be careful... real careful."
  • (entering the Gauntlet) "What is this place? It's different from the rest of the ruins."
  • (entering the bridge puzzle room) "Uh-oh. I'm terrible at puzzles."
  • (suggesting puzzle's solution) "Hey, you see those...thingies over on the side of that huge chasm? I bet they're used for something. Maybe I should touch them. Or stand on them?"
  • (a plate is triggered) "Ooh, look at that. I don't think it's solid enough to stand on, but it's a start."
  • (solving the bridge puzzle in the Gauntlet) "Maker's breath...Andraste only favoured the clever, it seems."
  • (entering the urn room) "By the Maker, it's... it's the Urn of Sacred Ashes! That's it! That's really it!"
  • (approaching the urn) "I didn't think anyone could succeed in finding Andraste's final resting place... but here... here She is."
  • (greeting Hahren Sarel) "I am a Grey Warden, yes. Pleased to meet you. Nice… campfire you have, there." (Dalish Origin required)
  • (in the Dalish Camp) "How do they move these through the forest? Do the trees just move aside for them?"
  • (near the halla pen of the Dalish Camp) "You know, there are places where these horns fetch a high price. They can cure diseases supposedly."
  • (entering the Brecilian Forest) "Let's try not to get lost here. Places like this can get you turned around."
  • (near the Tevinter ruins) "Was there a city here, once? Was it built in the forest, or did the forest come later?"
  • (after the werewolves retreat into the ruins) "I think this is it, Werewolf City. Kind of a flea heaven, isn't it?"
  • (descending the first stairs in Ruins Upper Level) "Is this an elven place? Did the elves live under ground just like the dwarves?"
  • (hearing the dragon in Ruins Upper Level) "I think there's something ahead. Something big."
  • (entering Frostback Mountain surface camp) "Most traders aren't allowed into Orzammar, so they just sort of... gather near the doors. There's no laws up here at all, I'm told."
  • (observing the Paragon statues) "Those statues are dwarven Paragons, if I remember right. The best of their ancestors."
  • (entering Orzammar Commons) "Wow. So this is Orzammar? It's huge!"
  • (exit to the Deep Roads) "The deep roads are home to the darkspawn. Oddly they're supposed to be safer to travel during a Blight."
  • (outside Tapster's Tavern) "What is that smell? Dwarven vomit? Charming."
  • (entering Tapster's Tavern) "I tried dwarven ale once. I thought it was just something they tricked surfacers into drinking, as a joke."
  • (entering Dust Town) "Let me guess: this is where the poor people live?"
  • (at the Proving) "The Proving Grounds. Blood sport entertainment for the masses, at its best!"
  • (entering the Diamond Quarter) "So the closer you live to the surface, the higher class you are. Unless you're actually on the surface."
  • (outside the palace) "So how is it the dwarves have a king? I thought they... voted on everything, or something like that?"
  • (scenic vista) "Oh, that's a lot of lava. Let's just hope it never erupts."
  • (entering Anvil of the Void) "We have to be getting close. If this Branka has survived, she'll be wary."
  • (Delivering Notice of Death) "I hope you like heroes, my lady, because your husband died like one." or "I'm sorry but your husband has fallen in battle. You have my condolences."
  • (Activating Shale) "And the villagers had no idea they were being watched? Creepy."
  • (Ordering Shale to attack him) "He-ey!"
  • (Upon seeing Cailan's body in Return to Ostagar) "Forgive us, my king. When we have driven the darkspawn from their holes and bought ourselves some time, we shall return to see you to the Maker."
  • (Near hole in Tower of Ishal Darkspawn Tunnels in Return to Ostagar) "Ugh. Down the hole and into the deep. I don't even want to imagine where that leads."
  • (On Avernus's justification) "Necessary? Having to relieve yourself after an eight-hour ride is necessary. But there's no excuse for summoning demons."
  • (Cleared Soldier's Peak) "Looks like we're done here. A demonic invasion thwarted, a Warden base safely rescued. We do good work."

Alistair and Dog[edit | edit source]

  • Alistair: Just how smart are mabari supposed to be, anyway? Do you think they understand everything we say?
  • Dog: (Conversational barking)
  • Alistair: Oh, is that so? You could just be listening to the tone of my voice. You could be an utter moron, for all we know.
  • Dog: (Angry growl)
  • Alistair: Hey, now. There's nothing saying that a moron can't be cute and adorable. Who's the cute and adorable puppy?
  • Dog: (Happy Barking)
  • Alistair: Ah, Ignorance is bliss, isn't it? That's what the Chantry kept telling me, anyhow.
  • Alistair: Do you really know what's going on here? The Blight, the civil war... I really wonder how much of it you understand.
  • Dog: (He wags tail happily.)
  • Alistair: We're all special... big parts to play. Even you. Especially you, in some ways. You are the mabari. You guard one of the most important people--
  • Dog: (Excited Bark)
  • Alistair: What?
  • Dog: (Excited barking!)
  • Alistair: You... you want to play? But I'm talking. Why doesn't anyone want to hear me talk?

Alistair and Leliana[edit | edit source]

  • Alistair: So... let me get this straight. You were a cloistered sister?
  • Leliana: You must have been a brother before you became a templar, no?
  • Alistair: I never actually became a templar. I was recruited into the Grey Wardens before I took my final vows.
  • Leliana: Do you ever regret leaving the Chantry?
  • Alistair: No, never. Do you?
  • Leliana: Yes. You may not believe it, but I found peace there. The kind of peace I've never known.
  • Alistair: It used to get so quiet at the monastery that I would start screaming until one of the brothers came running. I would tell them that I was just checking. You never know, right?
  • Leliana: I... no, I never did anything like that. I enjoyed the quiet.
  • Alistair: Suit yourself. The look on their face was always priceless.
  • Leliana: What was that... soup you made for supper last night?
  • Alistair: Ooh, that? That's a traditional Fereldan lamb and pea stew. Did you like it?
  • Leliana: Oh, so... it was lamb then? It had a certain... texture I don't normally associate with lamb.
  • Alistair: They didn't make lamb and pea stew for you in Lothering?
  • Leliana: We ate simply there. Whole grains, made into biscuits or bread, and vegetables from the garden, cooked lightly. No heavy stews.
  • Alistair: Ah, so the last lamb you had was probably cooked Orlesian style. Food shouldn't be frilly and pretentious like that. Now here in Ferelden, we do things right. We take our ingredients, throw them into the largest pot we can find, and cook them for as long as possible until everything is a uniform grey color. As soon as it looks completely bland and unappetizing, that's when I know it's done.
  • Leliana: You're having me on.
  • Alistair: (Laughs) You need to eat in more Fereldan inns.
  • Alistair: You know, I've heard about the Orlesian bards.
  • Leliana: Who hasn't? They're quite famous, after all.
  • Alistair: The stories I heard were a little... racier. It had to do with how a bard assassinated her target. How they were... lulled into complacency.
  • Leliana: If those stories were true, who would ever agree to entertain a bard in their court?
  • Alistair: Oh, I don't know, there's a certain allure to danger, isn't there? And besides, you couldn't all be assassins, could you? I'd take my chances. If the stories were true, that is.
  • Leliana: We had rules about that sort of thing. Strict rules.
  • Alistair: Such as? You're not going to tell me, are you?
  • Leliana: Let's just say I had plenty of reasons to join the Chantry, shall we? And leave it at that.
  • Alistair: I will never get over how quietly you are able to move.
  • Leliana: It took me years and years to learn and even then I am not the best at it.
  • Alistair: So you didn't sneak around when spying?
  • Leliana: We all had different ways of doing things. Some preferred not to be seen at all, to cloak themselves in shadow and darkness. I realized that it is not such a bad thing to be seen, as long as you do not stand out and are quickly forgotten. I specialized in blending in, not drawing attention and looking like I had every right to be there. It is invisibility, but of another kind.
  • Alistair: Ah, yes, but I heard you often seduced your targets. They'd remember you.
  • Leliana: Not if they died...
  • Alistair: Oh.
  • Leliana: Dying while in the company of a lovely seductress... tell me that isn't a good death.
  • Alistair: I don't know if I should take you seriously... but you scare me sometimes.

(After leaving Lothering)

  • Alistair: So what do you think will happen to all those people we left behind in Lothering?
  • Leliana: Some of them will find their way to Denerim. Many will die. As the Maker wills.
  • Alistair: Don't you wish you could have stayed there? To help more people, I mean?
  • Leliana: If the Blight isn't stopped, everyone will die. This is the greater good we're serving, both of us, right here.
  • Alistair: So it's all right to let some people die for the greater good? I... I'm not so sure about that. I felt bad leaving all those people there, all panicked and helpless.
  • Leliana: You're doing what you must, Alistair. There will be worse to come yet... you will need to steel yourself, you know this.
  • Alistair: I've never been very good at that. The steeling myself part. I find it better sometimes to just be a little weak. I'm all right with that, really.
  • Leliana: I don't believe you. And either way, it's not as if any of us has a choice.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Morrigan)

  • Alistair: So have you heard? Morrigan and him are... you know.
  • Leliana: Have you nothing better to do than to spread idle gossip? And besides, he can probably hear us both. You're not being very discreet.
  • Alistair: No, look, he's not even paying attention.
  • Leliana: Hmmm. Maybe. You don't... think that he's serious about it, do you? The woman is a vile fiend.
  • Alistair: Well, look here, now who's an idle gossip? Me-ow!
  • Leliana: You're the one who started this, I might remind you. And I'm... well, I'm ending it!

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Alistair: So... you're female, Leliana, right?
  • Leliana: I am? That's news. When did that happen?
  • Alistair: I just wanted some advice. What should I do if... if I think a woman is special and--
  • Leliana: You want to woo her? Here's a good tip: you shouldn't question her about her female-ness.
  • Alistair: All right, yes. Good point.
  • Leliana: Why do you ask? Are you afraid things will not proceed naturally?
  • Alistair: Why would they? Especially when I do things like ask women if they're female.
  • Leliana: It adds to your charm, Alistair. You are a little awkward. It is endearing.
  • Alistair: So I should be awkward? Didn't you just say not to do things like that?
  • Leliana: Just be yourself. You do know how to do that, don't you?
  • Alistair: All right, forget I asked.

(If a male Warden is in a romance with Leliana)

  • Alistair: So... this thing you and him have going? Doesn't that violate your vows?
  • Leliana: What? What kind of question is that to just blurt out? What do we "have going"?
  • Alistair: Yes, I'm that blind. I so totally did not see you ogling each other before.
  • Leliana: He was not ogling me. Was he? Was he really ogling me?
  • Alistair: Now that you say it, I'm not sure. Maybe he wasn't ogling you. I don't know... I could always ask him...
  • Leliana: You can't do that! Could you? You couldn't do that...
  • Alistair: I could. But I won't. Next thing you'll have me pulling his hair and passing him love letters.
  • Leliana: I... just mind your own business. How inappropriate!

(If the Warden is in a romance with Zevran)

  • Alistair: So I'm wondering something... what exactly does a woman see in a man like Zevran?
  • Leliana: Oh, he's handsome enough for some. Why do you ask?
  • Alistair: No reason. It's just... doesn't he seem to be a bit too much? The hair, the clothing...
  • Leliana: I don't understand. A bit too much what? Do you have a problem with him?
  • Alistair: Beyond the fact that he's an assassin who's tried to kill us more than once. No... no, not really. Do women go for that sort of thing?
  • Leliana: Where I come from they do, oh yes.
  • Alistair: Huh. Really? I see.

(After Alistair's heritage is revealed)

  • Leliana: There are many great tales of lost kings who return to their lands to reign in glory...
  • Alistair: I am not lost. Nor, for that matter, a king. And there is nothing glorious about me.
  • Leliana: You are Maric's son; you are the rightful king of Ferelden.
  • Alistair: I am the son of a star-struck maid and an indiscreet man who just happened to be king. Look, I can't be king. Some days I have trouble figuring out which boot goes on which foot.
  • Leliana: Complete fools are made leaders of kingdoms all the time, and you're not a complete fool.
  • Alistair: What an utter relief.
  • Leliana: And don't worry about the boots. Kings don't need to dress themselves. that's what advisors are for, isn't it?
  • Alistair: And star-struck maids, apparently.

Alistair and Morrigan[edit | edit source]

  • Morrigan: I have a wonder, Alistair, if you will indulge me.
  • Alistair: Do I have a choice?
  • Morrigan: Of the two of you that remain, are you not the senior Grey Warden here? I find it curious that you allow another to lead, while you follow.
  • Alistair: You find that curious, do you?
  • Morrigan: In fact, you defer to a new recruit. Is this a policy of the Grey Wardens? Or simply a personal one?
  • Alistair: What do you want to hear? That I prefer to follow? I do.
  • Morrigan: You sound so very defensive.
  • Alistair: Couldn't you crawl into a bush somewhere and die? That would be great, thanks.

(If Alistair's heritage is revealed)

  • Morrigan: I was just looking for some of your father in you.
  • Alistair: Leave me alone.

(If Alistair is hardened)

  • Alistair: Maybe you'd prefer to lead? That would be worth a good laugh, for a while.
  • Morrigan: You sound so very defensive.
  • Alistair: Couldn't you crawl into a bush somewhere and die? That would be great, thanks.
  • Morrigan: So I take it you did not enjoy your templar training?
  • Alistair: That's directed at me, I take it?
  • Morrigan: Do you see any others about who have failed at their religious instruction?
  • Alistair: I didn't fail. I was recruited into the Grey Wardens.
  • Morrigan: And if you had not been recruited? What would have happened, instead?
  • Alistair: I would have turned into a drooling lunatic, slaughtered the grand cleric and run through the streets of Denerim in my small clothes, I guess.
  • Morrigan: Your self-awareness does you credit.
  • Alistair: I thought you'd like that.
  • Morrigan: Have a care where your eyes linger, Alistair.
  • Alistair: Yes, well don't worry. It's not what you think.
  • Morrigan: I see.
  • Alistair: I was looking at your nose.
  • Morrigan: And what is it about my nose that captivates you so?
  • Alistair: I was just thinking that it looks exactly like your mother's.
  • Morrigan: I hate you so much.
  • Alistair: What?
  • Morrigan: Never mind.
  • Morrigan: You... do not truly think I look as my mother does, do you?
  • Alistair: Have you really been thinking about that all this time?
  • Morrigan: I am simply curious.
  • Alistair: And not insecure in the slightest, I'm sure.
  • Morrigan: I think I look nothing like her.
  • Alistair: I don't know. Give it a few hundred years and it'll be a spot-on match.
  • Morrigan: I said that I look nothing like her!
  • Alistair: All right. Got it. Totally different. I see that now.
  • Alistair: So let's talk about your mother, for a moment.
  • Morrigan: I'd rather talk about your mother.
  • Alistair: There's nothing to talk about. And besides, isn't your mother a scary witch who lives in the middle of a forest? Much more interesting.
  • Morrigan: To you, perhaps. You would find the moss growing upon a stone interesting.
  • Alistair: You know what's more interesting than that? Apostates. Mages outside of the Tower. That's illegal, you know.
  • Morrigan: You did not read that in a book somewhere, did you? I hope the small letters did not strain you overmuch.
  • Alistair: Or we could not talk about your mother. That works for me.
  • Alistair: So tell me something, Morrigan. Did you live there in that forest your entire life?
  • Morrigan: I left it on occasion, but I always returned. Why? Is that so strange? It was my home.
  • Alistair: But it was just you and your mother there? No one else?
  • Morrigan: Mother occasionally had... company.
  • Alistair: What? Company? Do I even want to ask?
  • Morrigan: No. You really don't.
  • Alistair: Why do you always go on about how stupid I am? I'm not stupid, am I?
  • Morrigan: If you need to ask the question...
  • Alistair: Because it hurts my manly feelings, you know. All one of them.
  • Morrigan: Then I'll be sure to write you an apology once all of this is over.
  • Alistair: I was educated by the Chantry. I studied history. They don't make stupid templars.
  • Morrigan: Then I must have been mistaken. I'm very impressed.
  • Alistair: No you're not. You're not even listening to me.
  • Morrigan: My, you are smarter than you look after all. Your Chantry must have been very proud.
  • Alistair: All right. I've come up with one, a question that you can't answer.
  • Morrigan: Are you talking to me?
  • Alistair: That's right. You think you're so smart? I've got an academic question that I bet you won't be able to answer.
  • Morrigan: Oh, I doubt that.
  • Alistair: So tell me, then: what was the name of Andraste's husband?
  • Morrigan: This is a religious question, not an academic one.
  • Alistair: You're joking, right? A five year-old could answer that question. Do you not know more than a child?
  • Morrigan: I care nothing for your religion. And this game of yours is over.
  • Alistair: Oh, how the mighty have crumbled.

(If the Warden is in a relationship with Morrigan)

  • Alistair: So what's the deal with you and him, anyway? Dare I ask?
  • Morrigan: Him? Him who? Is this supposed to mean something to me?
  • Alistair: You know exactly who I'm talking about. Mister Let's-Make-Kissy-Faces over there.
  • Morrigan: My, my. You are jealous, aren't you? Did I take your favorite Grey Warden away from you?
  • Alistair: What? I'm not jealous! I'm horrified.
  • Morrigan: Those blushing cheeks of yours tell a different tale
  • Alistair: These blushing cheeks are terrified that you'll suck all the blood out of them once you're done with him.
  • Morrigan: If I feel the need to suck on anything of yours, Alistair, you'll be the first to know.
  • Alistair: That... was so not what I meant.
  • Morrigan: Perhaps we should go and tell him together of your touching concerns? Perhaps he'll pay more attention to you if you ask nicely.
  • Alistair: Uh-huh. I think we're done here.
  • Morrigan: Done before you started, in fact.

(If the Warden is in a relationship with Alistair)

  • Morrigan: I do wonder. Is it permissible for two Grey Wardens to... oh, what is the word I search for?
  • Alistair: Caboodle?
  • Morrigan: Fraternize.
  • Alistair: What's wrong with fraternizing?
  • Morrigan: It seems most undisciplined, for an organization that claims it will do whatever is necessary to end the darkspawn threat.
  • Alistair: One thing has nothing to do with the other.
  • Morrigan: Oh no? And what if a Grey Warden has forced to choose between the Warden he loved and ending the Blight? What should his choice be?
  • Alistair: That is a... a ridiculous question.
  • Morrigan: And I have my answer. Most kind of you.

(After Alistair's heritage is revealed)

  • Morrigan:
    • There is one thing I do not understand, Alistair.
    • (Alternate) I have something to ask you.
  • Alistair: Just the one thing?
  • Morrigan: About you, perhaps. Why the deception over your parentage?
  • Alistair: I'd figure you'd be the sort who knows all about deception.
  • Morrigan: I do. And what use the deception might have had ended when King Cailan perished, did it not?
  • Alistair: Maybe. I guess I was sort of hoping that would go away.
  • Morrigan: The truth does not "go away".
  • Alistair: I didn't say it was a good plan.

(After completing Alistair's Family)

  • Morrigan: So you met this sibling of yours?
  • Alistair: Half-sister, but yes.
  • Morrigan: And she turned out to be an insufferable hag?
  • Alistair: You'd have liked her. You two have a lot in common.
  • Morrigan: And you let her berate you? Without punishment?
  • Alistair: It's moments like this when I truly appreciate the difference between you and me.
  • Morrigan: (Scoffs) 'Tis moments like this when I truly wonder at the difference between you and a toadstool.


  • Morrigan: And you made a promise to help her?
  • Alistair: Err... yes?
  • Morrigan: Why would you do such a thing? This woman is a parasite who will appreciate nothing you do for her, you know this!
  • Alistair: It's moments like this when I truly appreciate the difference between you and me.
  • Morrigan: (Scoffs) 'Tis moments like this when I truly wonder at the difference between you and a toadstool.


  • Morrigan: And you gave the woman money?
  • Alistair: Err... yes?
  • Morrigan: Why would you do such a thing? This woman is a parasite who will appreciate nothing you do for her, you know this!
  • Alistair: It's moments like this when I truly appreciate the difference between you and me.
  • Morrigan: (Scoffs) 'Tis moments like this when I truly wonder at the difference between you and a toadstool.

(After completing Broken Circle)

  • Alistair: So tell me, was the Tower of Magi everything you thought it would be?
  • Morrigan: Abominations running rampant? Templars ready to slaughter every mage in sight? Yes, it rather met all my expectations.
  • Alistair: You don't think you might have been better off getting your training there? Instead of whatever your mother taught you?
  • Morrigan: You're right. My mother didn't nearly have as many abominations running about. That certainly would have improved my education.
  • Alistair: Hmm. I'll give you that one.
  • Morrigan: I'm so relieved.

(After a female Warden ends romance with Alistair.)

  • Morrigan: Am I to understand that you two have ended your relationship?
  • Alistair: Shut up! That is none of your business.
  • Morrigan: What? No questions allowed? You do not wish your motivations-
  • Alistair: I said shut up! I will run this sword through you, I'm not joking.
  • Morrigan: Oh, I see. Most serious then.
  • Alistair: This discussion is over.

(If Alistair is to become king)

  • Alistair: So you've heard, I hope? How I'm going to be king? With a crown and everything.
  • Morrigan: Proud of yourself, are you?
  • Alistair: Well, they don't let just anyone be king, you know. They don't let evil forest witches be king for instance.
  • Morrigan: There was a Ferelden king once who drooled on himself in such volume that he required a constant attendant to wipe his chin in court.
  • Alistair: You're making that up.
  • Morrigan: Not at all. The kings of old would be pleased to see their bloodline has not strayed very far from its roots.

(During Warden's Keep)

  • Alistair: Soldier's Peak. Looks like it's seen better days. Better centuries more like.
  • Morrigan: Once the Wardens flourished, their ranks full, their calibre certain. Now they even accept people like you, Alistair.
  • Alistair: Hey!

Alistair and Oghren[edit | edit source]

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Oghren: So. With the boss, aye?
  • Alistair: Pardon?
  • Oghren: You and the boss. Rolling your oats.
  • Alistair: I don't know--
  • Oghren: Polishing the footstones.
  • Alistair: --what you're--
  • Oghren: Tapping the midnight still, if you will.
  • Alistair: What are you going on about?
  • Oghren: Forging the moaning statue. Bucking the forbidden horse. Donning the velvet hat.
  • Alistair: Are you just making these up right now?
  • Oghren: Nope. Been saving 'em.
  • Oghren: You know what would do you some good?
  • Alistair: A pair of nose plugs?
  • Oghren: Go out, find a girl. Doesn't matter who, as long as there's no pants involved.
  • Alistair: What makes you think I haven't?
  • Oghren: I can smell purity a mile away. It's a talent.
  • Alistair: That proves to be useful, I'm sure.
  • Oghren: Not that often, it turns out. Be much better if I could smell cheese.
  • Alistair: You have my deepest condolences.
  • Oghren: Yep. So do you.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Oghren: So, uh, what did you do with her legs?
  • Alistair: Whose legs?
  • Oghren: Her legs. That's the problem with dwarven legs. They're useless as an accessory.
  • Alistair: I didn't do anything with them. I don't know what--
  • Oghren: Ah, say no more. Just got 'em outta the way and went about your business. Good on you, son.
  • Alistair: Uhm. Thanks.
  • Alistair: So you and Branka were really married?
  • Oghren: Tell you what, boy: you ever been married?
  • Alistair: Of course not. I was raised in the Chantry.
  • Oghren: Thank the hardest stone you can find. Marriage is for suckers.
  • Alistair: So no pitter-patter of little Oghren feet running around the home cave, I take it?
  • Oghren: All I ever got out of that moss-licker was a headache, a deaf ear, a scratched-up back and that rash it took three different ointments to get rid of.
  • Alistair: Wow, she gave up on you, did she? And here you are, a keeper, too.
  • Alistair: What? You're... you're drunk, aren't you?
  • Oghren: Eh? Was that a question? It didn't sound like a question.
  • Alistair: How in the Maker's name do you manage to be constantly drunk? Are we even carrying that much alcohol with us?
  • Oghren: Jealous, huh? (Laughs)
  • Alistair: A little, yes. Why can't I be drunk all the time? I never get to be drunk.
  • Oghren: You know, if you drank more wine, you would whine much less.
  • Alistair: So... that game you were playing in camp, what was that?
  • Oghren: Diamondback. You've never played Diamondback, have you?
  • Alistair: That's Diamondback? I've... heard of it. I thought it was a card game played by dwarven... er...
  • Oghren: Go on, say it. Prostitutes. It's not true, of course.
  • Alistair: It's not?
  • Oghren: Of course not. A noble hunter never charges money. Not if she wants to see him again, that is. Never saw one turn down from a gift, though.
  • Alistair: Err... what does that have to do with card games?
  • Oghren: Even a noble hunter can get bored. Tell you what, don't ever bet your clothes. They'll strip you clean and leave you naked in the street, trust me.
  • Alistair: I'll... take your word on it.
  • Oghren: Ah. Yep. Lot of tension around here.
  • Alistair: You think so, do you?
  • Oghren: Know what I do to relieve tension?
  • Alistair: I hesitate to wonder.
  • Oghren: I polish the ol' weapon.
  • Alistair: Really.
  • Oghren: Yep. Give it a good shine. With a dry rag, then with a little grease.
  • Alistair: That's disgusting.
  • Oghren: You're telling me you never gave yer blade the old spit-shine?
  • Alistair: I think that's private.
  • Oghren: Really? Sodding Chantry and its rules. I like to do it right out in the open.
  • Alistair: Where people can see you?
  • Oghren: Yep.
  • Alistair: Wait, what are you talking about?
  • Oghren: What are you talking about?
  • Alistair: (Sigh) Never mind.

Alistair and Shale[edit | edit source]

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Shale: It has become very close with the other Grey Warden.
  • Alistair: Uh...yes, I suppose I have at that.
  • Shale: I find this difficult to comprehend. It is whiny and weak and constantly laughing.
  • Alistair: Then I guess a romance between you and I is completely out of the question?
  • Shale: And the attempts at humor. I cannot understand how it is endured.
  • Alistair: Well maybe you should ask her why she likes me so much instead of bothering me with it.
  • Shale: It has a loud mouth. Why its head has not been crushed already is hard to imagine.
  • Alistair: Or maybe you just happen to figure she likes me a lot more than she likes you.
  • Shale: Don't be foolish.
  • Alistair: Yes, I thought so. Just watch your step or I'm totally telling.
  • Shale: I'm going to stand over here now.
  • Shale: I find it very odd.
  • Alistair: "It" meaning me? Am I an "it," now, too? I feel honored.
  • Shale: For one who professes to be a warrior, I find it remarkably weak-willed and indecisive.
  • Alistair: Er... thank you?
  • Shale: It also likes to hide its many weaknesses behind a veil of jocularity.
  • Alistair: For a statue, you know a lot of big words.
  • Shale: Is there a reason it enjoys following others so much? Especially when it is in a position to lead?
  • Alistair: Have you ever been responsible for someone else's life? Or a lot of other lives? Or an entire nation?
  • Shale: Of course not.
  • Alistair: Then... shut... up.
  • Shale: I will remember this moment when the birds come.
  • Shale: I am told that it lost a large number of comrades in the battle with the darkspawn.
  • Alistair: Me? I guess I did, yes. I didn't know all of them that well, however. Mostly just Duncan.
  • Shale: I am unfamiliar with this name.
  • Alistair: It's... it's not important. You don't need to know who he was.
  • Shale: I cannot remember if I ever had anyone important to me. All I remember is being given orders.
  • Alistair: I would gladly be following Duncan's orders right now, if I could.
  • Shale: It enjoys following others? I find that odd.
  • Alistair: You wouldn't understand. Don't worry. I don't expect you to.
  • Alistair: So, Shale... when you were standing there all that time? Did you... sleep?
  • Shale: I have no need to sleep. My body does not tire or do—ugh—other flesh-related functions.
  • Alistair: But don't you get bored? Wouldn't you want to dream, at least?
  • Shale: I do not dream. This is what it does when it sleeps? It paws its nose and mumbles incoherently.
  • Alistair: Yes, of course. I thought we all—huh... you watch me?
  • Shale: I watch all closely when they are still at night. There is little else to do.
  • Alistair: For... hours and hours?
  • Shale: I count the breaths. it helps to overcome the overwhelming urge to crush their faces while they sleep.
  • Alistair: Well. I won't be doing much of that anymore.
  • Alistair: So tell me something... do you feel pain? When you get hit in combat?
  • Shale: This is when it squeals loudly and spurts blood about? This is when it feels pain?
  • Alistair: Uh... maybe? I've seen you take some bad hits. Don't you feel anything?
  • Shale: Anger. Rage, even. Perhaps a little distress. Is this pain?
  • Alistair: I'm not sure. I don't think I'd call it distress, exactly. It's more... (screaming)
  • Shale: For me, it is more... (pained growl)
  • Alistair: That sounds more like a bowel movement. I mean that sharp, stabbing... (screams) Like that?
  • Shale: No. Nothing like that.
  • Alistair: No? Huh. Good to know.
  • Alistair: So do you ever want to go back?
  • Shale: To Honnleath? Perhaps it should stare at a patch of grass for thirty years and then tell me how much it misses it.
  • Alistair: Point taken. Still, if you can't remember anything else ever... it would be scary to leave, I'd think.
  • Shale: Fortunately, I am not as comfortable with the mundane and familiar as some.
  • Alistair: Ooh, ow. Ow! Sort of an adventurer, I see. Brave new world, that sort of thing?
  • Shale: And instead, I should be content to remain in that village, standing still out of fear of the unknown? What life is that? I know what I am, now. I know how I was made. I can move forward. It who has had so much more should do half as well.
  • Alistair: Um. Thanks for that. I feel... really good, now.
  • Shale: A pleasure. Next time, we shall speak of its grammar and personal hygiene.
  • Shale: So it has become king after all, yes?
  • Alistair: It looks that way.
  • Shale: Is this not a good thing? This is a position of importance, no? Did it not want to be king?
  • Alistair: Not really, no. We don't always get what we want, however, do we? (If hardened, "I didn't. But I do, now.")
  • Shale: If I were king, I would order that all birds be shot out of the sky. I would arm everyone with bows and put them on constant vigil.
  • Alistair: Well, let's be glad you're not king, then.
  • Shale: I suspect it thinks that would be a pointless endeavor. But it would be wrong.
  • Alistair: Ummm, right... just as an aside? This bird fixation? Creepy.
  • Alistair: So this... "bird thing" of yours.
  • Shale: I do not have a "bird thing." I have an extremely justified rage of the flying vermin that plague this world.
  • Alistair: But there are some birds that are useful. Like the ones you eat!
  • Shale: I approve of the ritual slaying of the foul beasts, but—it eats one? Disgusting.
  • Alistair: They're really quite tasty. you just need to rip off the feathers, first. I like the skin, myself.
  • Shale: I... think I am going to be sick...
  • Alistair: Ooh! Golem vomit! This I have to see!

Alistair and Sten[edit | edit source]

  • Alistair: Don't you ever talk? You know, make polite conversation just to put people at ease?
  • Sten: You mean that I should remark upon the weather before I cut off a man's head?
  • Alistair: ... Nevermind.
  • Alistair: Were you really in that cage for twenty days?
  • Sten: It might have been closer to thirty. I stopped counting after a while.
  • Alistair: What did you do? I mean... twenty days is a long time to sit in one place and do nothing.
  • Sten: On good days, I posed riddles to the passersby, offering them treasures in exchange for correct answers.
  • Alistair: Really?
  • Sten: No.
  • Alistair: Awww. Too bad. That's got serious potential.
  • Alistair: You know, you never did tell me how you passed the time in that cage for so long.
  • Sten: No, I didn't.
  • Alistair: So... what did you do in there?
  • Sten: A training exercise. I would observe an object and then try to think of all the words in your language which began with the same letter as its name.
  • Alistair: That... wait. Just wait. You're joking again, aren't you?
  • Sten: No.
  • Alistair: You are not telling me that you played, "I Spy," against yourself for twenty days.
  • Sten: There are a lot of things in Lothering that begin with, "G."
  • Alistair: Hmmm... I spy with my little eye, something that begins with... "G."
  • Sten: Is it a Grey Warden? Is it, in fact, you?
  • Alistair: Oooh. You're really good at this.
  • Sten: (Sigh)
  • Sten: Draw your weapon.
  • Alistair: Are you talking to me?
  • Sten: Your weapon. Draw it.
  • Alistair: Why? Are we under attack?
  • Sten: I want to see what you can do.
  • Alistair: You want to fight me? Just like that?
  • Sten: You are a Grey Warden. How are you going to face an archdemon if you cannot face me?
  • Alistair: It is a mystery, I'll admit.
  • Sten: I should let your weakness damn us all? Draw your sword. I'll try not to injure you permanently.
  • Alistair: I don't have to prove anything to you. Forget it.
  • Sten: So you do have a spine. Pity you don't use it.

(If Alistair will become king)

  • Alistair: So I suppose once I'm actually king I could end up in negotiations with the Qunari one day.
  • Sten: My people do not negotiate.
  • Alistair: What do you mean? They negotiated a peace treaty after the war, and as far as I know they've kept to its terms.
  • Sten: They signed a piece of paper. But only because they knew that you believed in it.
  • Alistair: And what is the difference between that and negotiating?
  • Sten: They stopped fighting for their own reasons. And they will resume it again, one day. The agreement means nothing to them.
  • Alistair: But I thought you said your people believed in honor.
  • Sten: They do. The honor of the Qunari is what will bring our warships back to your shores.

Alistair and Wynne[edit | edit source]

  • Wynne: Alistair, what's this?
  • Alistair: It's a sock?
  • Wynne: It's a filthy sock. How did it find its way to my bedroll?
  • Alistair: Maybe it likes you? Socks are sneaky like that. Anyway, it's not mine.
  • Wynne: It has your name stitched on it.
  • Alistair: Oh. Ha, ha. Ha. Part of templar training, back at the Chantry. The men were... always getting their socks mixed up. Anyway, uh, sorry about that. I'll take it from you right now. One of my socks is feeling a little damp anyway. A change would be nice.
  • Wynne: You're going to put it on? It's filthy!
  • Alistair: And dry. We're not exactly traveling in the lap of luxury here.
  • Wynne: What hideous habits you've picked up.
  • Alistair: Wynne?
  • Wynne: Yes, Alistair?
  • Alistair: My shirt has a hole in it.
  • Wynne: I see. And?
  • Alistair: Can you mend it? When we get back to camp?
  • Wynne: Can't you mend your own clothes? Why do I have to do it?
  • Alistair: Sometimes I pick up too much fabric and it ends up all puckered and the entire garment hangs wrong afterward. And you're... you know, grandmotherly. Grandmothers do that sort of thing, don't they? Darning socks and whatnot. You don't want me to have to fight darkspawn in a shirt with a hole, do you? It might get bigger. I might catch a cold.
  • Wynne: Oh, all right. I'll mend your shirt the next time we set up camp.
  • Alistair: Ooh! And while you're at it, the elbows kind of need patching too...
  • Wynne: Careful, young man, or puckered garments may be the least of your problems.
  • Alistair: Ow.
  • Wynne: What? Stop fussing with it. You'll make it worse.
  • Alistair: It itches.
  • Wynne: Yes, it's healing. Don't touch it.
  • Alistair: But it's distracting. Can I rub it through the bandage? That's not really scratching.
  • Wynne: Alistair, if you open that wound up, I'm not going to heal it again. You can just treat it yourself. And if it festers, weeping bloody pus and burns like the flames of Andraste's pyre, don't come to me. All I'm going to say is: "Alistair, didn't I tell you not to touch it?"
  • Alistair: It won't really fester, will it?
  • Wynne: Why don't you try scratching and see?
  • Alistair: I... uh, I guess it doesn't itch so much now.
  • Alistair: So, you... know that I am a Templar, right?
  • Wynne: I believe what I heard was that you were not, in fact, a Templar. You were trained as one before you became a Grey Warden.
  • Alistair: That's right. But I still have... all the abilities of one, of course. That doesn't... make you nervous?
  • Wynne: Should it? I am no apostate. Perhaps you should be directing this question at Morrigan.
  • Alistair: She claims not to be afraid of me... or anything, really. But you've had more experience with the Templars than her. I know how mages can sometimes...
  • Wynne: The Templars serve a function, and a necessary one. If what has happened at the tower proves anything, it is that we mages can be dangerous... even to ourselves.
  • Alistair: That's... one way of looking at it.
  • Wynne: And regardless, you seem like a decent enough young man. If you decide to slaughter me out of hand, I'm sure you would at least inform me first, no?
  • Alistair: Oh, sure... count on it.
  • Alistair: Do you think the tower is ever going to get back to what it was, Wynne?
  • Wynne: I don't know. A great number of people died. It will be difficult to imagine rebuilding with that cloud hanging over everything for many years to come.
  • Alistair: Do you think you'll be there? To help rebuild, I mean? Once this is all over with?
  • Wynne: I cannot say. Even if I survive this Blight... I am a very old woman, Alistair.
  • Alistair: Why? Because of some grey hair? You are a formidable woman, Wynne. You could see that it happens.
  • Wynne: I think you overestimate the number of years I have left. But perhaps you are right. Or perhaps the memories of what happened there... will be too strong for me to face.
  • Alistair: I have a hard time believing that.
  • Wynne: Well, it's good to have someone that believes in me so. Now if I could only feel the same way, myself. That would be something.
  • Alistair: So tell me, you have any children? Grandchildren? I don't know, great grandchildren?
  • Wynne: What would make you think I have any children at all? You have to know I've spent most of my life in the Circle of Magi.
  • Alistair: You just seem like the grandmotherly type to me, I don't know.
  • Wynne: I suppose I'll take that as a comment on my demeanor and not my age.
  • Alistair: Mages aren't forbidden to marry or anything, are they? It's not such an outlandish question.
  • Wynne: Isn't it? What sort of man would marry a mage, do you think?
  • Alistair: How about another mage? There are just as many men as there are women within the Circle, as I recall.
  • Wynne: That sort of union is... not encouraged. Although that does not stop us from seeking out each other's... company from time to time.
  • Alistair: I... all right, suddenly you don't seem quite so grandmotherly to me anymore.
  • Wynne: Good. I would hope not.
  • Alistair: You know, of all the mages I've met you have to be the first one I can honestly say I've really liked.
  • Wynne: Why thank you, Alistair. I am quite touched. I like you, too, Alistair. I imagine my son would have grown up to be someone like you.
  • Alistair: Your son? I thought you said you were never married?
  • Wynne: That's true. I never have been.
  • Alistair: I... oh. Then this wasn't... before you joined the circle?
  • Wynne: I joined the Circle at the age of nine. So, no. Do you still like me?
  • Alistair: Err... yes? Why wouldn't I?
  • Wynne: Good. It appears you got away from the Chantry just in time.
  • Alistair: So you... mentioned you had a son? What happened to him?
  • Wynne: I honestly don't know, Alistair. He was... taken from me. Such births are seldom, as there are ways to prevent it, but it does happen. And any child born to a Circle mage belongs to the Chantry.
  • Alistair: I... didn't know. I'm sorry.
  • Wynne: It's all right. It was a long time ago. A very long time ago.
  • Alistair: Couldn't you do something about it?
  • Wynne: Do what? I was weak from the birthing process and there were... no, there was nothing I could do.
  • Alistair: Do you think about him?
  • Wynne: All the time.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Alistair: Why are you smiling like that? You look suspiciously like the cat who swallowed the pigeon.
  • Wynne: Canary.
  • Alistair: What?
  • Wynne: I look like the cat that swallowed the canary.
  • Alistair: I once had a very large cat, but that's not my point. My point is why are you smirking?
  • Wynne: (Chuckles) You were watching her. With great interest, I might add. In fact, I believe you were...enraptured.
  • Alistair: She's our leader. I look to her for guidance.
  • Wynne: Oh, I see. So what guidance did you find in those swaying hips hmm?
  • Alistair: No no, I wasn't looking know her...hind-quarters
  • Wynne: Certainly.
  • Alistair: I gazed...glanced, in that direction, maybe, but I wasn't staring...or really seeing anything even.
  • Wynne: Of course.
  • Alistair: I hate you. You're a bad person.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Wynne: Alistair, may I have a word?
  • Alistair: Of course, anything for my favouritest mage ever. ("second favorite mage" if warden is a mage)
  • Wynne: It seems you and our fearless leader are inseparable these days. Joined at the hip, almost.
  • Alistair: That's a bit of an overstatement, don't you think?
  • Wynne: Well then, now that you're in an intimate relationship, you should learn about where babies really come from.
  • Alistair: Pardon?
  • Wynne: I know the Chantry says you dream about your babies and the good Fade spirits take them out of the Fade and leave them in your arms...but that's not true. Actually what happens is that when a girl and a boy really love each other --
  • Alistair: Andraste's flaming sword! I know where babies come from!
  • Wynne: Do you? Do you really?
  • Alistair: I certainly hope so.
  • Wynne: Oh, all right then. Aww, look, you're all red and mottled. How cute.
  • Alistair: You did that on purpose!
  • Wynne: Now, now Alistair, why would I do such a thing?
  • Alistair: Because you're wicked. That frail old lady act? I'm so not fooled. I'm on to you now.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Alistair: Soooo, what would you do if someone told you that they loved you?
  • Wynne: Check their eyesight first, perhaps. Is this someone I should know about?
  • Alistair: No. I mean, pretend you're a woman...
  • Wynne: I am a woman, Alistair. That shouldn't be too hard, but I'll give it a try.
  • Alistair: Ahhh, that's... not what I meant. Just... pretend you're another woman. And someone told you that they loved you. How would you react?
  • Wynne: Well, that depends. Does this someone just blurt it out? Do I love them back? I need context.
  • Alistair: I... I don't know if you love them back. Maybe you do. You've... spent a lot of time with this person.
  • Wynne: Perhaps you need to wait for the right moment? You could get her alone in camp, give her a gift perhaps.
  • Alistair: Oh, I wasn't talking about me... just... forget I said anything.
  • Wynne: (Chuckles) As you wish.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Wynne: I think you make her very happy.
  • Alistair: Not this again. I'm ready this time.
  • Wynne: I just wanted to say that this was something good, for both of you. Being a Grey Warden isn't easy. I'm glad you found each other.
  • Alistair: Oh, yes, I bet you are, indeed.
  • Wynne: Cherish this. It may not last.
  • Alistair: And?
  • Wynne: That's all I had to say.
  • Alistair: Really? No pinching my cheeks? No making me blush?
  • Wynne: Of course not. I like you, Alistair. You deserve to be happy.
  • Alistair: Not even pinching my cheeks a little?

(If the Warden is in a romance with Morrigan)

  • Alistair: So you know about him and Morrigan, right? You've heard?
  • Wynne: I think I know what are you talking about, yes.
  • Alistair: And you agree with it? You don't think that it's... dangerous?
  • Wynne: Dangerous for whom? Her? Or him?
  • Alistair: Anyone. She's maleficar... and rotten to the core. How can he even... this can't be a good idea. She can't be a good influence on him.
  • Wynne: I will admit that the thought did cross my mind, several times. But look at it another way...
  • Wynne: Perhaps he will be a good influence on her.
  • Alistair: You know, you are just too understanding about stuff like this. Can't you be more judgmental? I'm trying to rant, here.
  • Wynne: Oh, I'm sorry. You go ahead and rant, dear, and I'll just nod my head if you like.

(After Alistair's heritage is revealed)

  • Wynne: Did you speak often with Cailan?
  • Alistair: You're asking me if I have a relationship with my "brother", aren't you?
  • Wynne: Yes. I wonder what he thought of you.
  • Alistair: I don't think he cared much about my existence. I didn't mean anything to him. Anyway, to answer your original question, no, we never spoke. Well, maybe once. Maric and Cailan had come to Redcliffe to visit the arl. I was very young then. We were introduced. I believe I said, "Greetings, your Highness." He said, "Ooh! Swords!" and ran off to the armory. So, yes, that was the extent of our relationship. We drifted apart after that. Very sad.

(During the Return to Ostagar DLC upon first returning to Ostagar)

  • Alistair: Something about returning here makes me feel old, Wynne.
  • Wynne: And what exactly are you implying, Alistair?
  • Alistair: What? Nothing! I just thought...
  • Wynne: You just thought I might be an expert at feeling old and could share some sage advice?
  • Alistair: I just mean that I was a different person then. I believed in him, you know? That it would be a glorious battle, that we'd win...
  • Wynne: I did too. We were all a little bit younger the last time we were here.
  • Alistair: Well, not you. You've always been old.
  • Wynne: With lip like that, son, you'll be lucky if you live to be half my age.

(During the Return to Ostagar DLC after obtaining the first of Cailan's items)

  • Wynne: What's the matter, Alistair?
  • Alistair: I don't know. It just feels wrong to find this here, pawed over by darkspawn and thick with their rot. It was his.
  • Wynne: I know, I feel it too. But he is not the first king to ever fall in battle or ever the first to fall to the darkspawn.
  • Alistair: Yes but this wound cuts deeper.
  • Wynne: And it will bleed longer. But we must keep moving; no doubt the darkspawn are eager to give us plenty more reasons to mourn.

(During the Return to Ostagar DLC after finding the Secret Correspondence)

  • Alistair: So it's true! He had convinced the forces of Orlais to ally against the darkspawn.
  • Wynne: Empress Celene was merely awaiting his response!
  • Alistair: A response that never came and now never will, thanks to Loghain's treachery.
  • Wynne: Never is a long time, Alistair. Give it time and let cooler heads prevail. There will be peace between us yet.
  • Alistair: Well I hope you live to see it, Wynne.
  • Wynne: And I hope the darkspawn don't.

(During the Return to Ostagar DLC after obtaining the "last" of Cailan's items)

  • Alistair: There it is, the last of them.
  • Wynne: (sigh) It has been a long day. By the lines around your eyes I dare say you look as old as I.
  • Alistair: And if I may say so, milady, you appear to be getting younger by the day.
  • Wynne: Be careful who you flirt with, young man. (chuckle) When you wake up beside me tomorrow morning I'll be back to reminding you of your grandmother.
  • Alistair: Beside you?
  • Wynne: You heard what I said. It would not be the first time I woke to a younger man in my bed.
  • Alistair: Are all women this evil and conniving when they grow old?
  • Wynne: Just me, my dear. (chuckle) Just me.

Alistair and Zevran[edit | edit source]

  • Zevran: So are you a very religious man, Alistair? I am curious. I believe I heard you say you were raised in an abbey?
  • Alistair: I was raised in a castle. I was schooled in the abbey. As far as being religious... I don't know. Not especially. What about you? Not in your line of work, I expect.
  • Zevran: Why do you say that? I happen to be quite devoted, in my way, as most Antivans are.
  • Alistair: Truly? But you kill people. For money.
  • Zevran: And I ask forgiveness for my sins from the Maker every chance I get. What manner of monster do you think I am?
  • Alistair: But... you ask forgiveness and then you go right on with your sinning?
  • Zevran: The Maker has never objected. Why should you?
  • Alistair: I... have no idea.
  • Zevran: Well there you go. Perhaps you ought to think about asking for a little forgiveness yourself, hm?
  • Alistair: So why would the Crows send you, Zevran?
  • Zevran: Is there some reason why they should not?
  • Alistair: Plenty of reasons. Starting with the fact that you weren't exactly the best they had, were you?
  • Zevran: Slander and lies. For shame, Alistair.
  • Alistair: I'm not an idiot. Well, not most of the time. You're no raw recruit, but I've seen you fight. You're no master of combat, by any means.
  • Zevran: Assuming that I intended a fair fight, that would indeed be a problem.
  • Alistair: But the Crows must have master assassins, the way you describe them. Men with years and years of experience. Why not send them?
  • Zevran: Why not, indeed? It is a mystery for the ages.
  • Alistair: Oh, I get it. You're not going to tell me.
  • Zevran: Morrigan said you were sharp. No liar, she.
  • Zevran: Still with the stern glances, Alistair?
  • Alistair: You didn't answer my question. About why the Crows wouldn't send their best man.
  • Zevran: So for that I must suffer all these fearsome glares? You are cruel to subject me to such torture.
  • Alistair: If you aren't telling me, there must be a reason.
  • Zevran: If you must know, the masters do not often take contracts outside Antiva. And I made the best bid.
  • Alistair: Best bid?
  • Zevran: We agree to pay the guild a portion of whatever the contract offers. The one who agrees to pay the most gets the contract, so long as the guild deems them worthy.
  • Alistair: And they thought you were worthy?
  • Zevran: Against a pair of Grey Warden recruits? Apparently so.
  • Alistair: Were there many who wanted the contract?
  • Zevran: None. You are still Grey Wardens, after all, and even in Antiva, killing members of your order is considered... impolitic. It made the guild's decision considerably easier, I imagine.
  • Alistair: Well, that's comforting, somehow.
  • Alistair: So those... designs you have all over your back...
  • Zevran: They're called tattoos. And I have them in many more places than just on my back, my friend.
  • Alistair: Err... right. I hear that someone gets those by having needles put the ink under your skin?
  • Zevran: A great many needles, amongst other things. Yes, that would be true.
  • Alistair: Didn't that hurt?
  • Zevran: Ohhh, yes, yes. But it is not so bad, in truth. If you like, I could give you one. I learned a bit of the art myself in Antiva.
  • Alistair: Oh, no. No, I don't think so.
  • Zevran: Come, it will just be a small one. Perhaps the symbol of the Grey Wardens? Something manly! Where are my needles?
  • Alistair: Um... maybe some other time. I'm... I'm going to go stand over here, now.
  • Alistair: The stories we hear down here about the Crows... they're not true, are they? They all sound a little far-fetched.
  • Zevran: I cannot say. What have you heard? In Antiva, we hear that Fereldan men cannot sleep without a dog in their bed. Is that true?
  • Alistair: A dog? No, of course not. We value our dogs, it's part of our history.
  • Zevran: Oh. Perhaps it was simply a reference to your Fereldan women, then?
  • Alistair: *Laughs* Well, now that you mention it...
  • Zevran: But those stories you heard? All true.
  • Alistair: Really. Even the ones that talk about how you all... you know... get paid to...
  • Zevran: Especially those ones.
  • Alistair: Wow. I am totally in the wrong order.
  • Alistair: I've been thinking about those ink drawings, what did you call them? Tattoos? Are you... still willing to do one?
  • Zevran: Oh-ho! You've decided to take the plunge, have you? What is a little pain, am I right?
  • Alistair: I'm not worried about that. I think they look interesting, though I'd want mine... smaller. When can you do it?
  • Zevran: Not so fast, my friend. There is an entire ritual to how this is done, do you not know? First I need to bathe you in a mixture of olives and rosewater.
  • Alistair: You need to... bathe me? That seems... odd.
  • Zevran: No, no, no, not at all. It needs to be worked into your skin, preparing it to receive the ink. The massage is quite pleasurable, do not worry. You are in good hands.
  • Alistair: The... massage? You're... having me on, aren't you?
  • Zevran: I might be. I might not be. Shall I describe the rest of the ritual to you?
  • Alistair: Hmm. No. No, on second thought I'll just pass.
  • Zevran: *Laughs* Excellent choice!
  • Alistair: As a Crow, you were an assassin in Antiva, right? Professionally?
  • Zevran: Technically speaking, I still am. Somewhat between jobs, as it turns out.
  • Alistair: So how much did you charge to... you know... kill someone? Was it very expensive? Did it depend on who they were?
  • Zevran: Such curiosity. Are you thinking of having someone murdered, my friend Alistair? Or are you considering a career change?
  • Alistair: No, neither. It just seems odd to me that you could make a living doing that. Or that you would need an entire guild just to handle so many... jobs.
  • Zevran: Ahhh. Assassination in Antiva is a tradition. It is more efficient than an election, as we say. "Politics and death go together like kisses and love-making." It costs a great deal depending on how experienced the Crow is... and how difficult the target is to kill. You? I would charge perhaps five thousand andris for you.
  • Alistair: Five thousand andris? Is that a lot?
  • Zevran: Mmm, not really, no.
  • Alistair: So I have a question for you, Zevran. You're here, at least in part, to get away from the Crows, right?
  • Zevran: That is indeed true.
  • Alistair: So when this is over, what do you intend to do with yourself? You can't go back to Antiva, I assume.
  • Zevran: What I do depends in large part upon your fellow Grey Warden. I am not a free man, as it were.
  • Alistair: Yes, yes, but what if you could do whatever you wanted?
  • Zevran: What makes you think I intend to go anywhere? / (If the Warden is in a romance with Zevran) Why should I go anywhere? You Grey Wardens are the epitome of charm and hospitality.
  • Alistair: So you do intend to go back to the Crows?
  • Zevran: I said no such thing. I think I should stay where I am. Ferelden is a marvelous country.
  • Alistair: Why don't I believe you?
  • Zevran: You're not much of a patriot, are you? Well I'm not going to listen to such slander of my new home. Off with you, then.

(If Alistair's heritage is revealed. However, it seems if the Warden is in a romance with Zevran, the other dialogue will be chosen instead.)

  • Zevran: Oh, I don't know. Aren't you going to be king? Perhaps you have people you need killed?
  • Alistair: I probably do, yes.
  • Zevran: See? It's that sort of thinking that makes me think I have a future in this fine country of yours.
  • Alistair: That's assuming I would hire you.
  • Zevran: That's the lovely thing about kings. They make for good business, as the client or the target.
  • Alistair: And people wonder why someone might not want to be king.

(If the Warden is in a romance with Alistair)

  • Alistair: Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?
  • Zevran: You may ask, but I may choose not to answer.
  • Alistair: Fair enough. Have you... had very many women in your time? I mean... you seem like the sort of man who would...
  • Zevran: I have indulged from time to time, perhaps, when my interest is not elsewhere.
  • Alistair: Right. Well, how do you... woo them? Is there a... technique? Or...
  • Zevran: "Woo them?" Are you quite serious?
  • Alistair: Er... yes? I don't know what else to call it.
  • Zevran: So let me get this straight. You have... never wooed? Not once? You are woo-less, as it were?
  • Alistair: All right. Bad idea. Never mind.

(If the Warden slept with Alistair)

  • Zevran: Might I offer you a bit of advice, my good friend Alistair?
  • Alistair: I like my hair the way it is, thank you.
  • Zevran: Truly? As you wish... though my advice is regarding something else completely. It has to do with your recent... exertions with your fellow Grey Warden that I overheard.
  • Alistair: My...? Oh.
  • Zevran: It did seem as if you just got going when all grew quiet. You are... feeling all right, yes? Perhaps you are tired?
  • Alistair: We aren't talking about this, are we? Did I hit my head?
  • Zevran: I have some roots from home that you may chew if you need energy. As for volume, perhaps you ought to try arching your--
  • Alistair: Whoa! Whoa! Awkward!
  • Zevran: You Fereldans are so finicky. How will you ever learn how to pleasure each other unless you talk about it?
  • Alistair: Not listening! La la la la la!

(If a female Warden is in a romance with Zevran)

  • Alistair: So let me ask you something. What are your intentions with her?
  • Zevran: You speak of her as if she is not present. She is just right over there, you know...
  • Alistair: Don't dodge the question. I'm serious.
  • Zevran: Is this brotherly concern I detect? Or something else? Perhaps you are concerned for me, yes?
  • Alistair: I am just asking what your intentions are. You did try to kill us all, remember?
  • Zevran: And now I owe her a blood debt, as she has spared my life. It has brought us... closer together.
  • Alistair: Is that a smirk? Are you smirking at me?
  • Zevran: I assure you, ser, that I am not smirking. No smirking here, no.
  • Alistair: Well, just... watch yourself, then. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

(If the Warden is also in a romance with Alistair)

  • Alistair: So let me ask you something. What are your intentions with her?
  • Zevran: You speak of her as if she is not present. She is just right over there, you know...
  • Alistair: Don't dodge the question. I'm serious.
  • Zevran: Mmm. Do I detect a bit of jealousy there? Feeling territorial, are we?
  • Alistair: I am just asking what your intentions are. You did try to kill us all, remember?
  • Zevran: And now I owe her a blood debt, as she has spared my life. It has brought us... closer together.
  • Alistair: Is that a smirk? Are you smirking at me?
  • Zevran: I assure you, ser, that I am not smirking. No smirking here, no.
  • Alistair: Well, just... watch yourself, then. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

(If Alistair's heritage is revealed)

  • Zevran: You know, Alistair, Antiva has a long tradition of royal bastards.
  • Alistair: You don't say?
  • Zevran: Oh, yes. They've led wars to claim the throne. Some of them have become kings. In fact, I'd say the current royal line in Antiva stems from bastard blood several times over.
  • Alistair: Well aren't you just chock full of useless trivia today.
  • Zevran: Sadly, whenever a royal bastard rears their head in public and declares themselves, it often goes poorly for them.
  • Alistair: Let me guess: they get assassinated?
  • Zevran: Only the very popular ones.
  • Alistair: And the unpopular ones?
  • Zevran: Well, they get by somehow, I'm sure. There was one fellow who did quite well working as a prostitute based on his uncanny resemblance to the king. Charged a fortune.
  • Alistair: Couldn't afford him, I take it?
  • Zevran: That cynicism will serve you well, my friend. Hold onto it.

(If Alistair will become king)

  • Alistair: So what do you have to say about me becoming king? I suppose you don't care?
  • Zevran: No, no, I think it is quite marvelous. A most unusual way to pick a king, however.
  • Alistair: Unusual? I guess it was a bit... unorthodox, even by our standards. Why? How does a king get picked in Antiva?
  • Zevran: Oh, he or she is elected, of course. Provided they make it to the election without being first assassinated.
  • Alistair: Yes, from what you said that seems to happen a lot there. Makes me wonder why anyone would even want to be king.
  • Zevran: It is considered a very brave and impressive thing to attempt to become king of Antiva. Sometimes nobody steps forward at all, sadly.
  • Alistair: And what happens then?
  • Zevran: Why, we start assassinating those who we think should run until someone does. Never let it be said that the Crows are not patriots.

Dragon Age II[edit | edit source]

There are three different dialogue branches for Alistair in Dragon Age II, depending on whether he was exiled, remained a Grey Warden, or was made King of Ferelden.

Exiled[edit | edit source]

At The Hanged Man in Act 1:

  • Alistair: I am a prince of Ferelden, I'm telling you!
  • Isabela: He keeps saying that.
  • Alistair: That's because it's true!

If Aveline is in the party:

  • Aveline: He.. does look a little like King Cailan.

If Anders is in the party, takes precedence over Aveline

  • Anders: I think it is true, actually.
  • Isabela: Well, now he's a drunk in a bar in the ass end of Kirkwall. But aren't we all?
  • Alistair: Just leave me alone. I've had enough of people like you. You're all the same.

Diplomatic Option

  • Hawke: Are you okay?
  • Alistair: No, not okay! Worse than okay. Disgraced traitor, that's what I am.

Humorous Option

  • Hawke: How about I buy the next one?
  • Alistair: I don't need another drink. Okay, maybe I do. But just one. Or two.

Aggressive Option

  • Hawke: Keep a lid on it, "prince."
  • Alistair: Right. I'll shut up. Don't speak out! Don't tell anyone that a traitor should die, oh no.

Response to Hawke:

  • Isabela: Now you've done it. He'll keep on this all day.
  • Alistair: You sound like Morrigan.

At The Hanged Man in Act 2:

  • Alistair: Yes, I'm still here! What do you want from me?
  • Teagan: So you are here.
  • Alistair: Go away, Teagan.
  • Teagan: That's enough, Alistair. I think you've wallowed in self-pity long enough, don't you?
  • Alistair: And what am I supposed to do?
  • Teagan: Start again. Come with me. Back to Ferelden.
  • Alistair: (Sighs)

Grey Warden[edit | edit source]

During the Qunari attack:
If Carver/Bethany did not join the Grey Wardens:

  • Alistair: Hoo! On the list of things I thought might happen today, a Qunari attack would have been near the bottom. Thank you for your help, I don't think we've met. My name is Alistair. I'd like nothing better than to stay and help, but... unfortunately the mission we're on can't be delayed.
  • Hawke: There's something more important than an invasion?
  • Alistair: Well, you wouldn't think so, right? I'm afraid there are larger things afoot. I can't say more than that. I wish I could, but I swore on my pinky to keep the Warden's secrets.
  • Hawke: I thought your order was more... serious.
  • Alistair: Hm. I get that a lot.
  • Hawke: Reinforcements would come in handy if we fail.
  • Alistair: Even if I didn't need to go, Grey Wardens aren't supposed to involve themselves in wars like this. We did that in Ferelden, after all. The order was not impressed, let me tell you. Here, maybe this might help? It belongs to an old friend, but I'm willing to bet she'd/he'd like you to have it. Maker watch over you, my friend. And over us all.
Note: This line changes slightly if the Warden was in a romance with Alistair.

If Carver is a Grey Warden:

  • Alistair: Hoo! On the list of things I thought might happen today, a Qunari attack would have been near the bottom.
  • Carver: Just near the bottom?
  • Alistair: It's a big list. I like to be prepared. Thank you for your help, I don't think we've met. My name is Alistair. I'd like nothing better than to stay and help, but... unfortunately the mission we're on can't be delayed.
  • Hawke: There's something more important than an invasion?
  • Carver: We can't talk about it.
  • Alistair: I can't say more than that. I wish I could, but I swore on my pinky to keep the Warden's secrets.
  • Hawke: I thought your order was more... serious.
  • Alistair: Hm. I get that a lot.

If Alistair was not in a romance with the Warden:

  • Alistair: Even if I didn't need to go, Grey Wardens aren't supposed to involve themselves in wars like this. We did that in Ferelden, after all. The order was not impressed, let me tell you. Here, maybe this might help? It belongs to an old friend, but I'm willing to bet she'd/he'd like you to have it.
  • Carver: Goodbye, Sister. Take care of yourself.
  • Alistair: Maker watch over you, my friend. And over us all.

If Alistair was in a romance with the Warden, who survived the Blight:

  • Alistair: Even if I didn't need to go, Grey Wardens aren't supposed to involve themselves in wars like this. We did that in Ferelden, after all. The order was not impressed, let me tell you. Here, maybe this might help? It belongs to the love of my life, but she seems to find things like this everywhere she goes.
  • Carver: Goodbye, Sister. Take care of yourself.
  • Alistair: Maker watch over you, my friend. And over us all.

If Alistair was in a romance with the Warden, who did not survive the Blight:

  • Alistair: Even if I didn't need to go, Grey Wardens aren't supposed to involve themselves in wars like this. We did that in Ferelden, after all. The order was not impressed, let me tell you. Here, maybe this might help? It belonged to the love of my life... but she doesn't need it anymore.
  • Carver: Goodbye, Sister. Take care of yourself.
  • Alistair: Maker watch over you, my friend. And over us all.

King of Ferelden[edit | edit source]

At the Viscount's Keep in Act 3:

If the Warden was not a mage:

  • Alistair: Let me guess: that's your final answer?
  • Meredith: Three mages have fled to Ferelden, and you have intervened to protect them as if it is your right to do so.
  • Meredith: What other answer did you expect, your Majesty?
  • Alistair: A "maybe" might have been nice.
  • Meredith: I don't deal in "maybes". I deal in cold, hard facts - as should you.
  • Meredith: Perhaps when Ferelden next chooses a king, it will be one that takes his duty to the Maker seriously.

If the Warden was a mage and asked for the Magi boon:

  • Alistair: Let me guess: that's your final answer?
  • Meredith: You declare your Circle of Magi free, as if its your right to do so, and thus stir up every mage outside of your kingdom.
  • Meredith: What other answer did you expect, your Majesty?
  • Alistair: A "maybe" might have been nice.
  • Meredith: I don't deal in "maybes". I deal in cold, hard facts - as should you.
  • Meredith: Perhaps when Ferelden next chooses a king, it will be one that takes his duty to the Maker seriously.

After Meredith leaves:

  • Alistair: Well. That was awkward.

Diplomatic Option:

  • Hawke: How do you do. your Majesty?
  • Alistair: I've been better. Manlier too, come to think of it.

Humorous Option:

  • Hawke: That's just Meredith's idea of Kirkwall hospitality.
  • Alistair: Really? Kirkwall brutality must rip the skin off your face, then.

Aggressive Option:

  • Hawke: You asked to see me?
  • Alistair: I did! Or I think I did, anyhow.

Response to Hawke:

  • Teagan: This is the Champion of Kirkwall.
  • Alistair: Right! I'm Alistair, uh... king of Ferelden. And this is Teagan, my uncle. Sort of.
  • Teagan: I'm actually Teagan. I'm only sort of his uncle.

If Aveline is in the party:

  • Aveline: Your Majesty. May I say what an honor it is to meet you?
  • Alistair: You could, but you'd be the first today.
  • Aveline: I fought at Ostagar. What happened there was... a great tragedy.

If Loghain is dead:

  • Alistair: Ah. Yes. Yes, it was. Thankfully the man responsible has paid for that.

If Loghain is alive:

  • Alistair: Ah. Yes, Yes, it was, sadly Loghain still lives.

If Anders is in the party:

  • Anders: Say... weren't you a Grey Warden once?
  • Alistair: That's the rumor. Wait, weren't you...?
  • Anders: That's the rumor.
  • Alistair: Huh. I guess we get around.

If Merrill is in the party and the Warden was Dalish who asked for the boon to give Dalish land:

  • Merrill: We... we heard the Dalish were given land in Ferelden. Is it true?
  • Alistair: Yes. I wish I could say that went better.
  • Merrill: Why? What happened?
  • Alistair: It's... a long story. I intend to make it up to your people, however. I owe an old friend of mine too much to do otherwise.

If Isabela is in the party:
If Isabela met Alistair, but did not sleep with him:

  • Isabela: So you're a king now? Moving up in the world!
  • Alistair: Isabela, right? You look... different.
  • Isabela: Don't we all?

If Isabela, Alistair and the Warden had a threesome:

  • Isabela: So you're a king now? My, something new to brag about!
  • Alistair: (Ah) Isabela. Yes, I remember you.
  • Isabela: I suppose borrowing you for the summer is out now?
  • Alistair: (Chuckles) Uh, well, I... Who knows?

After any companion reactions:

  • Alistair: I was hoping we could talk. Would've been better timing before being emasculated by Meredith, but I'm not picky.

Diplomatic Option:

  • Hawke: I'm surprised you would even know who I am.

Humorous Option:

  • Hawke: Things a looking up! It's not often I get called on to meet with foreign leaders.

Aggressive Option:

  • Hawke: If you want to talk then talk.

Response to Hawke:

  • Alistair: I know you came here from Lothering. A Fereldan refugee that did well for himself/herself, against all odds.
  • Alistair: I have to admit. I was hoping your influence in Kirkwall might be of use.
  • Alistair: Things... haven't been going well with Orlais. Without a viscount here, however, there's only the knight-commander to deal with.
  • Investigate: "Why was Meredith angry?"
  • Hawke: You were having an argument about mages?
  • Alistair: Yes, well, apparently I don't feel the same way about mages as the Chantry does.
  • Alistair: So we're in disagreement. That means they get nasty. They're like that.
    • Investigate: "Mages have it better there?"
    • Hawke: Sounds like the Circle is better off in Ferelden.
    • Alistair: You'd think so, wouldn't you?
    • Alistair: Sadly. I don't control the Circle. I can only deal with mages outside the Circle... of which there aren't many.
      • Investigate: "So take over the Circle."
      • Hawke: Aren't they in your kingdom? Why not just kick the templars out?
      • Alistair: Ha! Easier said than done!
      • (If Anders is in the party) Anders: Doesn't mean you shouldn't try.
      • (If Fenris is in the party) Fenris: Perhaps some things are better left alone.
      • (If Merrill is in the party) Merrill: I'm sure there's something you can do.
      • Alistair: We'll see what comes of it. Ferelden had a Blight to contend with, remember? We're not exactly at our strongest.
  • Investigate: "There are many Fereldans here."
  • Hawke: A lot of your people fled to Kirkwall, you know.
  • Alistair: I know. I wish I could have helped them.
  • Alistair: The Blight devastated the kingdom, and afterwards... well, it hasn't exactly been peaceful.
  • Alistair: They're welcome back, of course. As are you. But after so many years away, would you still consider it home?
    • Respond yes: "I do."
    • Hawke: Ferelden will always be my home.
    • Alistair: I hope we see you back there someday. We could use someone like you. Champion.
    • Respond no: "Not anymore."
    • Hawke: Kirkwall is my home now.
    • Alistair: I understand. Ferelden's loss.
  • Investigate: "What happened with Orlais?"
  • Hawke: Is there to be a war, then?
  • Alistair: I hope not!
  • Teagan: You're more optimistic than I am.
  • Alistair: Empress Celene is doing her best. Orlais isn't the most stable place right now.
    • Investigate "Why is that?"
    • Hawke: What's happening in Orlais?
    • Alistair: Oh, the usual. Attempted assassinations, uprisings, fancy parties with stinky cheeses.
    • Alistair: Apparently, some Orlesians think it would be grand to get their lost province back.
    • Teagan: Well, we won't let them swoop down on us, will we?
    • Alistair: That's right. Swooping is bad.

Option: "How can I help?"

  • Hawke: Do you really think there's something I can do?
  • Alistair: Sadly, it may be too late. Meredith got wind of my arrival sooner than I'd hoped.

Option: "I could be viscount."

  • Hawke: You know, with your help there could be a viscount.(This one can vary strangely enough)
  • (If Varric is in the party): Varric: It's not a terrible idea, really. A lot of people would benefit from Hawke running this town.
  • Teagan: That's asking a lot.
  • Alistair: It's tempting. But I'm sorry to say that my support won't mean much without the support of the templars.
  • Alistair: I suppose it doesn't matter. I was hoping to have your help before Meredith got wind of my arrival, but that's done now.

Option: "You have a lot of nerve."

  • Hawke: You've done nothing for the Fereldens here, and now you want my help?
  • Teagan: Fereldens fled everywhere, and we've tried to help everyone who came back.
  • Alistair: It's all right, Teagan. I wish we could have done more.
  • Alistair: I suppose it doesn't matter. I was hoping to have your help before Meredith got wind of my arrival, but that's done now.

Response to Hawke:

  • Alistair: What you can do is protect Kirkwall. It will take someone like you to keep it from falling apart.

Diplomatic Option:

  • Hawke: Protect Kirkwall from what, exactly?
  • Alistair: You ask me, the biggest threat to this city just walked out the door.
  • Alistair: But maybe that's the ex-templar in me talking.

Humorous Option:

  • Hawke: Just me standing between the city and disaster, huh?
  • Alistair: I've been there. Trust me, it isn't pretty.

Aggressive Option:

  • Hawke: I'm the champion. If there's a danger, I'll deal with it.
  • Alistair: Well that's comforting.

If the Warden is alive and friends with Alistair:

  • Alistair: Well. I suppose we should be getting back.
  • Teagan: We should. The Hero of Ferelden should be back in Denerim by now.
  • Alistair: You're always so formal. He/She has a name, you know.

If the Warden is dead

  • Alistair: Well. I suppose we should be getting back.
  • Teagan: The Grey Wardens are waiting for you in Denerim.
  • Alistair: With more questions I'll bet, lovely.

If the Warden is Alistair's mistress:

  • Alistair: Well. I suppose we should be getting back.
  • Teagan: Indeed, you know who should already have returned from her mission.
  • (If single): Alistair: Is she? Well, the day's looking up already.
  • (If married to Anora): Alistair: Is she? Well, let's not tell the queen then.
  • Teagan: Wouldn't dream of it, Your Majesty.

If the Warden is Alistair's queen:

  • Alistair: Well, I suppose I should get back to the old ball and chain.
  • Teagan: You know, the queen hates it when you call her that.
  • Alistair: No she doesn't. Just because she killed an Archdemon... she doesn't scare me.
  • Teagan: You keep telling yourself that, Your Majesty.
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